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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, everybody!! :D I hope ya'll enjoyed the afternoon off as I did, but now I'm ready to be addicted again! ;-) hehe

I'm gonna go gather up what went down during my off-time, then I'll be back to post it & then we'll dive right into the Evening post!! :D

*At 12:25pm BBT, Jordan accidently showed a boob.
*Russell seems paranoid that 'Team Jeff' would replace him with Kevin, since Jeff likes Kevin.
*HG's slept, tanned, swam, and used the grill to make food for most of the day.
*Lydia gave Natalie braids in her hair.
*Lydia/Natalie pissed that Chima won't be on the jury & that America will be her missing vote. Lydia: "That's some bullshit right there."
*Jordan told Kevin he is not going up. (Tomorrow are nom's!)
*Kevin made an events calander with playdoh by creating colored dots.

..and that's about it! Seems like their planned day of relaxing was just that. :)

Let me turn on the feeds & see what's going on!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

8:08pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Kevin told Jeff he will be looking out for him from this point forward. He hasn't backstabbed or lied. Kevin said the Nat/Lydia told him that if they told anything between them all, that he would be betraying them. Then Kevin tells the lie that was made up between Natalie/Kevin/Lydia last night...He said that yesterday he heard Michelle and Russell in the Pool Room making a Final 2 agreement.

Jeff believes the lie.

**Sidenote: What's ironic is that Michele & Russell actually did make a Final 2 agreement yesterday, but was not heard by Kevin or anybody else for that matter.

Jeff told Kevin how Jeff/Jordan talked about getting Russell out soon but not this week. However, with this new info, Russell might be put up this week instead. Jeff wants to wait to see what happens with the POV Comp.

9:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan just told Michele that she sees herself/Jeff/Michele in the Final 3.

Michele tells Jordan that when Russell called her out in the HOH Room (the same night Chima/Russell had that HUGE blow-out), that Russell was actually right about 85% of the things he said but because Chima hated Russ and was defending Michele, she just had to roll with it...especially because Russell showed her at that point that he didn't have any trust in her.


9:16pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Room Area

Lydia is still braiding Natalie's hair for tomorrow's Nomination Ceremony.
Natalie: "Nobody is gonna want to mess with a girl with braids & a shank."

All 3 move into the bathroom.

Kevin is telling the girls about him telling Jeff the lie & how Jeff fell for it, and even talked about the possibility of backdooring Russell this week. (Jordan is still gunning for Natalie this week, but she wants Russell out soon. Jeff/Jordan talked about this already.)

**I'm gonna head to bed, but I'll be back in the morning with the overnighter! ;-)

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Stay tuned...

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