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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

The afternoon post was getting super long, so I'm starting a new one! ;-)

Just to get everyone caught up to speed:
*Natalie made a deal with Jeff/Jordan last night and they are now aligned.
*Natalie told Kevin that her "deal" (on her part) is fake & she's gunning for Jeff/Michele and would nominate them if she won HOH & use Jordan as a replacement nom if she needed to.
*Russell is this weeks target. If he wins POV, then Lydia will go home. Michele/Jordan/Jeff are all on board with this plan.
*Tomorrow is the POV Comp, Veto Ceremony, & HOH (Endurance?) Comp (Get the feeds if you wanna watch the live HOH comp tomorrow!!)

Currently on the live feeds...

4:35pm BBT:
Kevin is eating at the kitchen counter.
Michele is in the pool room fussing with her stuff.
Jeff is upstairs taking a poo.
Jordan is in the HOH room as well.

Jordan: "Are you poo'ing?"
Jeff: "Yep!"
Jordan is talking to him about stuff as he's poo'ing. lol

Jordan: "Your pants are at your ankles."
Jeff: "Because I'm poo'ing!"
Jordan: "I can't open this drink.."
Jeff: "Go out there! All the cameras are gonna turn into here."
Jordan: (laughing)"It doesn't even stink."

Jeff is done in the bathroom.
Jeff: "Weirdo."

Jordan tells him to try one of her daiquiris.
Jordan: "Isn't it good?"
Jeff: "It reminds me of High School. The stuff you used to drink before you could (legally) drink. Ya know? This is what girls always bought."

(long silence as Jeff sits on the board with a deck of cards.)

Jeff: "I hope we're making the right choice."
Jordan: "We are, aren't we? Don't scare me! You know how I get."
Jeff: "I mean, I *think* we are. We don't need to go over everything again, I just hope we're making the right choice."

Jordan said she's nervous about HOH. She hopes Jeff or Michele win.
Jordan: "It doesn't make sense that Russell would say that though."
Jeff: "He's an idiot!"

Jordan still thinks it's weird that Russell would say he's gunning after Jeff when she's the HOH for the week.

Jordan: "I'm on board because you & Michele are on board."

BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside & close the sliding glass door."

Jordan: *gasps* "It is an endurance comp tomorrow!!!" (smiles)

Jordan & Jeff do a little playful flirting.

Jeff was rubbing Jordan's head with his foot.

5:00pm BBT:
Russ/Michele enter the HOH room.

Jeff said he feels caged in because of the lockdown.

Russell jumps right into it...
Russell: " you guys have any questions or concerns? I'll talk to you honestly! I saw you talking to I'd like to give my side of the story and have you think 'can we believe Russell', ya know? I'll tell you!"

Jeff: "We just talked about Jessie and stuff that happened in the past."
Russell tells them that he voted for Jessie because he had to keep his word to them to prove that when he promises something, he follows through with it.

Russell: "And if Natalie says she doesn't lie, well.."
Russell tells them that he's always been down for the Final 4, and still is.
Jeff doesn't understand why Russ would give Jessie a vote especially after their nose-to-nose fight.


Jeff: "I heard that someone heard you say they heard you say you wanted me out."
Russell: "It's probably their last plea. It'd bring the game back to 3/3 again."
Jeff: "Right, right." (fishies on the feeds for a minute.)
Russell: "The past day and 1/2, I felt like something was wrong."
Jeff: "Ya well Jordan has been PMS'ing, so.."

Russell told Jeff to NOT trust Natalie, and that she's still playing the game.

Jordan: "I heard you're putting Jeff up next week, and putting me up next week."
Russell: (laughs) "I'm not putting you guys up. I don't talk to Lydia. I don't talk to Kevin."
Jordan: "I heard you said that if it's an endurance comp, you're not gonna drop (before Jeff), and that I'm dead weight."

Jeff just brought up the Pool Room lie that Kevin told. (He never said who told him though.)

Russell said that never happened. (FYI: He's being honest.)

