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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Overnighter

Goood morning, everyone! :D I'm getting started on the Overnighter as my coffee is brewing. (Mmmm coffee!! Is there anything better in the world than the smell of coffee in the morning? lol) Last night, I watched BB After Dark on Showtime until the show ended and there wasn't anything too major to report, but a couple of pointers to bring up. I'll also look & see if anything else happened after the show was over.

10:20pm BBT:

Kevin & Natalie want to plant their lie even deeper in the ground.

Kevin: "Did Russell admit to the story, finally?"
Jeff: "No, he said he might have said he wanted me out *at* Final 4."
Kevin: "And Michele couldn't' remember?
Jeff: "Ya, she couldn't remember."
Natalie: "She can never remember (things) though."
Kevin: "That's messed up. That's stupid..that he said he'd gun after you after Final 4." *rolls eyes*
Jeff: "Well, what am I gonna do, ya know?"

10:45pm BBT:
Big Brother gave the HG's buckets, white t-shirts & a Tie Dye kit. Jeff was pumped up to do his shirt & see the end result. I gotta admit, I kinda like it! ;-)

11:03pm BBT:
Jeff: "Dude, mine is DOPE!!!" (He is very, very proud of his creation. lol)

12:13am BBT:
HOH Room

They all talked about "what if's" for tomorrow and here's the breakdown:
*The plan is for Lydia to go.
*If Lydia wins POV, they'll put up Kevin and kick him out.
*If Kevin wins POV, and takes Lydia off the block, then Natalie will go home.

But as of now, the plan is still to get Lydia out.
Starting the morning post right now! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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