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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Overnighter

Goood morning, ya'll :D It's Monday in the BB house, and Nominations are today & the HG's think today is also the POV Comp. As I reported yesterday, today the house is on Slop. This will be Russell's first time ever on slop.

I've been working on the Overnighter for a while now, so let me post what I have & I'll just keep adding as I go along.

Last night was a crazy, game-talk wise, in the Big Brother house. As I mentioned in yesterday's Overnighter, Kevin/Lydia/Nat all came up with a lie, and here it is:

Kevin/Lydia/Natalie were in the Storage Room & heard (through the walls) Russell/Michele in the Pool Room making a Final 2 deal. Kevin told Jeff the lie last night & made Jeff believe that he was on Jeff's side but he'd continue to act like he was on Nat/Lydia's side for now. The goal in this lie it to break up 'Team Jeff', and get Russell out this week instead of Natalie. What's ironic is that Michele/Russell actually DID make a Final 2 agreement, but Michele told Jordan/Jeff about it and said it's a "fake" alliance on her part.

Is your head spinning yet? lol :P Wait, there's more.
Jeff/Jordan know that Russell was 1 of the votes for Jessie to stay last week.

10:11pm BBT:
HOH Room

Shortly after Kevin told Jeff the lie, Jeff told Jordan. Let the paranoia & panic begin! Jeff wanted to get Russell out this week, but Jordan thought maybe it would be best to get out Natalie then Russell next week. They go back & forth on this for about 30 mins.

Jeff: "If we get rid of Russell, we'll gain Kevin!"

Jordan says that she knows for a fact that Natalie would put Jeff up for revenge for Jessie. Jeff said she's right.

Jordan: "I'm just afraid that if we get Russell out now, we'd screw ourselves."
Jeff: "If we wait until next week, we can get Natalie out this week but we HAVE TO WIN HOH..."

Jeff & Jordan also think Russell has a secret Final 2 with Natalie.

10:31pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff asked Michele if she remembers having a conversation with Russell in the Pool Room, Michele said no. (Because it never happened! lol)

10:55pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

They were still talking about when to get out Russell: this week or next week.

Jordan: "I think it will be better to keep Russell (this week) just for your sake because we know they would come after Russell (next week if they won HOH.)

Jordan says she thinks that Russell is putting it into Michele's head that they (Jeff/Jordan) are in a Final 2 agreement, so Russell is trying to scare Michele into making a Final 2 deal together.

Jeff: "What if I Lydia or Natalie take themselves off (with the POV) this week?"
Jordan: "Then I'll have to put up Russell. I'll have to!" (Remember, they think Kevin is on their side now.)
Jeff: "Ya."
Jordan then told Jeff she can see him in the Final 2.
Jeff: "I dunno, you have an easier path than I do (to get there)!"

12:05am BBT:
HOH Room

12:05am BBT:
HOH Room

More talk on whether or not to keep Russell this week.

Michele: "We plotted it out, week by week, and pretty much if we (Mich/Jeff) win HOH, we don't
need Russell's vote. We have enough votes. If we don't win HOH, I don't think we can depend on
his vote! And if he can't get you guys (Jeff/Jord) out, he's gonna get me out."

Jeff: "Be honest! Did you ever hear him say he wanted ME out next week."
Michele: "I don't remember that conversation. He was just saying random stuff."
Jeff: "What did he say?"
Michele: "He said he wanted to take you out at some point."
Jeff: "Did he say next week??"
Michele: "I don't remember. Seriously, I'm not bullshitting you."
Jeff: "Okay, then continue..."
Michele: "He told me outside today that he wants you guys out because if we (Mich/Russ) were Final 2, then
you guys would have to go...obviously."
Jeff: "But what happened to Final 4?"
Michele: "He's making it sound like he needs to get you out as soon as possible or he's never gonna make it."

Talk continues...
Jeff: "But what about the other side of the house? If we get one of them out this week, then we win HOH, and send another
one of them home, then.."
Michele: "Any week we don't win an HOH, one of us is going home."
Jeff: "If we get out Natalie, then...because she's gunning for you (Michele), and if Russell did have a Final 2 alliance
with Russell, then that would be gone. That would give Russell even MORE reason to stay with us."
Michele: "True. But he will still very much look to get you (Jeff) out."
Jeff: "Right."
Jordan: "we think Thursday will be endurance. So, if we get him out now, then...
Jeff: "But what if he drops like he said he was gonna do?" (grins)
Jeff: "I think the other side is definitley gunning for us.."
Jordan: "But Russell is gunning for us, too! So now we have 4 people gunning after us."
Jeff: "Listen..this week, we'll get Natalie out. BAM! Done. Okay? Then next week...Russell said he would drop if it was an endurance comp. Let's see if he keeps his word. If not, I will go against him. If I win HOH, we can confront him (on wanting to get me out.)"

Jordan confirmed that Wednesday is the POV Ceremony.

Talk continues...
Jordan: "If we get Russell out, we gain Kevin!"
Jeff: "IF Kevin is telling the truth!" (which he's not.)
Jordan: "So then, we stick with kicking Natalie out this week."

Basically, it all depends on the POV, but it looks like they're still going to get Natalie out this week.

Later on around 12:30am BBT, Jordan/Jeff are in the HOH room alone. They talk about not fully trusting Michele and that it'd be nice to be able to get both Michele/Russell out at the same time. Jeff is confused on why their Final 4 is falling apart at the seams when there's 3 other people on the other side of the house to get out first.

Jeff tells Jordan that if he (Jeff) wins POV today, he'll confront Russell about gunning for him (Jeff). Jeff also said that he doesn't they could get Kevin on their side as long as Lydia is in the house.

As of 2:20am, Jeff/Jordan/Michele are all the same bed. lol

Makes me wonder if Jeff can't wait to win HOH so he can have some alone with Jordan...without Michele. lol :P Jordan was the one who invited both of them to sleep upstairs with her, though.

Alrighty, that's it for the Overnighter!! :D Starting the afternoon post right now!

Stay tuned...

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