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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Overnighter

Gooood morning, everyone! :-D I'm just now finishing up the Overnighter, so keep checking back (should be done before 10am BBT.)

Last night was probably the most uneventful night so far in the BB house. 'Team Jessie' spent all night in & out of the HOH room, talking about the same stuff they've been talking about for days: Who has the Coup d'etat, will they use it, we think Jeff has it, maybe we should put him up on the block to force him to use it (but then if he doesn't have it, it'll just piss him off & he'll gun for Chima), Chima is gonna "go off" during the live show if the power is used, etc etc.

Russell told Jeff that after he knows what's going on with the POV tomorrow, he'll give Jeff all the dates & info for the house (that could & will be useful in a future question comp.)
Jeff: "Well let's just see what happens tomorrow first."

Later on, a drunk Russell started to tell both Jordan & Jeff dates.
Russell: "Day 31..GO!"
Jeff: "I dunno, man!"
Russell: "ROnnies eviction. Day 26..GO!"
Jeff: "Cliques ended?"
Russell: "Yep!"

Jordan kept getting a couple of dates & events mixed up, but Russ remained coaching her. They practiced for about 20 minutes.

9:57pm BBT:

Jeff said that Jessie/Chima/Natalie all showed their cards when they said that if they didn't think that Jeff had the power, then they'd put him up on the block. So, just because they think he DOES have it, they're trying to be careful.

11:21pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Russell: (to J/J) "I'm not saying you're the wizard or you're the wizard, but if I stay and join you two, they (Team Jessie) would be shitting bricks!"

11:42pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Russll said that he'd backstab anybody (even Jeff & Jordan) to win the money. (Earlier, Russ said he wanted them 3 to be in the F3. Russ is still drunk at this point.)

1:07pm BBT:
Natalie told Jordan that if she was single, she'd wanna date Jessie.

Natalie: (screaming to Jordan) "You were right about one thing you said earlier, Jordan.
Jordan: "What?"
Natalie: "One of the things you said."
Jordan: *thinking* "If you weren't with your boyfriend, you'd date Jessie."
(Natalie smiles & nods her head.)
Jordan: "I knew it!"
Jeff: "Ya but don't you think your boyfriend is gonna get pissed now?" (for saying that)
Natalie: "I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING!!" *still grinning*
Jeff: "You just said that!"
Natalie: "I didn't say that, JORDAN said that! I didn't say anything!"
Jeff: "You just told her she was right, though!"
Natalie gets the giggles & smiles.
Jeff: "You're crazy!...You're gonna have some questions to answer when you get outta here."
Natalie: "Dude, I LOVE my boyfriend. But Jessie is a nice guy. A sweet guy."
Jeff: "Geez, why don't you marry him then?"
Natalie: "Why don't you marry Jordan?"

Jeff: "Wanna get married, Jordan?"
Jordan: "Ya Jeff."
Jeff: "F*ck, ya! We're engaged."
Natalie: "Am I invited to the wedding?"
Jeff: "We can't even pop champagne 'cause I can't drink it." (He's a Have Not this week.)
Jordan: "You better buy me a cute ring!"
Jeff: "A cute ring? Then one of us better win this f*ckin' competiton!"
(They all laugh.)
Jordan: "I want a square cut diamond, okay?"
Jeff: "Ya Jordan, you got it."
Jordan: "And you better put alot of thought into it!"
Jeff: (joking) "You'll be happy with what I get you!"

2:13am BBT:
Russell (alone)

Still drunk, and thinking he's going home, Russell is being hard on himself. He keeps saying "Sorry dad." and "F*ck" outloud, as he paces the backyard, only stopping to lean/sit against things to think.

Okie dokie, that's it for the Overnighter! ;-) I'm gonna make some breakfast & then I'll start the Morning/Early Afternoon post. Don't forget, today is the POV Ceremony & I'm expecting some fireworks sometime today (as promised from Russell)!

Stay tuned...

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