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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Overnighter

Goood morning/afternoon, BB fans across the land!! :D So sorry for the delay, my computer decided to do 33..yes 33..updates this morning, which took over an hour. lol (Gotta love technology! :P)

Okay, so today we have the Have/Have Not's Comp which should be in the early afternoon, then later on we'll have Nominations. Who will Michele put up?

Last night, I watched BB After Dark until it was over (surprised I didn't pass out sooner! lol) & I remember hearing Natalie/Chima/Lydia talking about how they think one of them might be going up, but that hopefully it's against Russell in the other seat.

Chima: "I know some people in the house might not believe this, but Michele has her own brain. She'll do what she wants as far as nominations. She has a plan already, I'm sure."

Alrighty, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll be right back!! :D

10:45pm BBT:
I covered this last night in the Evening post, but I didn't post pics. So here are pics of the 3 girls crying over Jessie's eviction.

12:55am BBT:
workout Room

Earlier in the night, Michele invited Kevin to talk to her whenever he wanted to and that the invite was always there (Kevin was napping in the Workout Room at the time). He said okay and thanked her. A couple hours later, their meeting was had.

Kevin starts off the meeting by throwing Russell under the bus.

Kevin: "I understand if you don't nominate [Russell] right now, due to the numbers, but don't forget that he (Russ) just yelled at you, called you horrible things, and it's going to air on tv."

Michele: "It's getting down to the point where we're gonna have to start evicting our friends. Before last night, I had a plan that if I won HOH, I'd put up Jessie, but now that's gone...I don't think anybody is gonna be happy with
me tomorrow, but.."(slight giggle)

Michele tells Kevin to not worry, he's not going up on the block this week.
Michele: "My intention is to not put you (Kev) on the block & I hope the POV doesn't get used so that I have to put up a replacement nominee. I'll be playing hard for the POV this week."

Michele asked Kevin to not use the POV if he were to win it, since she's sparing him this week from being nom'ed.

Michele continues to tell Kevin that he's safe this week.
Michele: "I like you Kevin, I think you're a good guy, you don't cause drama in the house."
Kevin: "I try not to."

Talk turns to how the the girls (Chima/Lydia/Nat) were all crying at the dinning room table & talking about how
much they'll miss Jessie.

"I had to the leave table."
Kevin: "I was thinking, umm Chima, he nominated you for eviction!"

**From this convo, it looks like Chima will be going up.

1:06am BBT:
Russell & Jordan said that they'd both sleep in the Have Not's room with Jeff. Jordan feels bad for him, and Russell said that Jeff had his back & he'll gladly sleep in there with the two of them.

1:25am BBT:
Pool Room

Jordan & Jeff talked about the moment when Jeff stood up as the Coup d'etat holder.

"I saw you stand up and I was like NOOO WAY! It was like a birthday surprise or Christmas when you don't expect anything but get it!"

Jeff asked Jordan if she thought anyone was going to use it. She thought he was standing up to make a joke but then he looked down and smiled at her. Jeff said he heard the others talking about how they control the jury votes with who wins the game. They already think they are going home and that's good. Jeff said that he had to make this move of getting Jessie out now, or he was gonna go home next. He goes on to tell Jordan that they HAVE TO win the next HOH and send home another member of 'Team Jessie'. At that point, they'll be able to control the votes.

Talk turns to how funny Lyd/Chi/Nat where when they were crying at the table & Jordan starts laughing. (lol)

1:25am BBT:
Workout Room

Their convo is now ending, and Michele tells Kevin that she doesn't like how Chima doesn't want a man to win the game. Michele said she doesn't like her (Chima) judging the winner based on race or gender.

**This next post is gonna seem small, but I think it speaks volumes as far as where Michele is currently aligned in the game.

1:30am BBT:
HOH Room

They finally have a sit-down meeting to repair their friendship (after Russell called her out in front of the whole house during the "house meeting", and called her crazy to her face.)

The ended up huggin' it out (as Russell called it. lol) All is good with the Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russell team now. (At least for this week, anyways. :P lol)

2:03am BBT:
HOH Room
Jordan joined Michele & Russell up in the HOH room. Jordan said that she'll spend the night in HOH with Michele. Michele says that Jeff/Jordan can spend the night up here once during her HOH week. Jordan says it's ok, but Michele says...

Michele: "It's a team win, and we can all use the room."

2:30am BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan & Michele are in the HOH Room. Jordan is going to spend the night up there. The Diary Room told Russ that he & Jordan couldn't sleep in the Have Not's room with Jeff, so Jeff spent the night alone in the Have Not's room.

Jordan & Michele talked until around 4am BBT. Here are some cliffnotes:
*Michele said she feels like she always had an unspoken alliance with Jeff/Jordan.
*Michele reveals that Chima is her target this week & noming Nat/Chima!
*Michele thinks Russ is a nice guy, but he lies alot in the game.
*They know Chima/Nat will attack Team Jeff for being nom'ed this week, and they will be ready for it.

Okie dokie, the Overnighter is now complete! Phewww, that was a long one! :P
Let's see what the HG's are up this morning!! (Starting a Morning/Afternoon post right now!)

Stay tuned...

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