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Monday, July 6, 2009


Good morning to all you BB fans across the land! :-D If you're looking for some juicy news, then look no further because this morning, I have HUGE spoilers just for you!!

The lovely & mysterious (and possibly Allison Grodner lol) guy/girl named CornerOffice over at RealityBBQ has posted again! This time, details were released about HOH, former HG's, and who's in what cliques in the house. Also, the HG's walked into the BB11 house yesterday around 6:30pm BBT (they ran late..was supposed to be around 4:30pm BBT yesterday).

The Cliques are:

Braden, Jordan, Laura

Russell, Jeff, Natalie

Ronnie, Chima, Michele

Lydia, Kevin, Casey

And....are you ready for this piece of info??

"The first HOH will be a former HG. Each clique is assigned one. The HG don’t know who they’re getting. Who are they? One of them had a showmance. Another was almost an All Star."

Okay, so I'm thinking either Jessica or Eric are in the house, but leaning more towards Jessica because she was a cheerleader...which would make her either Popular or an Athlete (depends on which way you look at it). The other one, the "..almost an All Star"...I'm not sure. Thoughts? Opinions? Leave'em in the comment section below!!!

Now if that doesn't get you excited, I'm not sure what will! :-D With the guessing game of who might in the house (that was a former HG), the rumor mill is going to be working overtime! lol ;-)

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Stay tuned...

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