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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Okay, so let's recap before the Evening Post begins..
*Chima is gone.
*The Double Eviction will not take place.
*Instead, the HG's had another HOH Comp today.
*The Winner of the HOH Comp was Jordan.
*There was a huge blowout between 'Team Jeff' & Lydia, after Lydia started fighting with Michele.

Alrighty, let's dive right on in!

Currently on the live feeds...

6:02pm BBT:
Kevin/Michele had a breif talk, where Kevin said him & Jeff are gonna be the "water to Lydia's fire."

Then we get fishies for a moment. (They've been on/off all night..this is NOT normal, for those who are new to the feeds.)

6:07pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Natalie has a new game plan. No, she's not gonna win POV or an HOH comp, she's gonna set her goals on getting Jeff to blow up so he gets himself evicted.

Natalie: "Jeff said that he has a REALLY bad temper, like really bad! Lydia, you should piss him off so bad that he blows up. He said he was gonna light our beds on fire. Burn my motherf*ckin' bed, I don't care. F*ckin' terrorist."

***Is it just me? Or does Natalie sound like a mini-Chima?

6:53pm BBT:
The feeds have been on & off, so it's been kinda hard to get a grasp on whats going on the past 45 mins.

Jordan said she wants to put up Nat/Lydia, with Natalie being her target. Lydia is horrible at comps and they'll just tune her out for another week.

7:06pm BBT:
A look around the house...

Michele/Jeff/Jordan are making something to eat in the kitchen.

Natalie/Kevin/Lydia are in the main bathroom discussing what will air on which episodes.

Lydia: "They'll probably show this (today) tomorrow for Sunday's episode, along with Chima leaving."

Jordan just told Kevin that there's food for everyone.
Kevin: "For everybody?"
Jordan: "Mm hm."

**Hey BB control room, lay off the fishies button will ya? lol :P

7:15pm BBT:

Natalie just joined Jordan in the kitchen.

Natalie: "I can't wait until my phone call on Tuesday from my pops! I hope my boyfriend is on there, too." (I do, too! lol)

Jeff is outside tending to the grill.

7:39pm BBT:

Lydia got her unitard!! Hahahahaha!!

Lydia: "This is some shit to sell on ebay."

Everybody is eating. Natalie said that she's not going outside to eat with Jordan/Jeff/Michele because she's never ate outside with them before, so she's not going to do it now. Kevin thinks it might be a good thing to interact with them. Lydia said she's not going outside & she tells Natalie she better stay inside with her.

7:42pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
'Team Jeff' (minus Russell)

Russell is laying down in the pool room. Michele told him there are steaks that Jeff cooked, but he politely declined.

Jordan: "Those steaks were good. I'm so glad we got a grill!"
Jordan is talking about how she can't wait to get her HOH room so she can listen to a CD.

Jordan thanked Jeff for 'letting' her have HOH this week, and mentions that he has a trip to go on & can still win HOH next week.

Jordan: "They made it fair for EVERYONE to have a good shot. And they had awesome prizes!"
Jeff: "Dude, I wanna go to Hawaii!"
Jordan: "You know, if you need someone to go with you..." (laughing)

Jordan continues...
Jordan: "But no boogerin'!" (aka sex)
Jeff: "What?"
Jordan: "You can't just DO IT to do it, because you're horny. Ya gotta wait until the right moment."
Jeff: "And being in Hawaii isnt' the right moment? I'd do whoever took me to Hawaii!"

8:00pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Michele gives Jordan advice on not talking game to Russell. They both know they need to get rid of him, but not this week.
Michele: "If he tries to get information from you, just switch the conversation to something personal." (basically, don't talk game with him.)

Talk turns to Kevin. Jordan is scared of who Kevin would put up if he won HOH.
Jordan: "We could put Kevin/Russell next to each other and tell Russell we're voting for him but.." (they're talking about in the near future, not this week.)

Jeff comes out.

8:18pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Michele just confirmed that Nominations are Monday.
Michele: "At least we'll have Sunday off. We'll have a whole day of nothing but getting some sun."
Jeff: "We will?"
Michele: "Ya, because nominations aren't until Monday."
Jeff: "That's why they call it SUNday."

Jordan comes outside and says "He's gonna turn on us." (Talking about Russell.)
Russ has been in a funky mood about the terrorist comments. Jordan/Jeff think it's weird that after all this time, it's just now 'getting to him'.

8:42pm BBT:
Jordan comes out to the backyard after being in the Diary Room...

Jordan: "Who wants to see my HOH room?!!"
Jeff: "We do!!"

(Kev/Lyd/Nat are all laying down in the Red Room with the lights off. Wonder if BB will make them see her HOH room or not.)

Jordan just read her letter from home, but the audio on the feeds was out so I didn't hear it. :( But it made Jordan cry.

Jeff: "Go fix your eye makeup, Tammy Faye." (lol)

***Alrighty, ya'll..I'm outta here for the night!! As always, I will be back in the morning with the Overnighter! :-D G'dnight!!

Stay tuned...

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