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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans! :D I'm up super early today (running on 4 hours of sleep..not fun! lol) due to my dog trying to jump out of our bedroom window to catch a raccoon. Lovely. ;-) lol Bad for me, but good for you because the Overnighter is gonna be up hours earlier than normal!

As I get the Overnighter up for ya'll, take a look at Lydia's Exit Interview (thanks to a fan of the blog for posting it this morning!)

In other news, the Season Finale of Big Brother 11 will be on September 15 at 9pm EST & it's scheduled to be 2 hours long this year! w00t w00t!! has an article on all the juicy details, including that BB11's ratings are up 5% in overall viewers. Translation? I think it's pretty safe to say that BB12 will be on the way next summer! ;-)

Okie dokie, I'm gonna get the Overnighter now. Keep checking back as I post it! :D

10:50pm BBT:

Natalie re-confirms their deal (between Natalie & Jeff/Jordan).
Natalie: "Thank you for keeping me."
Jordan: "You're welcome, Natalie!"
Natalie: "I appreciate it alot, Jordan. My loyalties (with you & Jeff) are to the end, I've never one time went back on my word in this house."
Jordan: "I know!"
Natalie: "..I don't plan on it. So I'm good with you guys until...well at some point we're gonna have to duke it out, but as long as I'm here, I'm good with you guys. And don't ever think otherwise, if anybody else says anything, it's not true!"
Jordan: "I know. And same here." (Jordan leaves the kitchen & heads to the backyard.)

10:54pm BBT:
Next up on Natalie's lie-to list is Jeff.

Natalie: "You and Jordan have my loyalty here, to the end. As long as I'm here, we're good. You guys stuck your neck out (for me)."
Jeff: "I apprec(iate). We'll talk more later. Let's enjoy Final 6." (walks to bathroom)

11:20pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

The HG's took turns talking about everything related to sex, relationships, and beliefs. Jordan, who was sipping on wine, did something that is a little out of character for her: she talked very openly about sex & in graphic detail at a couple of points. The convo was super long, and if you have the feeds, it's worth the watch using the Flashback feature! Here are just some highlights of their convo:

*Jordan talked about giving oral sex.
*Kevin talked of different sex positions
*Natalie suggested that Kevin "try it with a girl". Kevin said "Eww no!"
*Michele got a little offended at Natalie's remark to Kevin (since she's bisexual) and said "You don't have dreams about girls, so.." (basically told her to shut up.)
*Jordan said she has to be on the bottom for 69 because she doesn't want her butt on the guys face.
*Jordan said she was only with 1 guy (sexually), but for 2 years when she was 18 and they "did it multiple times". (This was per Natalie's request for more info.)
*Jordan said she wanted to wait until she got married, but thought she'd be with her (now ex-boyfriend) for a looong time. She loved to be around him, he made her smile all the time, etc etc. (This could be why Jordan is very guarded with Jeff. She obviously likes him, but doesn't let him get too close.)

1:11am BBT:
Backyard Patio
Jordan/Natalie/Kevin/Jeff (in hot tub nearby)

Jordan & Natalie agreed with each other that people should only have sex if they're in a committed relationship.

Jeff: "Or if they go to Hawaii."

Jordan tells Jeff (in a roundabout way) that if he took her on his Hawaii trip, that they might "fool around" and have oral sex, but that's it. (lol)

2:10am BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Jeff took a shower as Jordan was trying to talk about scenarios (of who to put up, etc.) Jeff said he just wanted to take a shower & they'd talk after he was done. When Jeff got in the shower, he got a little close to the shower door and his 'love muscle' was visable, making Jordan giggle..and me blush. ;-)

Let's just say that Jordan will be a very happy lady if they ever get into a long term relationship. lol :P

2:22am BBT:
Red Room

Kevin was telling Natalie that he was "so close" to winning HOH, he was only off by 1 can. Talk turns to Nominations. They think it'll happen around 6pm and they need to work on Jeff to get Russell up on the block. Natalie tells Kevin to not offer Jeff a "Final 2" deal, but to offer a Final 4 plan between Nat/Kevin/Jordan/Jeff. They plan on using Kevin's loyalty in the game as a selling point.

Natalie: "..and then tell him that we can all duke it out in the Final 4."
Kevin: "We have to dance the fine line of being nice & friendly, but not fake with them."

Kevin & Natalie then both agree that if Russell goes home this week, & if either one of them wins HOH next, that they will try to get Jeff out. They go on to say that Jeff is strong player and smart, and he's "running the game right now". Natalie said that she will lie to tell Jeff (if they get the chance to nominate him) & tell him that he's just being used as a pawn.

2:40am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Russell & Michele spent about 3 hours in total last night talking & saying "I'm sorry" to each other. It seems that their Final 2 deal is still very much on. But with Michele, who knows what she's thinking. Russell was telling Michele that he was worried about Jeff winning HOH yesterday, but that he was going to stick to the Final 4 plan if he (Russ) won. Russell said that it sucks that they (Kev/Nat) heard Russ/Michele the other day ('The Lie') and it's his fault. Michele says they can still go up to HOH and talk to Jeff/Jordan, but Russ thinks it might be too late and Jeff might have made up his mind already. Michele told Russ that if she wins the POV, & Russ is on the block, she'll take him off since they are both targets.

2:53am BBT:
HOH Room

Michele goes up to the HOH room to see what the plan for Nominations is, per Russell's request for Michele to go gather info. Michele told Jordan & Jeff that she was up there because Russell is freaking out & nervous. Michele said that Russ is talking smack again, but this time it's about Natalie.

Jeff: "We're sticking to the plan!" (of Final 4, which means Kev/Nat are going up.)

Michele leaves & goes tells Russell outside that he's safe & that Jeff said he's "sticking to the plan" of Final 4. Also, Michele tells Russ that she would have taken Natalie off the block if she won POV. Russ asked her why she would do that, considering that Natalie was gunning for her, and Michele said by doing taking Nat off the block, it would take her target off of Michele.

And here it is...Jeff's plan for this week:

3:15am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff: "I'm going to put up Kevin and Natalie tomorrow, but if an opportunity to backdoor Russell arises, then we'll entertain that then."

The more Jeff/Jordan talked, the more the idea of backdooring Russell seems less likely...for this week, anyways.

Jeff told Jordan his different senarios for who to put up this week. He said that keeping Russell in the house is giving a target to the other side (Kev/Nat), but only one of them will be left after this week. Jeff said if they keep Russell, he has to make good on their deal for Final 4 & get the last one out next week, then they'll just get Russ out at Final 4.

Jeff: "If we send Russ home this week, who do you think Nat/Kev will target?"
Jordan: "Us."

Jordan told Jeff that they can put up Kev/Nat and see how the POV goes, and take it from there. Jeff agreed. They also said that between the two (Kev/Nat), that they'd wanna get Kevin out because he's a strong player & Natalie is weak.

Jeff/Jordan fell asleep around 4am BBT, while Russ/Michele stayed up until 4:30am BBT.

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter! ;-) I'll start a morning post once the HG's get up & moving! :-D

Stay tuned...

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