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Friday, July 10, 2009

POV Comp (Spoiler) + Evening in the BB House

At 8:52pm BBT, the feeds came back!

Russell Won the POV!!

Chima doesn't look scared at all, looks rather happy actually.

It sounds like the POV Comp was centered around the BB Dictionary (I knew it!! lol) The comp had to do with finding letters to spell something out.

Jessie/Russell/Natalie/Laura all think that Jeff threw the comp (hmm interesting!)

(Keep refreshing as I gather more info...)

9:03pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie & Russell enter the HOH room and did a chest-bump in excitement. Laura & Natalie also entered the HOH room. They all show their excitement.

Ronnie is now also up in the HOH room..showing his excitment as well.
Chima is being her catty self...

Chima: "[Lydia's] life was on the line, and she couldn't even spell out a f**king word!"

..she then starts talking about how she wanted to get a boob job. (This could explain the jealousy between Chima & Jordan...Jordan just got a boob job a couple/few weeks ago & she loves showing them off in sexy outfits.)

9:24pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
(Everybody but Ronnie/Jessie/Laura, they're up in the HOH room.)

Russell has been acting cocky since the feeds came back on, and it looks like Jeff has noticed because he just totally went off about him (to Jordan). She asked him what he thought about his whole team being upstairs in the HOH room without him. Jeff proceeded to tell her how he felt by swearing alot.

(Oh, and if your interested, Russell totally showed his 'frank & beans' on Camera 1 around 10:28pm BBT (you can use the live feeds flashback for that one.)

10:08pm BBT:
Someone is taking a shower in the HOH bathrom..Laura?
Jessie & Russell are now chit-chatting in the HOH room.

Everyone else is downstairs in the kitchen area still. They all had alcohol tonight again, so they're enjoying that and a little bit of fun conversation.

10:20pm BBT:
Jeff & Lydia in the Workout Room

Jeff is going off...every other word is 'f**k'. He's not happy with the way Russell is walking around "puffing out his chest" (aka acting cocky) and that his group pretty much abandoned him for no reason. Lydia says that she was nominated for no reason either..they both don't understand why people don't like them. (Ironically, I think they're two of the most liked HG's by the viewing public.)

They both also think that Russell won't use the POV to save Lydia nor Chima.

10:27pm BBT:
Jeff & Lydia are trying to figure out how many votes Lydia needs & currently has. They figure out that Lydia needs 6 votes to stay. Jeff says that Lydia definitely has Jeff/Jordan/Braden/Casey....and hopefully Kevin (they think Ronnie might be possible, but I personally doubt it.) They also throw around the idea of getting Michele's vote.

10:37pm BBT:

Lydia & Jeff's convo is over.
As soon as Ronnie saw Lydia leaving the workout room, he gave her a hug & she whispered something to him (I think something about 'I wanna talk to you later' about getting a vote from him.)

10:46pm BBT:
Lydia/Kevin/Ronnie/Braden are upstairs by the chess board. Lydia is already working on more votes and seems to be going well (so far). Ronnie's loyalty is VERY hard to read...he seems interested in keeping Lydia, but he's been really involved with the other side of the house.

11:01pm BBT:
Chima & Natalie are in the red room. They both said that Russell won't use the POV (just as Lydia & Jeff thought, too).

Alright guys & gals, I'm off to bed! The HG's are currently just mingling. Nothing of importanace is happening at the moment. I think everyone is enjoying their buzz from drinking. lol ;-)

I'll be back in the morning with the overnight report! See ya then! :-D

Stay tuned...

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