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Friday, August 21, 2009

Evening in the BB House (+Noms Spoiler)

At 5:46pm BBT, the live feeds came back. Still not sure who won, so hang tight...

Nominated for Eviction is:

Natalie & Kevin

Currently on the live feeds...

Everyone is in the kitchen. Russell is making churros for everyone.

Natalie/Jordan are sitting at the kitchen counter. Kevin is roaming in the kitchen.

House is on inside lockdown.

Natalie: "Please don't evict me!" (semi-joking voice)

6:08pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele is shaving her legs in the bathroom, as Jeff plays solitaire & listens to his Bob Marley CD on the bed.

Meanwhile downstairs...

6:08pm BBT:

Non-game talk. They're talking about food.
Inside lockdown is over.

Jeff is now downstairs. Jeff/Kevin putting steaks on the grill.

6:16pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Not much talking is going on.

6:23pm BBT:
Jordan just confirmed that Nat/Kev are on the block

6:39pm BBT:

Natalie said she's trying to be positive but it's hard because this is her 4th time on the block, and she's scared that Russ will win the POV and one of them (Kev/Nat) will get evicted. Jordan said she feels bad because Kevin is so sad. Jordan then bad mouths Russell again by saying how paranoid he is.

All HG's are working together to prepare tonight's dinner. Steak & salad, and Jordan baked muffins.

7:08pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jeff has been talking about him going to Europe and all his adventures over there. He said he had to sleep on a beach in Europe because he couldn't find a hotel over there due to some major festival going on.

BB: "Russell, please go to the diary room."

Jeff continues his stories.

Sidenote: At this point, Jeff still plans on backdooring Russell. Tomorrow's POV Comp will determine if that option will even be available this week or not. If Russ wins the POV tomorrow, then Kevin or Natalie will be going to the jury house next.

Inside the house, Natalie/Kevin/Jordan have been talking in the kitchen/dinning room area. Natalie is telling Jordan that she's always been gunning for Michele & Lydia. Jordan said her target was always Jessie. Kevin told Jordan that if the plan works (and Russell goes this week), then he appreciates being safe this week. Also, Kevin told Jordan that he was never gunning for her or Jeff, it's always been Russell.

7:21pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Jeff/Michele...then Jordan & Russ join.

Michele just told Jeff that he's "sitting there looking cute" & laughing at all his jokes. Jordan comes out a minute later and Michele's smile disappears instantly.

Russ joins them after his long Diary Room session.

Jordan: "Gosh, I'm so moody (on my period)."
Jeff: "I can tell."
Jeff tells her maybe she should take some asprin for her cramps. A couple minutes later, she heads inside.

8:04pm BBT:
Nothing much has been going on. No game talk. Random chatter.
Natalie is in the hot tub, Jeff is smoking by the backyard couches, Michele has her legs in the hot tub. They're all talking about their biggest fears. Jeff said he tries not to live life in fear, that's no way to live. Natalie said hers are bugs.

Natalie: "If somebody offered to pay me $1 million dollars to eat a beetle, I wouldn't."

Jeff is now in the hot tub as well.

Kevin just told a story about a praying mantis that was in his car & he made his boyfriend leave work to drive the car home because Kev refused to drive it since he didn't know where the mantis was. lol Still random chit-chat.

8:44pm BBT:
Random chit-chat continues. Jeff said that he will feel wierd if he's ever asked for his autograph. Jordan is now outside as well after eating a muffin.

...and with that, I'm outty. lol :P Don't forget, Showtime After Dark starts at 12am EST/11pm Central!! :D See ya'll back here in the morning with the Overnighter & hopefully some interesting game talk recaps! ;-) If you don't have Showtime but still wanna watch the house cameras & see what's going on, then check out the live feeds!! It's $15 for 1 month and with only 4 weeks left, it's totally worth it!!

Stay tuned...

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