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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Night's Eviction/Coup d'etat/HOH

Hello, ladies & gents! Tonight we will finally see if Jeff will use the Coup d'etat (I'm almost 100% positive he will), who will he put up on the block (Jessie/Natalie most likely), and Chima's priceless reaction! ;-)

The HG's seem to think that tonight's HOH Comp is an endurance comp! :D We will know about 10 minutes before the show ends tonight on CBS.

See you back here when the show starts!!
***It's almost time!!!

8:00pm EST:
Show has started!!!! :-D

I'll be here to report if the Coup d'etat was used and who is the new HOH!!!

The Coup D'etat was:


Chima & Jeff can BOTH compete in the HOH comp tonight.
Jeff saves Lydia. REPLACED WITH NATALIE!!!!
Jeff saves Russell. REPLACED WITH JESSIE!!!!!

**Chima did not flip out. (yet. lol)

Voting begins...
(Jeff/Chima cannot vote.)

Lydia votes to evict....Natalie.
Jordan votes to evict...Jessie.
Kevin votes to evict...Jessie.
Michele votes to evict...Jessie.
Russell votes to evict...Natalie.

Evicted from the BB house is:


*Bye bye, Jessie! ;-) lol

(Jessie didn't hug Jordan, Jeff, and Kevin goodbye.)

Jessie to Julie Chen: "It was [Jeff's] best game move [to get me out]. It really was."

I cannot wait to see the live feeds tonight!!! :D

The HOH comp is a question comp, time to play!!

Lydia is eliminated.
Russell is eliminated.
Natalie is eliminated.
Jordan is eliminated.
Chima is eliminated.
Jeff is eliminated.
Kevin is eliminated.

The New HOH is:



Stay tuned...

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