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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Evening in the BB House

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!! What a SHOW!! :-D When Jeff stood up and said "Welcome to the Party", that got my blood pumpin'! ;-) lol It's GAME ON, now!!!

At 6:06pm BBT, the feeds came back on. Let's see what the HG's are up!

Currently on the live feeds...

6:20pm BBT:

Backyard Couches
Kevin/Russell/Jordan/Jeff (Michele just went inside.)

Convo is non-game related at the time. They're talking how tired they are from BB waking them up so early.

Jeff: "Dude, they woke us up at like 6:30am!"

Chima/Lydia/Natalie are inside.

**Is this an indication of the sides of the house, now? Hmm!!!

6:25pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Jordan/Kevin on the couches, Russell/Jeff are about to play a game of pool.

Jeff is talking about how Nataie was like "Umm uhh uhh hmm umm.." when Julie was asking her questions. lol

6:36pm BBT:
Chima/Natalie/Lydia are now outside.

Natalie/Lydia are acting like their best friends now as they play badminton.

6:50pm BBT:
Kevin is wondering why Jessie never hugged him goodbye, and instead put his hand up in face.

Natalie said she doesn't think he was trying to be rude. Kevin said he doesn't forgive for stuff like that. Kevin goes on to say that Jessie's diss means that he was playing him the whole time.

Jeff was smoking nearby.

7:13pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

The girls are making bracelets with a kit that BB gave them.

Jeff walks in.

Michele: "Heyyy, wanna make bracelets with us?" (laughs)

Meanwhile, outside...
Chima/Kevin think Michele might put up Natailie, so they're trying to come up with a plan for Natalie to kiss Michele's butt this week.

7:22pm BBT:
Main Bathroom
Jeff: "I'm ready for some HOH time. I'd make bracelts up in there!"
Michele: "We're having a pool party this week (in the HOH room)."
Jeff: "Ya, I the tub. I'll jump in that bitch."

Russell walks in.

Jeff: "I gotta take a poo." (goes to the bathroom)
Jordan: "Okay, Jeff."

Jordan asked Russ if he thought he was goin' home this week.
Russell: "YA!! I thought since like Monday, that I was going home."

Chima/Lydia/Natalie apparently threatened production with quitting the show. So to basically shut'em up, they gave'em all extra beauty products.

7:29pm BBT:
Jordan: "They don't wanna be here, because Jessie's not here."

**The HG's are getting chinese food tonight for getting up so early & cooperating.
Chima just walked in the bathroom. Total tension.

**Sidenote: Russell's & Jeff's stuff was messed with by Lydia/Natalie earlier.

Natalie & Lydia are packing up all of Jessie's stuff.

8:30pm BBT:
Michele just got her HOH room!!

Chima warned Michele that no people that don't even like her, will be kissing her ass.

Chima: "Just so you know. I wanted you to know that."
(awkward silence)
Everybody leaves. Chima says she wants to talk to her alone.
Jeff: "Alright, Michele...I'll be back up to listen to your Weezer CD!"

Chima/Michele remain.

Natalie just entered.
Natalie: "I give you my word, you are not my target."
Natalie & Chima start throwing Russell under the bus, making him the target instead of them.

Chima & Natalie are telling Michele that Russell will go where the numbers in the house are. (Basically, everything that Chima has been saying the past week, she's saying again, with Natalie as her sidekick this time.)

Natalie: "If you scratch my back, you damn well better be sure I'll scratch you're back, too! I'm loyal, and I'm only aligned with Chima. That's it. You are the HOH, and I will vote the way you want me to. Sleep on it, let me know what you think. All I can give in this game is my word."
Chima: "And I don't have any deals with anybody (except Natalie)."

The chinese food & beauty bribs...errr..products just arrived. Chima got the lotion & ped egg. (Didn't hear what the others got over her cackle.)

9:13pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jeff & Jordan are talking about how bitchy Chima is & that production is sick of her as well.

Jeff: "How can she go through life with so much anger? She bitches about EVERYTHING!!"
Jordan: "You know why she's probably single? Because of her bitchy attititude."
Jeff: "Dude, there's people that would DIE to come in here & play this game. She seems like she has better things to do. Then go do them, ya know?!"
Jordan: "I'm so sick of hearing her loud mouth."
Jeff: "People behind these walls (production) can't wait to get rid of her! I know they can't!!

Russell comes out.
They all talk about how they're acting like Jessie dead. (They poured wine out and dedicated it to him.)

Jeff: "The man's not dead!! This is a game! F*ck, man. This is how [Nat/Chima/Lyd] are gonna act??? Like 12 yr olds?? How can you go through life like that!"
Russell: "I don't get it. Natalie & Lydia are at each others throats, now they're best friends???"
Jeff: "Dude...they're gonna keep goin' until they get a rise out of me. They're making fools outta themselves. They can do what they want with their lives. I don't care. I made a move, the right move, and that's all there is to it."

Russell just told Jeff that if they're on the block, and Russ wins POV, he'd take Jeff off as a 'thank you'.

Russell: "I'd rather see you, Jordan, or Michele win. I will do everything to make sure they won't win! I would not go to the Finale (if Lydia/Chima/Kev/Nat won). Chima is the most hateful person I've ever met!"

Jeff: "I feel bad for her, for real. So much hate. It's just a game."

Jeff says what we're all thinking....
Jeff: "These people don't even wanna f*ckin' be there. Then GO HOME!!"

Talk turns to what the Have/Have Not's comp will be tomorrow.

Then they start thinking of when the next endurance comp will be, Jeff brings up Double Eviction.
Jeff: "The double elimination will be soon. Might even be this week!"

10:00pm BBT:
Dinning Table

The girls are crying..yes, crying!..over Jessie being gone. (Jeff was right, they're acting as if he died.) They shared memories of him, Chima said he really liked Natalie (that made Lydia a little more depressed I think lol), and said things like he'll be missed. (Feed watchers & BB After Dark watchers...Please tell me that I wasn't the only one laughing during this! lol :P)

***Alrighty all you lovely guys & dolls, it's 10:10pm BBT (after midnight where I am), so I'm outta here for the night!! I'm gonna watch the feeds for a little bit longer, then go to bed. Meet me back here in the morning for the Overnighter! :-D G'dnight, ya'll!

Stay tuned...

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