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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone! :D As I mentioned last night, I have a doctors appointment this morning so I got up a little bit earlier to do the Overnighter. Today is the POV Comp, and personally, I'm cheering for Russell to get it so that Jeff/Jordan can calm down on the whole 'should we backdoor Russell this week???' talk. lol :-P

Nothing game wise really happened all night, so I'm just gonna do some cliffnotes instead.

*Jeff/Jordan had some really cute moments @ 10:35pm BBT. She sat in his lap, they cracked jokes, they smelled each others arm pits...ahhhh, new love! lol
*All the HG's mingled with each other, talked, and just had a nice social night.
*Natalie kept saying that she played Jessie, knowing he had feelings for her.
*Lydia doesn't believe that Jessie was playing her the whole time.
*There was a moment last night around 11:15pm BBT when Russ asked Jeff "Where's Michele?" and Jeff said "I don't care". They were having a good time, laughing, playing pool and talking shots, but then when Russell asked about Michele's whereabouts, Jeff immediately turned cold and angry. Russell looked perplexed by Jeff's sudden shift in attitude & mood.

*HG's talked about how they can't believe the mic pack that Chima threw in the hot tub is worth $4,000.
*Jeff called Jordan "sexy" last night.
*At 2:10am BBT, Jordan insisted using her birth control pills to make an events calendar. Jeff went to get it & said 'Should I be touching this stuff?". lol They ended up using playing cards instead.

* At 3:10am BBT, Jordan/Jeff in the HOH room decide to just get out Natalie this week & deal with Russell later (they talk about next week if possible.)
*Lydia/Kevin/Nat had a long convo about Jessie around 3:30am BBT. Nat/Kevin told Lydia that she was a "plan b" for Jessie, and after comparing notes with Natalie, she figures out that Jessie played her. Kevin says "I've been telling you that for weeks & you didn't believe me.", Lydia gets angry & says she just has a big heart, Kevin tells her he was just trying to look out for her & that he cares for her. Lydia ignored him & went to bed.
*Jeff finally got the alone time with Jordan that he was so desperately seeking. He spent the night in her HOH Room...minus Michele this time. ;-)

And that's it for the Overnighter! :D

While I'm away...
Watch Ross Mathews interview Evel Dick from BB8:

Alrighty, ya'll...I'm off to my doctors appointment, but I expect to be back here around 11am BBT (maybe even earlier!) Hopefully we don't miss too much, but don't worry, I'll get us all caught up when I get back! :-D

Stay tuned...

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