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Monday, August 10, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (Part 2)

Since my last post, nothing has happened..except Jordan trying to cut a pineapple with one of the plastic knives that BB gave them & that didn't really go very well. LOL :P Okie dokie, let's dive right into the 2nd part of the afternoon! :-D

Currently on the feeds...

4:00pm BBT:
HOH Room

The girls talk about everything from Russell "going home" this week, to how they think that Ronnie should have been in the jury house over Russell. They also talked about the whole 'girls to the end' thing, and Lydia said that even though Natalie said she'd get Jessie out of the house, they (Lyd/Chima) don't think she would & even say that Jessie would get rid of Natalie if he had to.

BB: "Chima, please go to the diary room."
Meeting is over. Chima gets camera-ready for her diary room session, Lydia heads downstairs.

4:24pm BBT:
All 4 feeds on Lydia on one of the BY couches alone.

4:29pm BBT:
Russell is sleeping on the hammock.

Lydia is just went inside where Jordan is ridding the fridge of expired food.

Lydia just found a big raft (for the pool) in the storage room.
Lydia: "Ooo! I'm gonna have to blow it up."
Lydia heads outside to pick veggies from the garden.

4:43pm BBT:
Jordan is still cleaning out the fridge. :P Lydia complained about hearing production behind the walls, Jordan said she doesn't hear them all the time.

5:12pm BBT:
All feeds are still on Jordan fussin' in the kitchen.

5:29pm BBT:
Jordan just got called into the Diary Room. Chima just got done with her HOH blog (I'll let ya'll know when that's been posted), and also posting to Twitter (which can be read by clicking on #2 below! :) )

Chima is up in her HOH room alone, while all other HG's (besides Jordan) are sleeping.

While we wait for the house to come alive....

1) Vote for the Have Not's Food for the week
2) Read Chima's Twitter Posts

6:19pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
Lydia/Jordan (Chima just came down from HOH.)

Random convo between the 3 girls. Before Chima came down from HOH, Jordan/Lydia were talking about Ronnie. Jordan said she thought it was funny when Ronnie offered a 2 person alliance with her.

Topic changes to Russell.
Jordan: "He's already got $20,000!"
Chima starts to talk about the money he'll get from also being in the Jury House, then we get fishies.

Feeds come back, Chima is asking Lydia about her tattoos, how much they cost, how long tattoos can take, etc.

6:30pm BBT:
Natalie/Jessie/Michele joined the girls in the kitchen.

Jessie & Natalie are surprised at what time it is & that they slept so long. lol

Jessie: "I thought it was 2:30pm! I was gonna jump in the pool."

6:49pm BBT:
Kevin has also just joined 'the land of the living'. ;-)

Everyone talking about getting tickets for driving without a seatbelt, jaywalking, or driving too fast. Light hearted random convo all around. :)

Russell is still passed out in the hammock in the backyard. Jeff is also still sleeping.

Stay tuned...

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