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Monday, August 17, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (+Noms)

At 11:57am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means the Nominations Ceremony is taking place. Who will go on the block? Most likely Natalie/Lydia.

Nominated for Eviction are:

Lydia & Natalie

1:08pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

1:09pm BBT:
Red Room

Natalie: "All we have to do is win the POV and take ourselves off."
Lydia: "My speech is gonna be mean."
Kevin: "Lydia if you were smart, you would say bullshit stuff (during your speech)."
Natalie: "All I know is, I'm gonna win the POV."
Lydia: "They're gonna put Kevin up in your place."
Natalie: "This sucks, being on the block again."

1:13pm BBT:

Russell is talking about how he almost ate a cookie today. (The house is on slop.)

***Sidenote: Natalie has a slop pass, but I'm not sure if that's a season pass or if it was just for one week. But Natalie thinks it's a season slop pass.

Back to...

1:16pm BBT:
Red Room

Kevin: (to Natalie) "I'm so f*cking tired of not smart moves! Did I just not stick my neck out for no f*ckin' reason? Stop encouraging Lydia to do shit!"

Kevin tries to get Lydia to go talk to Jordan.
Kevin: "Here's my two cents: need to go to Jordan..."
Lydia & Natalie interrupt.
Natalie: "No, that would be so random...for her to go up there after all this time."
Kevin: "This is not Real World! When there's an HOH, you go up there & suck their d*ck! You go by the rules!! Say you're sorry..."
Natalie: "That's gonna be so f*ckin' fake, dude."
Kevin: "SO WHAT! So f*ckin'g what! Nevermind..that's my 2 cents."

Switching feeds to...

1:22pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're talking about how they don't trust Michele or Russell, and that Kevin could be blowing smoke up Jeff's ass.

Jeff: "I dunno, it's a weird time for him to have come to me & tell me that shit."

Jordan said that after talking in the Diary Room, they made her think maybe she shouldn't put Russell up on the block. Jeff said they did the same thing to him.

Jordan: "I don't think Kevin is lying."
Jeff: "Me either. I'm gonna find out who's lying; Michele or Russell. When I win the POV, I'm gonna find out. We'll bring'em both up here (to the HOH room), tell'em no yelling & nobody runs away. Did you say this...did you say that...If Michele says 'No it didn't happen like that! I don't remember that!', then Michele is lying. We can't fly off the handle."

1:51pm BBT:
Pool Room

Russell told Michele that if she was on the block, and he won POV, he would take her off. He also told her they need each other to the end. Talk turns to Russell & how long it took him to recover from his accident. Russ then gets a little deep & says that people need to do what makes them smile, and if they're smiling, then they're not living life. Live life to the fullest.

2:37pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are still on Russ & Michele still talking about non-game related stuff. (Personal life outside the game.)

2:59pm BBT:

Natalie: "There's people that are coming after you, that you don't think are coming after you. I haven't been lying."
Jeff: "I know this. I know! Just because I don't chose to do anything about it right away, doesn't mean anything. And that's been the whole game."

Natalie: "I'm not coming after you, other people are coming after you."

Natalie is trying make Jeff even more paranoid.

Natalie is now telling Jeff that her/Jessie were never Final 2 together, there's no feelings there for Jessie, she wanted him on her side instead of him working against her. Jeff said he thought they were Final 2 together. Natalie just told Jeff that she basically used Jessie because he had feelings for her. Natalie/Jeff are talking about Jessie having control over the house from Day 1 and Jeff said he didn't understand what magical power he had over the house, he (Jeff) never wanted to align himself with someone who played the game before & lost.

Natalie: "My target is Michele. That girl is a liar, and she's f*ckin' crazy!"
Jeff: "I don't know what to think in here anymore."

Talk continues. Everything from what happened in the past, to what to do now (ex: not planning for the Finals.)

Jeff: "If you make a Final 2 deal, it'll get found out. Expect it be broadcast, with a twist. Because that's what happens in here."

Natalie's telling Jeff about how excited she is to get a phone call from her dad tomorrow. She thinks it'll help raise her spirit.

3:34pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jeff doesn't tell Michele that he was talking to Natalie outside just a few minutes ago. He said he fell asleep on the raft.

Michele told Jeff what her & Russ talked about. (She was 100% honest with Jeff.)
Michele: "He still wants us to be final 2 and he said he'd use the POV on me if I was on the block, and that we have to win HOH every week..just rotate."
Jeff: "Good plan." (being sarcastic)

Jeff says they should just wait & see what happens tomorrow (POV Comp), and just relax in the meantime.

3:54pm BBT:
Michele & Jeff are still talking. Michele is telling Jeff all about stem cell research and how complicated it is.
Jeff: "Geez! Who thinks of this stuff? I was happy enough to be able to build a lego castle. With directions!"

Stay tuned...

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