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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Overnighter

Good morning, everybody!! Hope your Tuesday is going well for ya so far. I've already started the Overnighter, and it should be done shortly (just gotta get the screenshots from last night ready.)

The house is in the 'calm before the storm' phase...with Thursday being "storm day" in the BB house. On Thursday nights live show & after the show, is when shit will hit the fan & it will be a whole new game if Jeff does in fact use the Coup d'etat!

Last night, Jessie yet again got a clear vision of fate in the game. He thinks Jeff has the wizard power & that he's gonna use it to put up him & Natalie, with Jessie being the one sent packin' to the Jury House.

In other news...
Chima was telling Lydia last night that if Jeff does have the CDT, she doesn't think he'll use it because Russ is such a big competitor and he might want him gone. She goes on to say that she hopes they get to know what the 'wizard power' is, if it ends up not being used. (The HG's don't know it's the Coup d'etat, but Ronnie said that he thinks it is.) Chima again, for the hundreth time, says she'll "go off" during the live show if the 'wizard power' is used.

On the topic of 'Team Girls' (Chima's plan to get all the guys out of the house), Chima told Lydia that Jordan will only be part of the team if Jeff is gone first.

And one more Chima related topic: Chima said that the Diary Room has been trying to talk her out of blowing up on Thursday's live show if the CDT is used.

10:40pm BBT:
Pool Table

Russell is talking to Jessie, per Jeff's encouragement, to try to get votes to stay. Russell uses the whole "Us guys need to stick together, the girls want us out!" plan. Jessie's not buying it, and instead, reminds Russell that his own fate in this game is a direct effect of his own actions.

Jessie: "It was a kick in the teeth not picking me the veto. Instead, you picked Jeff."
Russell: "I thought he'd play hard for it."
Jessie: "And I wouldn't?"

Russell pitches the guys vs girls plan again.

Jessie: "That's what you're offering me right now?"
Russell: "If I leave, you & Jeff are next!"
Jessie: "You made the decision (for you to leave), not me."

Jessie tells Russell that he has proved his loyalty, and it's obviously to Jeff. Jess eventually told Russell that he needs to talk to Jeff before he will go along with the plan to keep Russell, but I think that was more of a way for him to the end conversation.

11:39pm BBT
Kitchen/Dinning Area

Since the HG's were bored, BB gave them all some Play-doh. Lydia started to make the HG's out of play-doh.

This is Chima:

Chima complained that her boobs are up to her chin & that her lips are bigger than her boobs. lol

11:50pm BBT:
Even Jeff got into the play-doh fun and tried his hand at being crafty. The result? He's actually really good! lol Jeff made a play-doh hat to match one of his hats he wears all the time:

He couldn't believe how much it looks like his own hat & was very proud himself.

Nothing much happened from this point on. Jeff/Jordan spent alot of time bonding/talking in bed & Jeff even tried to make a move on her (kiss) but Jordan said she can't because of her family watching. But they still had alot of cute & funny moments. At one point while Jordan was giving Jeff a back scratch, he took her hand & placed it on his butt and farted on it. lol *sigh* A match made in heaven. ;-) lol

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter!! As soon as the HG's wake up, I'll start the morning post (or Afternoon post if they wake up late again.)

Stay tuned...

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