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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

As of 11:30am BBT, the HG's (minus Russ/Chima) are sleeping inside. Jordan is sleeping in the hammock outside. BB already attempted to wake up the HG's over the loud speakers & also by calling an outside lockdown. Didn't really work too well, though. lol :P

Today, Chima will get her HOH camera, so we can expect some pictures being taken later on this afternoon. I'm gonna start the afternoon post now & skip the morning post since there wasn't anything to report.

Currently on the feeds...

11:30am BBT:
Jordan is sleeping in the hammock...

...and Russell is floating around in the pool.

11:33am BBT:
BB: "Jordan, please go to the Diary Room."

Chima is upstairs in the HOH room getting ready for the day.

11:35am BBT:
All 4 feeds still on Russell in the pool, and Chima getting ready for the day.

12:05pm BBT:
The HG's are now on inside lockdown.
Russell is at the dinning table, alone, eating.

Chima is upstairs making her bed.

**I must keep reminding myself...This is the calm before the storm, this is the calm before the storm, this is the calm before the storm.

12:36pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
Chima/Jeff (Michele passed through for a brief minute.)

Chima is telling Jeff how funny he is. Jeff said he would love to try to be a comedian.

Jeff says he would love to take classes for improv. He's dead serious about trying out the comedian profession.

Chima: "I'm not tryin' to kiss you ass or anything, but you should really be a comedian!! The things you say..they're off-the-wall!"
Jeff: "I've always wanted to try that! And if I was on stage and they said 'You suck!' I would be like 'Ya? Well YOU suck!!'. Give that shit right back to them."
(Chima laughs)

Michele enters.

Talk turns to about weight. Jeff tells Michele that she lost alot of weight.
Jeff: "I keep forgetting, this is your 3rd week on slop, huh?"
Michele: "Ya."
Jeff: "You lost alot of weight! You didn't look bad comin' into the house, but.."
Michele: "This is the weight I wanna be at."

Jeff says he's curious to how much weight he has lost, so Chima gives him the key to the HOH room so he can go weigh himself in the HOH bathroom. Jeff comes back downstairs, he's lost 7 pounds since entering the house.

12:48pm BBT:

Jordan is now in the kitchen as well. She says that she's gained weight since being in the house.
Jordan: "It's all that cookie dough. But I've been doing REALLY well with no eating it lately!"
Jeff: "Ya, you have! Good job, Jordan! You've been eating really good (healthy) lately."

Lydia joins.

Lydia is telling them about her & Natalie wrestling really late last night (3:30am BBT), and how Natalie said that Lydia was "growing on her" and she likes Lydia now. Lydia said during their wrestling around, Lydia's arm was in between Natalie's crotch, and she grabbed one of her boobs, all while Jessie looked on.

Kevin enters. (Looks like the HG's are comin' alive! YAYY!! :D lol)

1:01pm BBT:
*Russell is in the shower.
*Lydia is eating slop breakfast.
*Michele/Chima are talking about school (high school & college.)

1:07pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Jordan is telling Kevin that she loooves watching Kevin dance because he's "so funny!". Lydia imitates Kevin's signature move (shoulders moving up & down) and they all laugh.
Jordan: "(BB) used to play 3 songs in the morning, now they cut it down to just 1."
Chima: "They played 7 songs that one morning!"

**There's a rumor swirling around that tomorrow's live show might not be live due to Chima's 'going off' threats. We will know for sure tomorrow if the live feeds shut off much earlier than expected!

Rumor Update:
It seems that filming, which is normally at 2:30pm BBT for the live show, is now set for 11:30am. Tommorrows 'live' show will be tape.

1:16pm BBT:
Random chatter continues in the kitchen.
Jordan is laying down on her bed with her eyes open.

2:20pm BBT:
The house is very quiet.
2 feeds are showing Lydia & Natalie sleeping on the Workout Room couch, and the other 2 feeds are showing Jessie cooking bacon in the kitchen. Jordan is keeping herself busy by cleaning the house.

The HG's are still on lockdown & that's causing Jordan to think that tomorrows HOH comp might be an endurance comp. Even though I would looooooove for tomorrows HOH comp to be endurance, I don't think it will be. I'll keep my fingers crossed though! :D

**If you're bored & wanna watch something funny, check out this Big Brother deleted scene of Natalie's Funk from not showering for a week: Natalie's Funky Smell

2:42pm BBT:
HOH Lockdown is now over.
Chima just got her HOH camera, but only Jordan/Jessie/Chima are awake.
Natalie just woke up after Chima took her picture as she was sleeping.

Time for HOH Pics!! :D


Lydia posing outside.

This is my favorite one: Kevin/Lydia doing a Coppertone inspired pose! (Super cute!)

3:00pm BBT:

Jessie is saying that he thinks he's going home tomorrow, Natalie tells him to stop saying that & that he's not going home.
Jessie: "You don't know what it feels like (to get evicted), so.."

HOH Pics continue!

Chima: "Jeff, I wanna get a pic of you & Jordan!"
Jeff: "Making out??"
Chima: "Nooo!!"
Natalie: "YES!"
Jeff: "I'm down for a boob grab."

The HG's (minus Russell, who is swimming) are having a BLAST with pictures, it's really enjoyable to watch!! :D They're all laughing, goofing around, etc. I can't wait to see the pics when they're uploaded to!!

**I posted this about half way through this post, but I want to post it down here as well: Apparently ticket holders for tomorrows live show are being told to now show up at 11:30am, instead of 2:30pm for the "taping" of the live show. Looks like tomorrows show will in fact *not* be live.

Stay tuned...

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