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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Overnighter

Before I even START the Overnighter, I want to make an announcement...

Chima Quit Big Brother Last Night!!!

Chima is no longer part of the show, and further more, she is *NOT* a part of the jury!!! I'll be back with MUCH MORE info, so hang tight!!!! (Yayyy for the Flashback Feeds so I can see everything that happened! lol)

**I was up reporting until 10pm BBT last night, so if you haven't yet read the evening post, I urge you to read it! :)

11:52pm BBT:
Earlier in the day, Lydia threatened to put red M&M's in Michele's drink because she is allergic to red dye, DR just asked Nat if she did it. (She didn't.) ***That's nice. Try to poison a HG. Wow.

12:21am BBT:
Chima hid Russell's hat in the Have Not's room.

12:29am BBT:Chima said to not refer to her as the 5th HOH of BB.
She said "Refer to me as the 6th nominee to be evicted. Thanks to production"
She then gives the finger to the camera.

1:13am BBT:
Feeds go to fishies!!

2:43am BBT:
Feeds come back briefly, Natalie is talking Allison Grodner (apparantly she was in the house last night.)

2:51am BBT:
This is when the feed watchers realize that Chima is GONE!!

2:54am BBT:
Jeff said "they" [producers] mentioned someone else on the block, so he hopes its a double eviction week.

2:52am BBT:
Jeff: "I wonder what will happen tomorrow."
Russell: "They'll make it fun, to liven things up."
Jeff: "Put someone else on the block. Make it a double eviction."

Jordan complimented Chima's skin and how young it looked.
Jordan: "She didn't even have like any wrinkles! I always thought she looked 25 (years old)."
Russell: "Nooo...she looks older than that."

They say they want Natalie out to change Lydia's mood.

Russ: We will have to replace the juror
Michele: No we dont
Russ: We'll have America vote

Russell confirms that Chima will *NOT* be in the jury house. Possible that America will be the needed jury vote.

Jeff: "And then there were seven."
Jeff walks over to the Memory Wall.
Jeff: "Are they gonna make her picture black & white, or..?"

3:43am BBT:
Michele said that Natalie is now her target.
Russell & Michele then made a Final 2 deal with each other.

4:02am BBT:
Jeff & Jordan talk about Chima.

Jeff: "I think she needs to talk. I think she needs some help for real. She's got a lot of anger."
Jordan: "She's pretty."
Jeff: "No she's not. The ugly inside makes her ugly outside."
Jordan: "Maybe she's bipolar. Maybe she'll get help."
Jeff: "She has to want it, though."
Jordan: "I feel sorry for her."

4:08am BBT:
Jeff confirmed that Chima "quit", not booted.

4:12am BBT:Jordan and Jeff talk about Russell and when they should get him out. Jeff said that he would like to wait one more week then see if Russell can go then. They both know he was the shady vote for Jessie to stay, and they wonder why he admitted it to Michele but not them (Jeff/Jordan).

Jordan said Russell/Michele are out talking in the kitchen. She says that Russ is working Michele really hard, and maybe they are making a Final 2 deal. Jeff says if they are, then hopefully Michele will tell Jordan later. Jordan said she will ask her (Michele) what they talked about. Michele comes in. They invite her to talk. She goes upstairs to change while Jeff goes to the bathroom.

4:20am BBT:
Natalie said that Chima didn't want to go home or she would have packed her bags. Lydia said "Naw, she wanted to be dramatic, she was satisfied with things."

4:18am BBT:
Lydia: "I can't believe she (Chima) threw that microphone in the jacuzzi".
Natalie: "That was huge."

4:21am BBT:
Natalie: "They cut the live feeds obviously, when Allison (Grodner, BB producer)...."

4:31am BBT:They mention how it's 4:30am & Jeff said he doesn't think they will have a POV comp today (Saturday) because BB would have told them to go to bed sooner the night before.

5:02am BBT:

All HG's sleeping.

Okay, let me get some breakfast in my belly, I'll add a couple of pics, then start the morning post!!

Stay tuned...

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