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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

Gooood afternoon, everyone!! Today the HG's are supposed to play in the POV Comp, but Jordan/Jeff just said that it could actually be tomorrow instead. We shall see! ;-) Also, today is the day that Natalie was scheduled her "phone call from home" that she won last week. Okie dokie, let me dive right into the Morning recap of what happened while I was at my doctors appointment, then I'll get right into the Afternoon post. ;-)

Morning Recap:
*At 10:30am BBT, Michele was stressing over the fact that when she went to lay down yesterday, she could hear people like Lydia talking about her & laughing. She's also paranoid about how Lydia/Jeff played card games together last night. Russell tried to comfort her by saying he's there for her. She goes on to tell Russ that Jeff has talked to her the whole entire game, up until now. Russell tells her that they (Russ/Michele) have to win HOH every week, and hopefully Jeff is still down for the Final 4 plan.

*Russell told Michele that he's going back on his word to Jeff...if it's an endurance comp this Thursday, he will not drop & give him HOH. He will fight for it. Michele/Russ talked for a looong time this morning, and their Final 2 deal I believe is very much real & strong at this point.

*Michele told Russ that Kevin is not trustworthy because week 1, she told him she was bipolar and he promised to not tell anyone & he did, now everyone uses it against her.

Currently on the live feeds...

12:30pm BBT:
Red Room

Natalie is telling Lydia/Kevin about her phone call from her dad that she got today.

Natalie: "My dad and my boyfriend watch EVERY episode together, and my boyfriend watches the live feeds alllll the time. My dad also said my sister is watching. I told him to tell my boyfriend everything I did in this game was "strategic", and nothing else."

Lydia: "Well, we know what that was about!" (re: Jessie)

1:14pm BBT:

Jordan just said she likes Natalie better without Jessie being around.

Jordan: "She's so nice & sweet!" (..then fishies.)

1:15pm BBT:
Natalie/Lydia/Kevin (on the elliptical working out)

Kevin just told the girls that they shouldn't bring up the topic of Jessie anymore.

Kevin: "All it does is creates f*ckin' tension. And he caused alot of tension when he was here, so let's not let it happen when he's not here!"

The girls agree.

1:25pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Natalie saying that her speech is gonna include her saying to Michele...

Natalie: "You better vote me out because otherwise I'm coming after you to avenge Chima."

Jeff comes out & sits on the couches.
Lydia: "Uhhh, do you have your membership card?"
Jeff: "For what?"
Lydia: "For the 'Nominated More Than Twice' Club."
Jeff: "I originated this getaway spot."

Talk turns to POV.
Natalie: "Dude, what's up with this POV??? We still have the POV comp and ceremony to do, plus the live show on Thursday." (..then fishies on the feeds.)

Russell joins.

1:41pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Random topics. From Natalie calling Jeff hot, to how she hopes her boyfriend will go to the Finale.

2:19pm BBT:
Jeff is in the pool.
Jordan is tanning.

Lydia/Natalie/Kevin think it's weird that Michele's HOH was cut short & unfairly. They talk about past seasons & what happened.

1:22pm BBT:

They're both paranoid about the way Jeff has been acting around them lately. Michele said that Jeff must have told Lydia that she called her a c*nt because Lydia called her out on it. Russell said maybe he is trying to get one of us out & might be trying to make Lydia mad so she will go after Michele. Russ told Michele to "play it cool" like she don’t know. Russell said that he's gonna try to be like "white on rice" around Jeff today. They both agree that they *have to* win POV. Russ thinks that Jeff is trying to play the game now, and that maybe he isn’t set on the F4 deal.

3:03pm BBT:

All 3 of them were talking about airplanes. Jordan is afraid of flying and almost didn't do BB because of the plane ride. Michele said she was on a plane that had to due an emergancy landing once.

Jordan: "Am I tanned?"
Jeff: "I dunno, let's compare..."

Jordan: "JEEEFFFF!!"
Jeff: "What? I was comparing."
Jordan: "No you weren't. I'm bored."
Jeff: "Me too. Wanna play cards?"
Jordan: "No."
Jeff: "I gotta pee." (goes inside.)

4:03pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jeff just showed Jordan a card trick.

Then she gets called into the Diary Room.

Russell is tanning in the BY.

Jeff is taking the recyclables out.

Lazzzyyy day in the BB house today. :P

4:16pm BBT:
HOH Room
Michele is crying.

Michele: (to herself) "It's f*cking hard when he's so f*ckin'g paranoid!"

BB: "Michele, please go to the Diary Room."
Michele: (rolls eyes) "Great."

4:22pm BBT:
Jeff is outside playing solitaire again. Jordan just went inside.

Stay tuned...

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