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Monday, August 10, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

It is the afternoon in the BB house already, and as you might have noticed, I didn't do a morning post because..well..nothing happened. lol :P Chima ate some yogurt, did some laundry, and the feeds showed Jeff & Russell sleeping.

Exciting, I know. ;-) hahaha!

As of 12pm BBT, everybody is still sleeping except Chima & Michele. (Jeff just got out of the Diary Room but he's probably gonna go back to bed.) As soon as there is something to report, I will definitely post it! :D

Currently on the feeds...

12:11pm BBT:
Kevin was just called to the Diary Room & BB called for the outside lockdown. I do believe the POV Ceremony will be starting very shortly!

12:13pm BBT:
Small DR leak from Kevin.
Kevin: "...frienships, alliances, partnerships..."

12:15pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Michele: (to Chima) "Is the POV gonna be used today?"
Chima: "I dunno. It doesn't matter, though." (since they're gunning for Russ.)

12:20pm BBT:
Feeds went to standby. I'm gonna call it & say that POV Ceremony is underway. Meet me back here @ 1pm BBT for the results! :D

The POV was:

**NOT USED by Kevin**

1:00pm BBT:
Chima/Kevin..then Lydia joins, & Jordan a few minutes later.

Chima is doing her hourly Russell bashing. (Gawd is it getting old!!) It's like she's a robot & saying the same things, over & over again..every 60 minutes. lol :P
Jordan: "Im annoyed (by Russell). VERY annoyed. Me & Jeff will talk & play games at night and then he'll come in & be like 'why don't we play a game: who can fall asleep the fastest.' And I was like, there's 4 other beds (in the Red Room)!"

Jordan now saying how Russell told her/Jeff that he (Russ) would backstab Jord/Jeff last night when he was drunk. Lydia said her 'Keep Me' speech will be very short...
Lydia: "Everybody, please evict this guy (Russ), so we can get on with the HOH comp."

Jeff was just in the kitchen...

..and is now in the backyard with Chima/Kevin/Jordan/Lydia.

They're all talking about the Have Not's room being very uncomfortable to sleep in.

Russell is inside eating by himself. Jessie is laying down in the Red Room. I haven't seen where Natalie & Michele are.

1:21pm BBT:
Outside convo turns to Michele's nightly sleep talking. She has a tendency to say "Mmm no!!!" and moan. lol

1:29pm BBT:
Chima/Kevin/Lydia/Jeff (is roaming)/Michele

Chima is complaining about how Jessie/Natalie are always in her HOH bed like it's theirs, and that she's only had 3 of privacy to herself so far. Talk turns to other various topics such as their wake-up songs.

Michele/Russ/Jeff are swimming & playing pool basketball.

Jordan is suntanning in the hammock.

1:43pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're saying that BB is calling Jeff into the Diary Room wayyyyy more often & it's obvious that he has it (based on that fact alone).

They go on to say that Jordan & Jeff are there to "make friends", and they wonder if Jordan even knows what she's doing in the BB house. They talk about how they can only use their alliances for so long, and how they don't think it's fair that Jessie/Natalie say they don't wanna go up on the block & threatning to "kick someones ass" if they nominate her.

Chima: "Well then I guess she'll just have to be mad because she's gonna go up at some point!"

**Is it just me? Or does it seem like Chima is getting irritated with Jessie/Natalie as of recently? Hmm.

2:20pm BBT:

Russ is making fun of "Chia Pet", and Lydia tells him to be nice.
Russell: "Why is it okay to say shit about me but I can never say shit about her?"

Jeff is roaming around the BY, Lydia tells him that he's allowed Gatorade & Jeff said that he took 1 sip by accident. Lydia mentions how Kevin got 1 more day of slop because of eating a grape. Jeff hopes he doesn't get a penalty for doing something totally unintentional.

2:28pm BBT:
Lydia & Jeff rummage through the garden to see what they can use to cook with, Jeff tells Lydia what he's already used.

2:51pm BBT:
All 4 feeds on Jeff/Russ/Lydia/Jordan tanning.

**I'm gonna take my mid-day break since nothing has been going on for a while now. Be back later with Afternoon: Part 2!! :D

Stay tuned...

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