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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Evening in the BB House (+HOH Spoiler)

Well ladies & gentlemen, we have a new HOH!!!

Winner of the HOH is:


Currently on the live feeds...

6:48pm BBT:
All the HG's are talking about Lydia. Jeff complained that she never did dishes (a huge pet peeve of his). Kevin said he thinks she was mentally checked out of the game.

7:02pm BBT:
All HG's talking in the kitchen. They mentioned something about 'gold cans'. (I think that might have determined who was a "have not" this week??)

Sorry guys & gals, I had to tend to my hosting problem. Images should come up *every single time* from now on!! *fingers crossed*

8:00pm BBT:
Red Room

For the past 30 mins, they have been talking.

Kevin was talking about how Lydia 'dug her own grave' in the game by flying off the handle, never talking Jordan as HOH, and the list goes on & on.

Natalie & Kevin want to offer Jeff a Final 4 deal.

**Sidenote: Looks like Russ/Michele are "Have Not's" for the week.

8:06pm BBT:
Jeff walks through the Red Room, farting on his way there.

Natalie: "Ewww..."
Kevin: "Got your HOH key?"
Jeff: "Yep. Where is everybody?? Laying down?"
Natalie: "Ya."

8:10pm BBT:

Michele gave Jeff a Congrats hug.

Jeff: "You wanna hug it out?"

Jeff is now munching on some cookies.

9:03pm BBT:
Pool Table

The boys are playing a game of pool.

Inside the house, Michele & Kevin. Kevin is happy that Lydia is gone because now things will be "stress free" (from the drama/craziness Lydia brought to the house). Kevin then throws Russ under the bus even more, bringing up the whole lie thing again.

Kevin: "I don't know what deals are going on, but I feel like umm...that the truth is the truth. Russ is gonna stab Jeff in the back!"

Back outside...
Jeff is anxiously awaiting the arrival of beer. :P

**Trying to see which 2 convos are worth noting...bouncing back & forth.

9:11pm BBT:

They're talking about the Have Not's bedroom. They think it's fair that Russell finally gets to see what it's like. (Earlier, Jeff said that he thinks Russ is gonna snap with being on slop & sleeping in the Have Not's room. lol)

Michele said that sleeping in a cold room, on a metal slab, and being on slop, will make a persons mental state totally change. She gives examples of some of her experiments with lab rats in similar situations.

9:21pm BBT:
Pool Table
Jeff/Russ (Michele is also out there, Kevin is inside cooking.)

Jeff is playfully making fun of Russ during tonight's HOH comp. Russ was apparently freaking out "like a baboon" and Jeff said "Dude, RELAX!" (Can't wait to see that on Sunday's episode! lol)

9:41pm BBT:
Michele & Jeff are now playing a game of pool.

Inside the house, Russ/Kev are talking about the HOH comp. Kevin is mad at himself that he didn't do better.
Russell: "You did good, you did good."

9:51pm BBT:
Jeff is happy that the HG's got wine & beer. Russell is jokingly pissed at Jeff because production gave him 4 beers.

Russell: "They're playing favorites!!" (laughing)

10:00pm BBT:
Michele/Kevin/Natalie/Jeff talking about the HOH comp now. Russ/Natalie got a little snippy with each other when they were discussing the HOH stand shaking.

Jordan just joined them. She's shocked at what time it is. (She's been sleeping.)
They're all waiting to see Jeff's HOH room.
Jordan wants some kool-aid.

Jeff: "Tang is the best! Tang & pumpkin flavored stuff are totally underrated." (I agree! lol :P)

10:04pm BBT:
BB: "Jeff, please go to the Diary Room." (Yayy!! His HOH room reveal should be in about 10 mins!)

10:13pm BBT:
Jeff: "Who wants to see my HOH room??"

Jeff's nieces made this...

The HG's keep saying that he looks NOTHING like he does in his pictures. lol

Jeff got a short letter from his mom.

Jeff: "Good thing that was short, 'cause otherwise I would of cried. Good job, ma!"

Jeff's HOH basket had everything he wanted and then some!! Production gave him stuff to make smores with (Jordan/Jeff wanted to make them the other night over the grill), Dolce & Gabbana cologne, wine, special sauces he's been wanting to cook with, his fishing hat, beef jerky, cereals, etc etc. Oh, and he got his Bob Marley CD that he's been wanting soooo bad for the past few weeks.

Jeff: "I LOVE my HOH room! I know I've said that 15 times already."

10:37pm BBT:
The HG's all move downstairs. Jeff wants to get drunk tonight. (Let's see..Jeff drunk..HOH room w/ Jordan...all Michele this week to interupt...I think Jeff/Jordan kisses are coming tonight! ;-) )

Natalie said she's gonna drink, and that production never stopped her with the wine the night Jessie was evicted. (The HG's still think she's only 18.)

Jordan: "As long as you don't get in trouble..."

10:42pm BBT:
Backyard Patio Area

Michele: "You got better looking with age!...not to say that you weren't cute then."
Jeff: "Thanks! I'll take that."
Michele: "Congrats again on being HOH."
Jeff: "Thanks. It's a different vibe (being HOH). It's a good vibe!"

Kevin just joined them outside.

The King is happy tonight.

**And with that, I'm outty for the night. ;-) Wanna know what's going inside the house while I'm away? Check out the feeds!! I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter. Until then, g'dnight ya'll! :-D

Stay tuned...

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