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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Review I feel sooooo freakin' relaxed from having some much needed time off! Thank you to the fans of the blog that wished me a nice day off..I really appreciate it!! :D

Okay, let's get right into what happened this afternoon while I was away. I'm going to start with the most shocking piece of info first:

Chima wants Russell out...Chima knows the if the Coupe d'etat is used, then Russell might not leave. The answer to her little problem? To provoke him to the point of getting him to hit/push her in some way that will get him evicted. Chima is totally motovated to getting Russell out of the house, no matter how it's done!

Moving right along...
Around 1:40pm BBT, Chima/Russell had a little bit of a fight. Chima called him a "terrorist" over & over again, Russell called her a racist. (Definitley watch that on the Flashback Feeds!!)

And here are some cliffnotes:
*The "Haves" had their movie day today.
*Jeff trimmed Jessies hair
*Chima/Natalie both talked about getting Jeff out of the house before Jordan.
*Lydia told Kevin that her/Jessie cuddled this morning.
*Russell is now calling Chima "Chia Pet".
*Russell told Lydia that Kevin is using her & the girls in the house. (He's still trying to cause friction between Kev/Lyd.)
*Lydia told Kevin about her convo w/ Russell.
*Russell told Lydia to think of the prize money first, "friends" second.

And last, but not least...
Jessie: (about Russell) "He's trying to be the villian that everyone hates so that everyone will wanna keep him to the end for the Final 2."

This pretty much sums up the whole day. (I guess I picked the right day to take off. lol ;-) )

Okie dokie, now I'm gonna open up the evening post, so hang tight!! :-D

EDIT: As of 8:53pm BBT (11:53pm EST), all 4 feeds are on Russell shooting pool by himself. I'm gonna take this time to watch tonight's episode that I recorded. When that's done, I'll post the Evening post! ;-)

#2 EDIT: At 9:39pm BBT, the house is still pretty calm. Russell/Kevin are talking outside on the backyard couches about Lydia/Kevin's friendship, as Russell is telling Kevin that the whole Chima/Russ thing is just between them...that Russ doesn't care if Chima talks to people, but Chima wants Russ to be ignored. Jeff is outside listening to all of this.

I'm gonna go watch BB: After Dark until I pass out & then I'll get the Overnighter up first thing in the morning!! :-D Don't forget, tomorrow is the POV Ceremony, and Russell said that he's gonna explode on people afterwards on the feeds. Will he? Or won't he? We shall see!! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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