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Monday, August 17, 2009

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

'Team Jeff' is still very much paranoid & wondering who is lying: Kevin/Russell/Michele. They don't think Kevin is lying, so they're looking more towards Michele or Russell being 'the liar' (when in fact, it's actually Kevin.) Okie dokie, let's dive into the Afternoon/Evening post! :-D

Currently on the live feeds...

4:34pm BBT:
Jeff/Jordan had a talk & Jeff said "we are drifting from the plan" (of getting Natalie out this week), and that they should stick to the original plan to get them ALL out and worry about it at Final 4. Jordan said Jeff's the smart one, so he should figure it out. lol

Talk continues...
Jordan: "Why are they sticking up for Russell?"
Jeff: "They weren't sticking up for him, they just didn't mention his name."
Jordan: "If Michelle leaves me, and you are out, Russell will go to their side. We have to get one from their side out."
Jeff: "What did we want last week? We wanted them wiped out and now we're drifting away from the plan. We have to keep the numbers on our side."

Jordan then said they (Jeff/Jordan) could push the idea on Kevin that Russell is gunning for him (Kev) so that Kevin's target would be Russ, instead of Jeff/Jordan.

Jordan: "We have to keep Natalie from winning the POV."
Jeff: "Ya but if she does, then we gotta think about Russell."

**Sidenote: The only way to ensure 'Team Jeff' stays a 4-some for at least this week, is for Russell to win the POV.

5:02pm BBT:

HOH Room

Michele enters the HOH. Jordan listens to her CD, as Jeff plays solitaire with cards. Michele asked Jeff what was wrong because he seemed to be acting weird, and Jeff said nothing was wrong..he was just zoning out.

5:24pm BBT:
Michele/Jordan play card games together, since her CD player has lower batteries & was skipping her CD.

5:30pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele just left the HOH room.

J/J think Michele was acting funny & that they think she knows (that Jeff/Jordan know about her Final 2 deal with Russ.) They are very much paranoid of Michele & Russ having a deal, and not knowing who is lying is driving them crazy.

5:41pm BBT:
Russell enters the HOH.
The house is on inside lockdown (most likely for production to set up tomorrow's POV Comp.) Russell asked about Jordan's talk with Natalie. Jordan said she just told her to play for POV tomorrow.

5:55pm BBT:
Jordan/Jeff are thinking about asking Russell about his Final 2 deal with Michele (that Kevin told them.)

Jordan: "Should we ask him tonight? You're a better talker than me."
Jeff: "Maybe I'll go down there later & help him cook, and ask'em while I'm down there. Ughh. I don't feel like 'dancin' right now."

Jordan wants to talk to Russell/Michele before the POV Comp tomorrow, they think maybe after Michele wakes up from her nap will be a good time.

Jeff: "If there's problems among us 4, then that's going to give the other side hope. Let's just keep it between us 4."

6:08pm BBT:
Jordan & Jeff are now laying down. Jeff napping, Jordan listening to her CD.

Russell is in the kitchen.
Fishies on the feeds @ 6:10pm BBT.

6:37pm BBT:
Russell is in the backyard, getting his "Day Spa" treatment that he won.

(No words are allowed to be exchanged between them.)

All other HG's are inside the house. Being just a lil bit jealous, I'm sure. ;-) (Watching Russell getting massaged on the live feeds is making ME relaxed! lol)


6:46pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan just told Kevin that she would think about backdooring Russell this week.

Kevin is telling Jeff/Jordan that the girls REALLYYY want Michele out, and they're not gunning for Jeff or Jordan. (Kevin is trying to get Russ out, and have Natalie stay.)

Jeff is saying that something isn't adding up & once they figure out the liar, they're gonna call'em out in front of the house. (Kevin looked a lil nervous. lol)

Kevin: "If you vote out Russell, I will look out for you two, and..." (...fishies on the feeds.)

Jordan: "I kinda see you (Kev) in Russell's spot. I'd rather him be gone, and have you here."
Kevin: "I've always been loyal, never backstabby, and Russell is a proven liar. Danger Danger!"
Jeff: "Oh we know."

Kevin is now making J/J even more paranoid of Michele by giving them an example of Michele hearing a convo that never took place.

J/J told Kevin that they will let him know tomorrow afternoon what they are going to do if the POV is used.

Kevin leaves the HOH room.

Jordan: "We gotta get one of the girls out this week."
Jeff: "Ya, we gotta get Natalie out. It's weird timing for him to reach out (to us), is all I'm saying. But right now, we REALLY need to get one of the girls out this week."

**Sidenote: Kevin thinks he convinced J/J to get Russell out. lol J/J don't trust Kevin because he couldn't guarantee them anything, so they need to get Nat out this week.

Jordan: "Ya, I'm game with that. We can trust Kevin, right? For a little bit?"
Jeff: "I dunno, it's just weird timing, that's all."

7:25pm BBT:
Lydia just got told by BB to put her Unitard back on.

(I think she had it wrapped around her body.)

Russell is now done with his Day Spa massage in the backyard.

7:43pm BBT:
In the Red Room, Lydia/Natalie are playing a card game as Kevin sits near them watching.

8:17pm BBT:
Kevin told Lydia/Natalie that Jeff/Jordan are going to confront Russell & Michele tomorrow before or after the POV Comp. Kevin said that he thinks the story is true and he lucked out because Michelle admitted to it & he's happy his lie isn't actually a lie.

8:34pm BBT:
Kevin/Natalie playing cards now.

8:40pm BBT:

Jordan is doing her boob exercises/massages.

Russell: "Umm, I'm kinda uncomfortable (talking to you right now because) when you do that, it's kinda hard to not look." (laughs)

Jordan asked Russell if he liked his massage and he said he loved it, but that it hurt alot from the deep tissue massaging. Michele is now talking about her honeymoon. Light & fun chatter between the 3 of them.

**Friendly reminder: BB After Dark is now Showtime 2! ;-)

9:00pm BBT:
The HG's are now off of slop as of right now! They're wasting no time eating real food. lol :P

**Okie dokie, guys & dolls..I'm outta here for the night. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning, so I'll be up extra early to do the Overnighter before I leave. I'll be offline between 8:30am BBT-11am BBT, so I don't think there's gonna much of anything that we'll miss. See ya'll in the morning! :D (Psss...if you wanna watch what's going on in the Big Brother house, get the live feeds! They'll come in handy for Thursday's endurance comp!!)

Stay tuned...

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