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Friday, July 10, 2009

Early Evening in the BB House

Earlier today, the HG's got a "Big Brother Dictionary" (not sure the full meaning behind it just yet), but Ronnie & Chima have been studying that thing as much as possible! (Could it be POV Comp related? Hmm!)

7:01pm BBT:
POV Comp has started!!!

Just got this on the live feeds...

If you find yourself asking "What the f&%k does that mean??!", you're not alone. lol :-P

The reason I find that message so weird is because (1) BB knows that anything us feed watchers see, we tell other there's no "secrets". (2) ...unless they plan on not turning the live feeds back on until Sunday night, which would be totally unheard of & very stupid on BB's part, we'll know the "secret" as soon as the feeds come back on.

Let's wait & see!! :-D

7:24pm BBT:
Feeds switched from that message (see above pic), to trivia...which means it's gonna be a while before the feeds come back on (I'm guessing 1-3 hours, depending on what kind of POV Comp they're doing).

8:45pm BBT:
Still Trivia.... (We are now at 1 hour 45 mins of waiting for the feeds to come back on.)

**NOTE: Big Brother After Dark on Sho2 starts at 12am EST (9pm BBT)! We should be able to see what's going then. :)

Stay tuned...

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