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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

A few of the HG's woke up at 1pm BBT, so I'm gonna just skip the morning post & head right into the Afternoon post.

12:56pm BBT:
Michele & Russell were talking and they want to have a meeting with Jeff/Jordan later on. They said there's "tension" in their group. They are planning on going up to HOH and admitting that Russell voted Jessie to stay and that they did say that Russ was after Jeff, but no longer is.

1:32pm BBT:
Natalie told Kevin that she lied to J/J about putting Michelle/Lydia up if she wins HOH. She told Kevin that she just said that to stay safe, and that she really wants to put Jeff/Michelle, with Jordan as a replacement nom. The deal, to her, meant shit. She made a Final 2 deal with Kevin during this convo. Kevin told Nat if he wins the POV, he's taking Natalie off the block instead of Lydia.

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1:52pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Non-game talking. Natalie is taking her braids out of her today and wants the Diary Room to call her in so she can do it.

Russ is now teaching Kevin about eating carbs, when to eat them, when not to eat them, etc. Natalie goes inside. Jeff follows about 3 minutes later.

2:09pm BBT:

Kev/Russ are still on the BY couches. Lydia is laying out getting some sun.
They're talking about how long is too long to wait for sex in a new relationship. Russell said 4 weeks is too long. Kevin said he doesn't have a time frame since he's been with his boyfriend for so long. Lydia said she waited months one time with a guy.

Russell goes inside after a little bit. Kevin tells Lydia he hopes he still has a boyfriend after he leaves the house. He had a bad dream that his bf found someone else and then Kevin killed him with a knife. (lol) Russ comes back out with a fresh cup of coffee.

Russ/Kevin/Lyd/Nat are talking about siblings. Russ said his are "ruthless" and put him in his place all the time.

HOH Picture Time!!!

3:27pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele is telling Jordan that she doesn't trust Russell at all. She also said that Russ doesn't want Michele to talk to Jordan/Jeff alone, Jordan asked why, and she said...
Michele: "Because he thinks I'd tell you guys everything.."which I am."

The girls just confimed that tomorrow is the POV Como, Veto Ceremony, and HOH Comp.

**Sidenote: I just read Michele's blog and she said she is *truly* aligned with only Jeff & Jordan. Figured I'd post that here so everyone knew what was going on inside Michele's head since she's so hard to read.

Jordan jumps in the shower, as Michele starts to move herself back downstairs to the pool room. Jeff just joined the HOH room.

Michele & Jeff are Russell-bashing.

Jeff: "Dude, that guy has a boner for me, man! Like he'll take my stories & plug his name into them later. Then he had to be an idiot & ruin the final 4 deal we had. Instead of biting his tongue and just playing. Ya know?"

Jordan: "If one of us wins the POV, do we use it?"
Michele: "We need a group meeting. We're only gonna have a split second to decide (to use the POV or not)."
Jeff: "It makes no sense to keep Russ if he's not
Michele: "He said he's going after Kevin now."
Jordan: "If we ask him if he said he's gunning for Jeff, he's gonna deny it and it's gonna be a huge arguement. He's just gonna deny it!"
Michele: "Okay."

Jeff: "If we get rid of Russ, then the numbers are even. He wants to jump to the final 2 and not even think about the other 4 weeks. So f*ck him and the final 4 deal. I say if a seat opens up, we put him up. What do you think?"
Michele: "If he went home, I'd be okay."
Jeff: "We could get Natalie or Lydia out this week, but Russ is coming after me. We had a talk with Natalie yesterday, to try to smooth things over...Natalie has nobody and maybe we could swing her over to our side. Kevin would have no choice but to be on our side...*if* we were to get Natalie to our side."
Michele: "If it's me and you, I'll throw you the HOH."

Sidenote: Jeff doesn't tell Michele everything with Natalie, or about any deals made with her, just more or less planting the seed and seeing what she thinks.

Michele said that she'll play as if she's on Russell's side for now, but she's on the same page with Jeff/Jordan. It all comes down to the POV. Russell is the target, and Lydia is Plan B. Either way, Natalie is safe.

Jeff said he wants Kevin to be with the 3 of them for the Final 4. They want to get Russell, then Lydia, then Natalie out. In that order.

Jordan took 2 more pics with her HOH camera before she had to return it back to production.

Back to game talk seconds later.

Jeff is clearly hurt that Russell said he wants Jeff out, and he doesn't want to be friends with Russ outside the house because of the stupid lies that Russ tells (that are non-game related.)

4:10pm BBT:
Jeff is still going off about how Russell messed up in the game by making alot of Final 2 deals, telling people to their faces that Russ is gonna win but he'll take'em to the Final 2 with him, etc etc. Basically, in a nutshell, Jeff is d-o-n-e with Russell.

4:18pm BBT:
Meeting comes to a close. Michele is on board with getting Russell out (or Lydia, depending on who wins the POV.)

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Stay tuned...

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