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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mid-Afternoon in the BB House

At this point, it seems that Lydia will come off the block & Braden will go up as the replacement nom. Who will go home is still anyone's guess. Through all the plotting, scheming, backstabbing, and's very hard to tell what everyones true motives are this week. But as far as Lydia is concerned, it seems that she is safe for this week. :) Ronnie on the hand is freaking out, he's thinking he could go up as the re-nom (even though it's going to be Braden.)

Natalie told Chima that Lydia is coming off the block, and Braden is going up as the re-nom. Chima is nervous but she's not freaking out (...yet.) I could totally see Chima getting backdoored this week...or maybe that's just my wishful thinking. lol ;-)

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let's dig right on into what's been going down & what is currently happening on the live feeds! :-D

4:31pm BBT:
Natalie said that she's ready for another fight, the earlier fight was "fun".

4:38pm BBT:
6 of the HG's are in the backyard, sitting around talking about nothing in particular. Random topics.

4:50pm BBT:
Fishies on the feeds...

5:10pm BBT:
Feeds are back.

5:29pm BBT:
Russell thinks Braden knows he's going up as the POV re-nom (after they take Lydia down). Russell pulls Ronnie into the storage room and asks him if he told Braden about "the plan"...

Russell: "Tell me the truth. Did you tell Braden?"
Ronnie: "Tell him what? About the plan?"
Russell: "Mmm-hmmm."
Ronnie: "No! Hell no!"

Russell thinks Braden knows because he's throwing pillows, acting pissed (instead of cheery like he usually is, and his normal behavior has been anything but as of recently.)

5:36pm BBT:
Looks like Ronnie is gonna get in trouble for dippin' his hands in both cookie jars. His constant floating from team to team is biting him in the ass.

In the storage room, Jessie & Russell talk about how Russell thinks Braden knows he's going up on the block, then they say it could have been from Ronnie because he goes & talks to everyone all the time.

5:39pm BBT:
Storage Room

They're trying to find out who told Braden he's going on the block. Speculation goes from Ronnie (which Chima told them she doesn't think it was him) to thinking it could have been Jordan.

Now Jessie & Ronnie are talking in the Storage Room (sure has been the place to be today for whisper-convos! lol) Ronnie told Jessie that he convinced Jeff & Jordan to throw HOH to him next week. They both have a laugh about it. Jessie is impressed.

5:59pm BBT:
Workout Room

Russell wonders why Chima was defending Ronnie (to him & Jessie) in the Storage Room a little bit ago. Lydia suggests that maybe Ronnie should be the re-nom instead & that he can't be trusted because he (Ronnie) keeps going from person to person w/ info.

6:12pm BBT:
Here's a current look at the live feeds..

Lydia/Russell are still in the Workout Room (some game play, but mostly about themselves).

Jessie/Ronnie in the Storage Room. Jessie talking about he said/she said stuff. Ronnie is too, but nothing of importance (so far).

Stay tuned...

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