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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans across the land!! :D Well, it looks like today's Overnighter is gonna be a long one. I was hoping it would only take me the usual 45 minutes or so to throw it all together, but there was a lot of detailed game talk last night.

Alright, let me go get the scoop & I'll be posting as I get the info. (Don't worry, the HG's are still sleeping as of 10:55am BBT, so we're not missing anything on the live feeds right now.)

11:37pm BBT:
Dinning Table

Natalie was dealing, Jeff/Russ were playing poker (Natalie was 1st out), using candy "Now & Laters" as poker chips.Jeff folded on a big blind, Natalie said he should never do that, Jeff said you can if the cards are as shitty as his were.

Jeff: "Tell me what to do when you can beat me at playing." (joking)
Russell: (about Natalie) "Or even still in the game."
Natalie: "We're not playing for money though. If we were playing for money, I would be (still in the game). I'll
play for real money when we get outta here, for sure!"
Russell: "You wouldn't stand a chance."
Natalie: "That's what they all say at the casinos, too..when I walk away with their money."
Russell: (mumbling) "Ya sure."
Russell snaps.

Russell: "YOU LOST! BUT YOU LOST!! NO NO NO SHHH YOU LOST!! You play the same way as you would if you had money, you lost!"
Natalie: "No you don't (play the same way)!"

From there, it just gets more heated.
Russ bragging about how many games he's won.

Natalie: "I'm not talking shit! I'm just sayin'..."
Russell: "How can you guarantee that I wouldn't win?"
Natalie: "Because I know. I play poker. If you were playing for real money, you would lose it in a casino."
Russell: "How do you know that?"
Natalie: "I've played in casinos!"
Russell (shouting): "I've played more casinos that you ever have, youngin!"
Natalie: "Russell, I'm just trying to tell you. For money, you would lose, bottom line."

Russell storms out of the dinning room, still screaming.
Jeff: "Holy Macaronis!!"

***Sidenote: There were a few times last night that Natalie was talking about her past (such as winning money at Casinos) & it wasn't matching up to the age she told people. The HG's still think she's 18 yrs old (when really she's 24.) Jeff questioned her on how she won money at casinos being only 18. She said she used a faked ID.

11:53pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele told Kevin that Russell is "sucking up" to J/J this week because he's scared he could get backdoored. Michele also said that Russ is scared he'll be replaced in the Final 4 (of Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russ) with Kevin. Michele is buzzed, so she starts telling Jordan alot of stuff...including that Russell made Jeff workout so he's sore for the Endurance Comp on Thursday.

Jordan out of no where says to Michelle "I honestly feel u might flip on me and go with Russell because either you're lying or he is." Michele told her she'd never flip & go with Russell, and even said he's "an ass".

Jordan: "Do you tell him (Russ) what we (Jeff/Jord/Mich) say?"
Michele: "NO! I don't want him to know what we talk about."
Jordan: "Russell is gonna use you because you're smart, and then when he doesn't need you, he'll drop you."
Michele: "Ya, I know!"

2:00am BBT:
Pool Table
Michele goes to bed & Jeff said "Goodnight, COLT 45!". (lol Michele/Jeff laughed.

Natalie is totally kissing Jordan's ass, trying to find things in common and making her feel as if they're similar to each other. They talk about shows like 90210, Meet the Barkers, Pacific Blue, etc etc.

2:17am BBT:Jeff asked who Natalie would put up if she stayed & won the HOH. Natalie said she'd put up Michelle & Lydia.
In an attempt to clear the slate of Natalie's past in the house, she tells Jeff...

Natalie: "I never disliked you, I just followed the house."

Game talk really starts around 2:25am BBT.

Jeff: "We (Jordan/Jeff/Michele/Russ) decide who goes home this week..we have the votes. If you stayed, the numbers would be 3/3 (if they got out Russ), and you would take out someone for our side (J/J/R)."

Natalie: "I'm not 'in' a number group, I'm by myself!"

Jeff said that if Natalie wants to stay, they'd have to make some sort of deal. Natalie said she'd get Lydia out, if the next week J/J get out Michele & keep Natalie safe.

Natalie: "Michele is coming after ME! That's why I want her out."
Jeff: "Right."

Natalie told Jeff that Russell said "I'm only worried about Jeff playing in the HOH this week."
Jordan: "I'd rather have you (Natalie) here, than 'other' people." (Russ)
Jeff: "We'll have to see who wins POV."
Jordan: "What if Russ wins HOH next week?"
Jeff: "What if he's not here next week."
Jordan: (looks at Natalie) "TRY for that pov!"
Natalie: "Oh, I will!"

**Sidenote: Basically, Russell has to win the POV, otherwise he's gonna be backdoored this week.

The End Result:
*Russell is going home this week (unless he wins the POV, then Lydia will.)
*Jeff/Jordan/Natalie are now aligned together. (**I think I just puked in my mouth.)

Jeff: "If we win HOH, you're safe. And if you win HOH, we're safe."
Natalie: "Deal."
Jordan: "I now consider you with us, but I won't talk to you with Russell being here."

Fast forward to....

3:27am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff: "If we send Russell home, and it's an endurance comp this week, then.."
Jordan: "You'll win."
Jeff: "I'll win."
Jeff: "If Russell is gunning for me, then we don't have the numbers anyways. Ya know what I mean? He might as well be on their side, if he's against us."

Talk continues.

Jordan: "So are we definitely saving Natalie then?
Jeff: (long pause) "I guess. What do you think?"
Jordan: "I'd be good to get Lydia out now, because then Kevin would have to come with us!"
Jeff: "Right."
Jordan: "But Russell is definitely coming after you & me next week..but if Russell stays, then he'll be a target next week."

Jeff doesn't seem very confident in the deal made with Natalie.

Jeff: "Who would win in a comp, Russell or Lydia."
Jordan: "Lydia."
Jeff: "Right, so...we should keep Lydia around."
Jordan: "Ya. Plus, we got Natalie..."
Jeff: "We don't got Natalie for sure, we're just assuming..."

They start to go through every scenario in detail.

*If they keep Lydia, the whole house will be after Russell. But Russ is good at comps. But if Lydia *did* win, she'd put Jordan/Jeff up.

3:39am BBT:
HOH talk between Jeff/Jordan continues.

Jeff: "If we get Lydia out this week, is it still our goal to get Russell out next week?"
Jordan: "Oh ya! For sure!"
Jeff: "I'd rather get Russell out now, and play against Lydia. Then we're playing against Lydia & Kevin in a sense."
Jordan: "If Russell doesn't win the POV, we're backdooring him."
Jeff: "We're putting all of our eggs in the 'trust Natalie' basket."
Jordan: "Of course she's on our side, she has no where else to go! She's gonna go where the strong players are."

Jeff is afraid that Natalie is lying & could come after them (J/J) for revenge on Jessie. (**Ya think?!?!!?)

And here's the final conclusion...

3:40am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff: "If a seat opens up, we'll backdoor Russell. If not, we'll take out Lydia. Let's let the POV decide."

Jordan told Jeff about her earlier convo with Michele, and that Michele said Russ isn't gunning for Jeff next week because it'd be stupid to get rid of someone he's in a Final 4 agreement before anybody else on 'the other side'...and that now Russ is gunning for Kevin. Jeff doesn't believe that though.

Jeff: "We're damned if we do, we're damned if we don't. So whatever." (re: if Russ or Lydia going home.)

And this finally concludes the Overnighter. lol :P Starting the Afternoon Post now!!

Stay tuned...

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