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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

As of 12:00pm BBT, the only HG's up are Russell/Jordan/Michele/Chima/Jessie. It's a sllloooww moving day in the BB house. lol :P

Currently on the feeds...

12:05pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
Michele/Jordan (Russell passes through for a minute.)

Jordan was asking Michele about her job and if she ever gets attached to the lab rats.

Michele: "The important thing is to not name them."
Jordan: "Not name them?"
Michele: "Well ya, because then you can become attached."
Russell heads outside.
Jordan: "What is he doing?? Oh! I bet he's trying to catch a bug to through in the spider web."

12:10pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Jordan is talking about wanting another raft for the pool. Just random convo. Russ is very quiet.

12:16pm BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside."

Michele: "They're really tryin' to wake us up."

12:29pm BBT:
All houseguests are now outside..sleeping. lol Jordan is shaving her legs.

Jordan/Kevin are talking about being on slop & being a Have Not.

Jeff just confirmed that he got a penalty day of slop for having a sip of gatorade the other day.

Jeff: "So if I lose the Have Not comp again, I won't even have a chance to eat (real food)?"
Kevin: "Nope."
Jeff: "Well shit! I didn't complain about being on slop so far, but if that happens..." (laughs)

1:16pm BBT:
Oh my goodness..look! Natalie is wearing a bikini! lol

Why she hides her body with hidious mens clothing all the time, I'll never know.

Natalie & Jessie planning on swimming all afternoon.

1:19pm BBT:
Michele/Jordan are swimming. Jeff/Natalie are currently poolside w/ their feet in the water.

Hardly any talking is going on.
Chima is inside eating.

Jordan wants to cut Jeff's hair.

Jordan: "Come on, Jeff..let me cut your hair!"
Jeff: "No! You're gonna screw it up."
Jordan: "Have a little faith, Jeff."
Jeff: "Fine! You can cut it, but I know exactly what's gonna happen. You're gonna say 'Oohh it'll grow back!' after you f*ck it up." (lol)

Jeff/Natalie are now playing badminton.

Natalie is terrible at, so Jeff tries to teach her...

Eventually she gives up, and now Jeff/Russell are playing.

Jessie just joined everybody outside.

Natalie is helping Jessie put on some tanning lotion.

**Okie dokie, guys & gals..I'm gonna take my mid-day break as the HG's have fun in the sun & enjoy each others company. :D I'll be back with the Afternoon: Part 2 in a bit!!

Stay tuned...

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