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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

At 11:50am BBT, Russell told Michele that production told him the POV Comp will be starting around 3pm BBT.

Currently on the live feeds...

12:01pm BBT:
A look around the house...

  • Natalie/Kevin are sleeping in the Red Room.

  • Michele/Jeff are in the HOH room taking a nap.

  • Jordan is in the Diary Room.

  • All 4 feeds are currently on Russell in the Workout Room relaxing/thinking.

  • 12:08pm BBT:
    All feeds still on Russ.

    Kevin is now up.

    12:31pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Jordan is asking Michele what she thinks about this week. She says "Let's stick to the plan. It just matters on who wins POV, right?" Jordan says yes.

    Jordan: "You better not be selling us out to him (Russ)!"
    They talk about Russ being paranoid..still.
    Jeff: "How many times do we gotta suck this guys d*ck before he c*ms? I mean, I put his key first!"

    Jeff: "If you have any Final 2 deals with Russ, you rock that party...and (me & Jordan) will rock ours. It's kinda weird that nothing has been talked about for the last 2 days."
    Michele: "Do we wanna get Russ out this week?"
    Jeff: "Depends on who wins the veto."
    Michele confirms that even if Russ wins HOH & is gunning for Jeff, Michele will not vote Jeff out.

    They are running every possible scenario for Jeff & Jordan to get nominated next week and trying to figure out where Michele is in all of it...which way she would vote, would she side with Russ, or with Jeff/Jordan.

    12:40pm BBT:
    Michele: "Please don't feel threatened by me hanging out with Russell, I have to or else he's freak out."
    Jordan: "I'm just worried that you're running back to him & telling him everything we're saying."

    Michele says that Russ is wondering why Michele hasn't told her anything lately.
    Jeff: "Well you can tell him anything you want, because I haven't told you shit!"

    **The vibe in the HOH room is weird. A lot of paranoia, distrust, and awkward moments.

    Michele tells Jeff/Jordan that they don't need to worry about her..she's still aligned with them.

    Michele: "(Russ) said he doesn't want to come up here because he feels weird in here."
    Jeff: "(He can) come up here & talk to me. Ya know?" (re: Russ)

    Jeff is grilling Michele on every sentence that comes out of her mouth.
    Jordan is mad at Jeff because he's been talking rude to her again today.

    Jordan: "We bickering. We're bickering. I think I'm gonna sleep in the pool room tonight. Give you your space. I think you're getting irritated with me."

    Not too long ago, Russ tried to go up the HOH room & rang the doorbell, but Jordan didn't feel like talking to anybody so she didn't answer the door. Jeff yelled at her saying to at least answer the door and tell people that she doesn't feel like talking. Jordan said she didn't feel like doing that. (Being lazy.)

    Russ comes up to the HOH room. Jeff explains why Jordan didn't answer the door.
    Russell: "I see how we are now, Jordan." (laughs)

    Talk turns to Casey and how he called Ronnie "Dorkapodamus" & his "Schmedium" comment.

    Russell: "He said (to Jessie) "Schmedium shirt wearing..."
    Michele: "What's a schmedium?"
    Russell: "It's a shirt that's between small & medium." (laughing)

    Fishies on the feeds.
    Feeds are back!

    1:00pm BBT:
    Jordan goes up to the HOH room & Jeff didn't answer the door. He was trying to prove a point that it's rude to not answer the door. Jeff opens the door and tells her to come back up & that he was just kidding. She pouts & gets mad, heads him the middle finger on her way down.

    Russell: "Is she pissed?"
    Jeff: "Oh ya, she's pissed ALL the time. I say 1 thing and she gets pissed. We are kinda gettin' on each others nerves. She had 5 days of 'I'm getting my period', and now...shit."

    1:03pm BBT:
    Red Room

    Jordan: "(Russ) is 100% going home!" (...unless he wins the POV.)
    Jordan tells Kev/Nat that Russell is gunning for them (Kev/Nat).
    Natalie: "We just gotta win, Kevo."

    Jordan: "I feel like I'm gonna win!"
    Kevin: "I feel excited."
    Jordan: "Me too! It's like the most important veto..EVER!"
    Natalie: "I feel the same way."
    Kevin: "I hope it's a messy one! Those are fun."

    They think the POV comp will happen either at 2pm or 3pm today. (It's currently 1:09pm BBT).

    Jordan: "Alright, I'm gonna go sleep."
    Jordan walks into the pool room to lay down.
    Kevin/Natalie are talking about non-game stuff.

    Fishies on the feeds since 1:15pm BBT.

    Feeds back!

    1:30pm BBT:
    HOH Room

    Random chit-chat. No game talk. The boys are talking about sports at the moment.

    1:34pm BBT:
    Red Room

    They're going over dates of events in the BB house for future HOH comps.

    Random Question for you BB fans: How many of you Jeff/Jordan fans are starting to lean towards other players now? Leave a comment in the comment section, I'm curious to hear ya'lls opinions.

    1:45pm BBT:
    Nat/Kev talk continued...

    Natalie: "You know it does not matter who is on the block (this week), it matters who wins POV."
    Kevin: "Yep."

    Fishies on the feeds...

    1:50pm BBT:
    Trivia on the feeds! POV Comp?

    Stay tuned...

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