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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Overnighter

Gooood morning, everybody! :D Wow, what an action-packed/drama filled past couple days it has been in he BB house!! As I work on getting the Overnighter up & running, let's first get everyone caught up to speed by doing a recap of everything that has happened over the past day or so.

*Chima is gone.
*The Double Eviction will not take place this week.
*The HG's had a 2nd HOH Comp of the week yesterday.
*The New HOH is Jordan.
*There was a huge fight between 'Team Jeff' vs Lydia/Natalie yesterday.
*Jeff won a trip to Hawaii, Lydia won the unitard, Natalie won a Phone Call from home (this Tuesday), Kevin won $5,000, and Russell won the Day Spa.
*Nominations will be tomorrow (Monday).
*Jordan will put up Lydia/Natalie, with Natalie as her target.

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the overnight happenings & I'll be right back! :D

Since Michele's HOH was cut short, Jordan is sharing her HOH with Michele this week. Michele moved her clothes and everything up in the HOH room last night. Tomorrow we have the nomination ceremony, and the house's slop day begins (they have 2 days this week). This will be Russell's first day ever on slop in the BB house.

9:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff listened to Jordan talk about (and cry about) how happy she is for her family to be moving into a better house, and that she (Jordan) will finally have her own room. She cries happy tears, as Jeff looks on.

Jeff: "I'm so happy for you, Jordon."

10:39pm BBT:
Red Room

Kevin & Natalie came up with a plan to tell (a lie to) Jeff that they overheard Michele/Russell scheming to get out Jeff.

Natalie: "We HAVE.TO.SPLIT.THEM.UP. And no matter what, never admit it was a lie! Because then your word is shit (to them)."
Natalie gives her plan a name.."Operation Bosley"

At 12:30am BBT, the lie is perfected:
They're gonna lie & say that Lydia overheard Russell/Mich in the Pool Room talking about getting Jeff/Jordan out & that Michele thinks she's the strongest girl in the house, and how they don't want to go to the end with Jeff or Jordan because they'll lose. They'll tell the lie after nominations on Monday.

11:06pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan told Michele/Russ how Lydia 'did it' with Jessie and that she almost said something to Lydia during the fight last night but didn't. Russell told her she should have said something.

Jordan: "Why do you think she wants to go to the jury house before Natalie does?"
Russell: "It's a race to hop on his dick."

11:23pm BBT:
Russell/Michele/Jordan say that they will throw HOH to Jeff to win it, he's the only one (in Team Jeff) that hasn't won it yet.

12:09am BBT:
Red Room

What's left of 'Team Jessie' discussed a couple of details about what happened when Chima quit/got booted. Sounds like it was kinda mutual on BB/Chima's part.

Production told Chima that her mic pack that she threw in the hot tub was $4,000. Chima's response was "I don't give a f*ck!" Chima then told them "Well I want to go home anyway! Send me home!" , so production said "Okay...bye!"

And that's it for the Overnighter! ;-) Starting a new post in a few minutes. Hang tight!

Stay tuned...

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