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Monday, August 10, 2009

Evening in the BB House

It's the evening in the BB house, and after an uneventful afternoon, I'm hoping this evening brings some much needed draammma!! ;-)

Currently on the feeds...

7:08pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dinning Area

The "Have's" are eating a dinner that Jordan has prepared.

Jessie: "Thank you Jordan!"
Natalie: "Thank you Jordan!"
Chima: "Ya, thanks Jordan! It's really good."

For dessert, Jordan baked some cookies.

(There's a running joke in the house that when Natalie makes cookies, they're like bricks. But Jordan's cookies are the best, so everyone is looking forward to some Jordan-made cookies this evening. lol)

7:11pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Kevin is complaining about being on slop.

Kevin: "They (production) say that this is what we signed up for, but I didn't sign anything saying I can't complain."

Lydia goes over her convo with Chima and says that Chima is getting fed up with Natalie/Jessie saying they're not gonna be happy if they get nom'ed. Lydia points out that everybody will be nom'ed and they'll have to just deal with it.

Lydia then mentions how interesting it would be if Jessie were to leave before Natalie, because Natalie would be lost without him.

Russ is up from his long slumber in the hammock.

Jeff comes out.
Lydia: "Did you cut your hair?"
Kevin: "Ya, I was gonna say..something is different about you."

Jeff: "Ya, I cut it today."

Jeff just showed Lydia how to use a rubber band to hold down the facuet nozzle so when the water gets turned on, the person gets sprayed. Lydia siad she wants to do that to Jessie.

7:31pm BBT:
Jordan just joined Kevin/Lydia/Jeff outside.

7:40pm BBT:

Jordan is in the jacuzzi, Russell is on the patio couch eating.
Russell is talking about how he can't stand to be around Chima because she's kissing everyones ass.

Russell: "Her HOH is over. The comp & nominations..everything is over now. So she's kissing ass since she can't play for HOH next week."

Jeff comes out & joins them.

Natalie joins them. (Been noticing her spending alot more time with Jordan/Jeff lately.)

Feeds auto-switch to...

7:52pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Kevin thinks either Michele or Jeff has the 'wizard power'. Michele didn't say she didn't have it.

Back to the outside.7:56pm BBT:

Kevin just got called to the diary room.
Not much convo going on. Kinda awkward with Natalie being there.

8:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

Chima is grilling Michele for Russell information, and doing some more Russ bashing as well.

Chima: "Jordan said earlier that her & Jeff can't get away from Russell!"
Michele: "Umm..Jordan was wearing his sweatshirt last night." (which she was.)
Chima: "SHE WAS?"
Michele: "I'm pretty sure she was because she even offered me if I wanted to wear it."

They're not sure why Jeff/Jordan still talk to Russell.
Chima said that Jeff was REALLY nervous today during nominations, which confused her.

Michele: "I dunno, I'm so sick of this wizard stuff." (insert Michele's awkard laugh)

Chima, again, is stating that she wants to get out ALL the guys in the house & that she wants all the women to band together to get'em out.

Chima: "We just cannot get catty with other because that will be our downfall if that happens."
Michele is saying "yes' and nodding in approval at every word Chima says.

Chima's Russell bashing continues.

8:30pm BBT:
All feeds still on Michele/Chima talking about Russell.

(BB control room, can we PLEASE see something else? lol :P)

Chima said she will NOT vote for a guy to win BB11.
Chima then switches the topic to how Jeff doesn't really say anything when others approach him with game play.

Chima: "He'll just be like..'that's cool.'..ya know?"

8:47pm BBT:
Chima/Michele convo continues...

Michele said she's not gonna offer any game info to Jeff unless he offers game play to her first.
Chima: "That's smart game play!"

9:00pm BBT:

They boys are working out, mainly out of boredom.
Russell: "Seems like people are sleeping more & more. If you get 8 hours of sleep everynight, you'd feel perfect!"
Jeff: "Oh, I know! But you can't do that in here. You can't even go to bed early in here. And you don't get 8 hours of sleep in (the have not's room)."
Russell: "I can't believe (BB) allowed them to shut of the bedroom lights already."
Jeff: "People are sleeping? Right now??"
Russell: "Ya."

**Alrighty guys & gals, I'm done reporting the night, but I'll still be online moderating comments until I go to bed around 3am EST/12am BBT as I watch BB After Dark!! :-D

Stay tuned...

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