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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Evening in the BB House

WOW!!! That episode far exceeded any of my expectations! Allison Grodner, I give you MAJOR KUDOS for showing us fans what we wanted to know & as fans, needed to know. All the behind the scenes stuff was excellent & I'm glad it was shown in raw format, not sugar coated. Well done! :)

What were your thoughts on the episode? Leave it in a comment below, I would LOOOOVEE to hear ya'lls feedback! :D

Also, it looks like as if the POV Comp (which the HG's thought would be today) might be live on Thursday,. along with the POV Ceremony..and dare I say, HOH Endurance Comp? ;-)

Okay, before I dive into the Evening Post, I want to cover 2 things:

5:06pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele asked Jeff if they could talk, he said sure. They head up to HOH.
Last night when Michele went to bed, Jeff said "goodnight, see you tomorrow" & Michele thought she heard him also say "..with a
colt 45."

Michele asked Jeff what that comment meant, Jeff looked confused & said he never said that & he doesn't even know what
that would mean. Michele told him she's feeling "negative energy" from him, and he told her that all 4 of them are "cool"
and that this week they're getting Natalie out.

Jeff: "I got your back. Me, you and Jordan are solid for Final 3."
They hug, and all is well again.

..and the 2nd thing is...

At 7:50pm BBT, Jordan said she wants to have a group meeting with Russ/Michele in the HOH. (That should be good!!) Jeff is a little reluctant, though. Jordan's been very snippy all day & Jeff's desires aren't registering with Jordan tonight.

Alrighty, let's dive right on into the Evening Post! ;-)

Currently on the live feeds...

8:01pm BBT:
Russell/Michele are in the backyard, talking on the couches.

Kevin/Lydia/Natalie are in the Red Room talking.

Kevin/Natalie/Lydia wanted to cook steaks (like Russell is currently doing)...

....but there's no steaks left.

Lydia/Kevin/Natalie are in the kitchen thinking of what they can eat. Hot dogs sound good to them.

Everybody is in the kitchen (or at the grill in the backyard) making dinner.

8:53pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Russell: "Jordan has a stick up her ass. Just between me & you. I think it's because of her period, though."

Russell told Michele that in the Diary Room, he told them that he has a "sinking feeling" in his gut that he's gonna get backdoored this week. Russ also said that he pushed Jeff to finally workout today, so that he's not in his best shape for Thursday's endurance comp.

9:04pm BBT:

They just got done eating strawberries & fondue.

Jeff/Lydia are having a back & forth that is calm, but still...uncomfortable to watch. There's underlying tones to the things they're saying. As Jeff would call'em, "zingers" are being exchanged.

Meanwhile, in the backyard w/ Russ & Michele...
Russell said that he hopes they (Jeff/Jordan/Russ/Michele) will go to Final 4, but that he's worried that Jeff might make a move to get him or Michele out before then. Michele said that Jeff probably wont' screw them over before final 4.

They both said they (Mich/Russ) tried to avoid each other today so that their Final 2 deal wouldn't be so obvious. Talk turns to how Jeff/Jordan are talking to 'them' (Lydia/Kev/Nat) and it's making them nervous.

9:15pm BBT:
Dinning Room Table
Everyone except Jordan/Jeff

Nat/Lyd/Russ/Kev/Michele are gonna play "Bullshit" (card game).
Jeff is watching from the kitchen counter as he drinks his wine.

9:17pm BBT:
Jeff/Jordan head up the HOH room.

Jordan is being snippy, Jeff is getting snippy back.
Jeff doesn't want Jordan to confront Russ/Michele tonight because...
Jeff: "'s not gonna be a simple thing, it's gonna be like a 4 hour blow up!"

Jeff: "Isn't the plan to get one of them (Lyd/Nat) out this week??"
Jordan: "Get Russ drunk! He opens up when he's drunk. He gets on my nerves, I don't even wanna be around him."
Jeff: "I'll do it when the time is right. You're not thinking clearly. You're HOH for one day & you wanna flip shit upside down."

Jordan is worried about the votes if the POV is live on Thursday. (Example: Kevin wins, takes either Lydia/Nat off, they put up Russ, do they have the votes *that quick* to get Natalie out still.)

Jeff tells Jordan about how Michele asked him why he said "Goodnight...colt 45" last night.
Jeff: "I never said that! She f*ckin' hears shit & I told her to stop hearing shit that doesn't even f*ckin' happen. Dude, she's crazy!"

Jordan/Jeff just (again) confirmed that Natalie is going home this week.
Jordan says she's gotta poop & tells Jeff to go downstairs & play "bullshit" with the other HG's. Jordan turns off the lights & Jeff tells her to relax for a while.

Jeff heads downstairs. Goes pee. Heads outside to smoke.

Jeff looks like he has alot on his mind.

...then he heads inside & joins the other HG's at the table playing "Bullshit".

Jordan is laying down in her HOH room, relaxing & comforting her period cramps.

***Okie dokie, I'm outty for the night. ;-) I'm gonna watch the feeds for a little bit longer then go to bed. See ya'll back here in the morning for the Overnighter!! :D

(Keep Refreshing)

Stay tuned...

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