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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning in the BB House

All the HG's are up & moving about in the house. Some are showering, others brushing their teeth, etc.

10:03am BBT:
Jordan made a huge breakfast for the whole house.
Casey is in the backyard working out.

10:10am BBT:
Jordan & Ronnie are whisper-talking in the Storage Room.

Jordan was telling Ronnie to vote Chima out and that she can't be trusted, etc. After a couple of minutes, they leave the storage room and roam around the house again, doing morning stuff (eating, etc.)

10:39am BBT:
Nothing is really going on. Mindless chatter.

11:09am BBT:
Russell is working out like crazy, Laura is tanning, Lydia & Jordan are in the pool, other HG's are roaming around and just having normal general chatter (Random Fact: Laura poo'ed since she's been in the house. lol) :P

(I think I'm gonna take some time to get some things done offline. I'll keep popping in on the HG's and will let ya know when something worth noting happens. ;-) )

Stay tuned...

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