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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reminder: Only 3 days left!!!!!

Just wanted to post a quick reminder for those procrastinators out there (like myself! haha! ;-) ) who haven't yet bought the live feeds.

You Only Have 3 More Days Left to get the Discount!!!
Only $30 for the whole season! Get the live feeds cheap while you can!!

On July 9th, the feeds will go back to being $15/per month (or $40 for the season pass). It just makes sense, guys.

Also, don't forget that this year, the live feeds has an AWESOME new feature that allows you to go 'back in time' to view ANY MOMENT of the season!! Any day, anytime! This is perfect for those that are in school and/or at work. You can go home & 'go back in time' to literally see what you missed!

Here's a shot of the 'back in time' feature:

Only 4 more days until BB11 starts, and only 3 more days until the live feeds Early Bird Special is gone for good!!

Stay tuned...

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