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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Wow...I can't even begin to tell you how dizzy I am from watching the feeds the past couple of hours. lol I can't believe there is sooo much game talk, backstabbing, drama, fights, paranoia, and emotional crap this early in the game!!! It's truly mind boggling!!

OKay, so just to bring ya'll up to speed...
(all of this is subject to change at any given moment! lol)

*Natalie & Jessie are "smitten" with each other, or so it seems.
*Natalie told everyone in the house that she's 18 yrs old.
*Natalie told Jessie the truth: that she's not really 18 yrs old.
*Jeff did indeed throw the POV Comp. (now regrets it)
*Jeff & Russell had a big blowout this afternoon.
*Either Chima or Lydia will come off the block (keeps changing).
*Braden will be the replace nom.
*Ronnie told Jordan the plan to evict Braden.
*Jordan told Braden he's gonna be the re-nom.
*Ronnie made Jordan pinky swear she wouldn't tell anyone he told her the plan.

*Braden is pissed.
*Braden is set to get evicted.
*Next week, Laura might be a target.
*Ronnie is making Russell very suspecious of his back & forth between cliques.
*Ronnie is more paranoid than ever.

Did ya get all of that? lol :P

Currently on the live feeds...

7:50pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie & Chima

Jessie is talking to Chima about who's on "their side" now. (Seems that Chima/Jessie/Russell/Lydia/Ronnie/Michele are working together now.) Jessie really wants to find the "motherf***er" who leaked the plan to evict Braden, to Braden.

Jessie told Chima they're pulling her (Chima) off the block so she can see that they like her enough to pull her off & not Lydia. But then, Jessie said they'd pull Lydia off (to get her to vote for Braden). (????)

8:30pm BBT:
Laura wasn't "feeling good" & went to the bathroom. Production never shut off her mic, you could hear her tooting.

9:07pm BBT
HOH Room

Lydia is saying that she doesn't think that Russell is gonna use the POV on her. Kevin thinks he won't use at all (so he doesn't make enemies). Kevin also goes on to say that Russell told him (Kevin) that he could use the POV to scare Jeff.

(As of 9:25pm BBT, they're still in the HOH room talking.)

Kevin, Lydia & Jordan all still like Jeff. Lydia said that she didn't like him using the word "fa***t" and he appologized to her for saying that word. Kevin then said that Jeff went up to him and also appologized for using the "f" word, and Kevin said it was 'okay' and he forgives him.

Lydia: "He's a good person!"
Kevin: "I don't have any problems with him. I like him. And he's cute!" (lol)

Lydia then suggested that Kevin go tell Jeff that everything is cool between them. Kevin left the HOH room & talked to Jeff in the bathroom. Jeff told him he appreciates Kevin talking to him.

9:41pm BBT:

Michele is dressed up for the evening, for a change of pace. The boys are playing pool & having random chit-chat.

9:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Lydia wants Chima OUT! She thinks she's "fu**ed" as long as Chima is in the house. Lydia then tells Casey (as he's on his way out the door after he's done using the bathroom) that Chima told Russell that she was once raped & used it as a sob-story to stay in the game.

Casey, in shock, asked Lydia to repeat what she said again.

Casey: "Wait a minute..come again? That one's new to me.."
(Lydia tells him about Chima being raped.)

Casey: "So? What's that got to do with being here??"
Lydia: "She's using it as a sob story to stay in the game."

Alright ladies & gents, I'm done for the night. My eyes are so heavy that I'm gonna need toothpicks to hold them open if I stay awake any longer. lol :-P I'll be back in the morning with the Overnight Report!! See ya'll then! G'dnight! :)

(If you're still curious what's going on, you can get the live feeds & watch for yourself! It's been drama-city lately! lol)

Stay tuned...

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