Russell: "I was like hold on, something doesn't seem right lately, I wanna talk to him (Jeff) before something happens. I wanna get to the Final 4 with all of you. If one of 'them' wins, I won't wanna go (to the Finale)."
Jeff: "And as I was hearing this, I was like this doesn't make any f*ckin' sense for you to say something like that!"
Russell: "I could have sat here & denied the Jessie vote..."
Jeff: "Ya but I knew so it's better that you were honest. I dunno. What do you think, Jordo?"
Jordan: "I'm just listening."
Jeff: "I dunno. Those were my questions."
Jordan: "Someone is still lying, though."
Jeff: "Obviously."
Jordan: "You said you wouldn't drop (in an endurance comp)..."
Jeff: "How we even know what hoh comp was gonna be this week though. Shit doesn't add up. I'm not saying against *YOU* (Russ), but something isn't right."
Jordan: "It does make sense to split us 4 up because we're so tight."
Jeff: "They're gonna say whatever they need to say to split us up. They're throwing a dart in the wall and seeing if it sticks."
Jordan: "Because me and Jeff haven't even talked about Final 2. I dunno."
Russell: "They're not gonna lie about you or Jeff (to your faces), because you two talk to each other. So they're gonna make lies about us."

Jeff leaves & goes outside to smoke.
Michele said she was crying yesterday because she doesn't know what to believe.

Jordan: "If it's somebody IN THIS GROUP of 4 that is lying, I swear to God, I will stab one of ya'll! If you (Mich/Russ) win HOH, and put me or Jeff up on the block, I will FLIP OUT!! We'll see who wins HOH and who's true to their word!"
Russell: "It wasn't me!"
Michele: "It wasn't me either."

(IT WAS KEVIN!!! Figure it out! lol)

Jordan: "I KNOW it wouldn't be a smart move for you (Russ) to put me or Jeff up on the block."
Russell: "They HAVE TO play the game now. They HAVE TO lie, they KNOW they're the next ones out!!!" (re: Lydia/Kevin/Natalie)

5:51pm BBT:
Russ is telling Jordan to trust him & Michele, that they are both on Jeff & Jordan's side, and to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Jordan said she's tired & wants to take a nap. Russ/Michele go outside. Jeff goes inside after they tell him the meeting is over & Jordan is taking a nap.

5:53pm BBT:
Jeff heads up to the HOH room, Natalie who's eating at the Dinner table is saying that Russell just "mean mugged" her like crazy before he went outside.

Natalie: "Russell is paranoid!"
Jeff: "I was like, word is that you won't me out. I didn't tell him it was you."
Natalie: "I have no problem telling them anything because I'm telling the truth."

Jeff goes inside the HOH room.
Jordan: "I think Michele & Russell are workin' together."
Jeff: "Ya me too."
Jordan: "I don't trust'em. At all!"

6:09pm BBT:
If you have the feeds, turn'em on!!

Jordan told Michele that she's callin' Russell out on things.
She goes outside and confronts Russell.

Russell said he never said he's gunning for Jeff/Jordan.

Jordan: "Someone is trying to sabatoge this whole thing, with us final 4."
Jeff: "That's why I don't understand, it's stupid for you to say that. So I don't know."
Michele: "I don't know what happened about the pool room convo (that never happened) but you have been making negative comments about Jeff."

Russ/Michele are now arguing.
Jeff goes inside and gets Natalie.

Natalie stumbled over her words (she's a terrible liar).
Natalie: "I heard...because I..I was standing at the door?...and I and told Michele that you wanted Jeff out."

Jeff gets Kevin.
Kevin says yes he heard Russ say he wanted Jeff out.
Kev/Nat go back inside.

It's the house VS Russ.

In the Red Room, the 3 stooges are salivating over this fight like hyena's over a carcus.

Russ admitted to having a Final 2 with Michele.
Jeff: "What's up with that? That's my ally."
Russell says so what, Jeff would take Jordan.

The convo/arguement is going in circles now.

Jordan: "We just need to know who is lying, and who is not lying." (Because the liars are inside!! Come on, guys...there's 4 of you...FIGURE IT OUT!!!)

Jeff is telling Michele he thinks she's lying.
Jeff: "I don't wanna throw this guy (Russ) under the bus, if he didn't do anything!"

Michele's bad memory is hurting her...badly. She truly does not remember if the infamous pool room convo (that never happened) ever took place or not.

6:53pm BBT:
They're trying to "patch it up" so they can be the Final 4.

Jeff keeps saying he knows it's STUPID for Russell to say that he'd wanna get Jeff out before Final 4. (He's not trusting Michele right now.)

