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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Live Feeds are LIVE!!!! (Updated)

At exactly 12:00am EST, the live feeds went live!!

Give me a minute to get my bearings on what's going on and to get some screenshots up. ;-)

Chima is being catty because Jordan & Lydia are dressed up in lingerie for the live feed watchers & Showtime After Dark crowd.

"I'm not trying to be a bitch, but..who does that?"-Chima (about Jordan & Lydia wearing lingerie.)

Russell can't stop looking at himself in each & every mirror. :P

Jordan keeps showing off her pink underwear (guys, you're welcome. lol)

Casey seems to enjoy the show!

Lydia & Chima have been nominated for eviction.

She was talking to Jeff outside, Jeff said that she "has the votes". (It's kind of hard to keep up with everything right now, bear with me.)

Okay...first impressions of the HG's:
I can't stand Chima (catty, diva'ish, annoying laugh & voice)..Russell loves himself too much, Braden as well. Jordan is being kind of "look at me! look at me!" but it might her game play and not her personality.

I like Lydia, Kevin is surprisingly ALOT calmer than I thought he would be. Laura is very low-key. Jessie is still Jessie, but a year more mature. Casey is funny (I like him!) and Jeff is quiet but nice.

Chima is on slop.

Lydia, Ronnie, Casey, Jordan, Michele, and Jeff are outside wondering if they'll get alcohol.

Jessie & Russell are talking about body building in the kitchen. Convo switched...Jessie talked about how this is a new game (BB11) for him and he's ready, etc.

1:10am EST:
Jessie & Braden have a quick chat...

Jessie: "Who you voting for?
Braden: "To vote out? Between Lydia & Chima?"
Jessie: *nods*
Braden: "I'd like to have Lydia stay around...she has a great spirit. She's very smart."

It seems that...
Lydia/Jordan/Jeff are good friends.
Braden & Jessie seem fond of each other.
Chima doesn't like Jordan & Lydia very much.
Jessie doesn't like Natalie.

1:23am EST:
Jordan & Lydia were talking on the outside couch & Jordan said that she thinks Laura/Natalie/Russell/Michele are together.

The HG's are now mingling & drinking their alcohol.

1:36 am EST:
Jessie assured Chima she's safe while they're in the bathroom together. "No worries, no worries."

(Not sure if he's lying to her or not, though.)

Okay guys & gals, that's it for me...I'm off to bed! Been a long, long day. :P I'll get ya'll caught up to speed in the morning on all the latest game talk! ;-) Also, tomorrow is the POV Comp! I'm really hoping that Lydia wins it so that she's safe and Chima will still have a chance to go home (I can't stand her laugh! lol) Alright, goodnight ya'll!!

Stay tuned...

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