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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Live Eviction Show is Tonight

Tonight at 8pm EST/7pm Central, the live show will start. We'll see the POV Comp, the POV Ceremony, the *LIVE* Eviction, and the *LIVE* HOH Comp! Who will go home? My bets are on Lydia, but then again, who knows. There's a couple of "backup plans" ready, depending on who wins the POV.

I'll be reporting the juicy stuff of tonights episode for all of you on the West Coast & just can't wait! ;-)

8:02pm EST:
Show has started!! :D

"Good evening, I'm Julie Chen..."

They just showed Lydia telling Natalie that she 'fooled around' with Jessie.
They're about to show Natalie/Kevin/Lydia making up "The Lie".

Coming up next, the POV Comp!!!


POV Comp is a Question Comp: "Before or After"

Jeff/Lydia/Natalie are out.
Kevin is out.

(Jordan/Michele kept getting the questions right, so they have to do a tie breaker)...

Winner of the POV is:


The Veto Ceremony is now taking place. (Kevin/Jordan/Jeff were quickly talking in the Workout Room).

The Veto was....


The Votes:
Russell votes to evict...LYDIA.
Michele votes to evict...LYDIA.
Jeff votes to evict...LYDIA.
Kevin votes to evict...NATALIE.

Evicted from the BB House is:


She hugged Kevin tightly, picked up her bags & walked out.

Lydia, talking to Julie Chen, said she got a "kid sister" that she didn't want when Jessie left. (Talking about Natalie.)

**Edit:'s a semi-endurance comp.

Stay tuned...

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