Jeff: "One of you is lying! What do you think Jordan? Or are you just gonna stand there & look cute."
Jordan: "There's things I believe Russell on, and there's things that
Jeff: "If any of you f*ck me, I'll kill your family..I will come to your house, with a vengence and..." (fishies lol)

*NOTE: Jeff was joking, in a good mood.*

Jordan: "If I hear so-and-so said this or that, I'm just going
Jeff: "Tell them inside that it's none of their business. Don't tell them anything. We're 4 against 3, and I like those numbers, and don't listen to anything they say!"
Jeff: (to Michele) "Sit down. It's over. They're in there chomping at the bit...stories got's over. We're final 4."

THE FINAL 4 IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff: "Now who do we want out tomorrow? I say Lydia."
Michele: "I'd like Lydia."
Jordan: "Ummm..."
Russell: "Natalie."
Jordan: "I'm 50/50..more so..Nat..."

They're voting Lydia out, unless she wins the POV.

Jordan: (to Jeff) "You wanna make pasta."
Jeff: "Ya, we can all eat dinner together now."
(awkward silence)
Jeff: "No more awkward silences. I'm serious. This shit is squashed."
Russ goes inside.
Michele looks pissed/sad.
Jeff: "What's wrong?"
Michele: "He totally set me up!"
Jeff: "It doesn't matter, us 3 are still together."
Michele seems better now. Jordan is back to being happy. Jeff looks very relieved that it's all over now.

Jeff/Jordan are outside alone.

They're still honoring their deal with Natalie even though they're Final 4.
Jeff: "If they put him up, they put him up."
Jordan: "That's why he's good to have around. Michele is getting..crispy."
Jeff: "Crispy? She's mental!"

7:19pm BBT:Michelle is inside making meatballs for the spaghetti dinner. Jordan & Russell are on the BY couches. Jeff getting ready to play pool with Natalie.

J/J wanna tell Natalie that she's still safe. They're still planning on getting her out in a week or two, just not this week.

7:23pm BBT:

Lydia just got called to the Diary Room. Jordan/Michele are cooking. The girls are all talking about tomorrow's POV Comp and Endurance comp.

Russell & Jeff are playing pool (Natalie will play the winner.)

Russell's blood pressure is still a little high. He's pissed at Michele (and Michele is equally pissed/hurt at Russell) for ratting each other out during the fight.

They're talking about the Final 4 being the plan again, and to keep focus on it. In a few weeks, they'll look back at today and say "See, it was worth it."

Jeff/Natalie are now playing pool.

Jeff told Natalie that she's safe.

Natatlie: "Thanks Jeff. Hopefully I win HOH and I can return the favor." (Remember, she's totally playing Jeff & gunning for him & Michele.)

8:03pm BBT:
Red Room

Natalie is telling them to play for the POV tomorrow, it's their only guarantee.
Natalie: (whispering) "We'll talk later."
Lydia: "Is it in our favor?"
Natalie: "I don't think so."
Lydia: "Who's going?"
Natalie: "He keeps saying I'm a strong competitor & it's worth the risk to keep me."
Lydia: "I'm probably going."
Natalie: "I told them I'm playing in the POV tomorrow."

Lydia & Kevin take Natalie's braids out.

9:03pm BBT:
Kevin/Natalie are playing pool.
Natalie is telling him her convo with Jeff earlier.

Jeff & Russ come out, convo stops.
They can all hear music.

**Anybody else surprised that they're not on a lockdown yet?? They have the POV Comp and HOH Comp tomorrow during the live show..which is rumored to be an endurance comp. Russ did say that he heard BB building something outside. Hmmm.

Kevin/Natalie are playing pool.
Jeff just farted. Lydia came out and said it smelled like B.O., Natalie said Jeff farted & Lydia had a priceless "eww" look on his face. lol :P Lydia is on the backyard couch watching Nat/Kev play pool. Lydia/Natalie are "throwing stones" (as Jeff would say) back & forth.

Natalie: "We all know that if I wanted Jessie, I could of had him."

Alrighty guys & dolls, I'm outta here for the night. Don't forget, tomorrow is the LIVE EVICTION SHOW!!! :D We'll also see the POV Comp/Veto Ceremony/Live HOH Comp during the show. Make sure you're stocked up with snacks, it might be a looong night if it's an endurance comp! ;-) See ya'll back here in the morning!!

Stay tuned...

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