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Friday, August 14, 2009

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House (+ NOMS)

At 5:11pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia! It's time for Michele to pick her nominations & then do the Nomination Ceremony.

Who will Michele put up? Looks like it's gonna be Chima/Natalie! As soon as the fees come back, I'll let ya'll know!! :D

6:52pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!

6:52pm BBT:
HOH Room
'Team Jeff'

Jeff is saying that he'd rather be in County Jail than to be in the Jury House with Natalie/Jessie/Lydia/Chima. lol

Nominated for Eviction are:

Natalie & Chima

Natalie: "Chima is a big threat to them!"

What's left of 'Team Jessie' is not lookin' so happy right now.

7:05pm BBT:
All feeds are on the HOH Room where Russ/Jordan/Jeff/Michele are.
They're tossing hacky-sack around the room & having a good time.

They're talking about non-game stuff at the moment.
Natalie apparently told Michele after the Nomination Ceremony that she's in trouble with God, Karma, etc etc. for nominating her. (lol)

Chima said that if she doesn't win POV, she's gone.
Chima also said that she hate Russell/Michele equally now.
Natalie said her targets are now Jeff & Michele.
Lydia said her targets are Jeff/Russell.

7:17pm BBT:
HOH Room
'Team Jeff' are still up in the HOH room, sharing funny stories.
Jordan was Prom Queen.

Jordan is saying that she LOVES Renny (from BB10) and she thinks Memphis seems like a cool, laid back kind of guy. She goes on to talk about Renny's sleep walking & how she ate almond joys in the middle of the night one time and the next morning she found almond joy wrappers in her bed. lol

7:46pm BBT:
Jeff & Jordan leave the HOH room to go lay down in the pool room. (Russ is still in the HOH room, napping on Michele's bed.) Kevin warns Jordan on their way to the pool room that he had "no part of what just happened". Jeff's clothes were taken out of drawers and dumped on his bed by either Chima/Nat/Lydia.

Jeff: "Don't touch my shit." (to Natalie)
Natalie: "You talking to me?"
Jeff: "You know who I'm talkin' to!"
Natalie: "I dunno what you're talking about."
Jeff leaves. Natalie gives an evil smirk after he shuts the door.

Everybody is laying down, as Natalie continues to read the BB rule book.

8:29pm BBT:
Red Room
Lydia/Natalie (Chima is sleeping.)

Natalie said she's 3/4 of the way down reading the BB rule book (she didn't say why she's reading it, though.) Natalie said she's gonna fight hard for the POV tomorrow.

Jeff passes through, gives Natalie a look, and walks into the pool room.
Natalie: "All we have to do is win HOH next week, then they're f*cked! Because the numbers would be 3/3."

(Remember, there's a double elimination on Thurs. that they don't know about.)

They talk about the POV tomorrow. They think that Jordan/Jeff/Michele/Russ/Kevin won't use it if they win it.

Lydia tells Natalie that if she wins it, she'll use it to save one of them.
Lydia: "I don't care if Kevin goes up as a pawn!"
Natalie: But it doesnt matter who wins POV, one of us is still going home." ("us" being either Chimas/Nat.)

***Kevin, abandon ship NOW!! lol

Lydia & Natalie just took the chess board & pieces so that they can make an events calendar of when things happened in the BB house so far.

9:00pm BBT:
Jeff is in the kitchen. He is no longer on slop as of right now!
Jeff: *sigh* "Ahhhhhhh fu*k. me."

Jeff is ready to chow-down & wastes no time gettin' his grub on. :-P

9:12pm BBT:
Lydia walked out of the Red Room, then returns and Natalie asked her if Jeff was eating. Lydia said yes. Natalie says it's not 9 o'clock, it's only like 8:45. (Natalie is wrong, though. It was 9:04 when he started to eat.) Lydia goes to spy on Jeff, who is eating food. She strolls through house, with no talking between the two (Lyd/Jeff).

9:24pm BBT:
Jeff is happily enjoying round 2 of non-slop food.
Michele just walked in the kitchen, all smiles.

Jeff: "This is my 2nd round of chinese food. I'm gettin' full."
Michele goes up to the HOH room, where Russ is passed out on her bed, to get her mic.

Feeds auto-switch to Lydia/Natalie in the red room, chewing on candy.
The house is still on inside lockdown as production builds the set for tomorrows POV Comp outside.

9:30pm BBT:
BB: "Jeff, please go to the Diary Room."

Natalie: "Ya Jeff, go to the diary you can give you another poo poo de'crap power to f*ck us over with."

9:33pm BBT:
Michelle goes into the pool room (passing the red room to get there) and Natalie said...

Natalie: "She's a bitch. She's a f***ing psycho."

9:34pm BBT:
Michele is on the living room couch eating.
Jeff comes out of the Diary Room.

Jeff: "I'm the wizard!"
They both laugh & head into the kitchen to eat at the counter.

9:38pm BBT:
The lockdown is over & the POV Comp set up is's a golfing game!

Natalie: "Oh crap, Russell is good at this shit."
The instructions say to hit the balls around the snail.

Natalie (to Lydia who's doing laundry): "Go wake up Chima. We're the ones that need to f*ckin' practice."

Michele (to Russ): "You any good at miniture golf?"
Russell: "Me? Ya. I'm real good."
Michele smiles.
Michele: "Okay. Good."

9:50pm BBT:
Jordan just wakes up & sees the golf set up.
Jordan: "Aww MAN! I'm terrible at golf."

Kevin is at the kitchen counter.
Kevin (to Jordan): "Did they do anything to your clothes?"
Jordan: "They put Jeff's clothes on his bed. He was pissed."

Jeff comes in.
Kevin: (to Jeff) "I had nothing to do with that. They put my shit in your drawers. So I took my stuff back out."

Russell grabs food to grill, and heads outside.

9:55pm BBT:
Kevin goes & gets Chima up. He tells her to go outside & practice for the POV tomorrow.

BB: "Chima, please put on your microphone."
Chima flips off BB with both hands & doesn't obey. She goes & practices the golf game without her mic.

10:02pm BBT:
Chima threw her mic into the hot tub after Kevin went to get it for her.


Natalie said that they're not letting 'them' practice at all.
Natalie: "They need to f*ckin' practice. F*ck'em! I'll be out here all night till 5 in the morning if I have to, to make sure that they don't practice!"

Okie dokie, guys &'s almost 1:00am where I am, so I'm gonna watch the rest of BB After Dark & the feeds for a little bit longer before I go to bed. See ya'll back here in the morning! G'dnight!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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