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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Overnighter

Goooood morning, everybody!! :-D It's Wednesday and you know what that means...TOMORROW IS THE LIVE SHOW!!!! w00t w00t! ;-) I can't wait..can't wait..CAN'T WAIT for tomorrow's live show to see what all goes down. Jeff will most likely use the Coup d'etat to put up Natalie/Jessie side by side, and the live feeds are going to be nuts after the show is over!! Let the games begin! ;-) hehe

Alrighty, let me gather up the overnight happenings, and I'll be right back to post all the details!!

***Lawdy, there's alot of detailed convos from last night! lol Took me alot longer than usual to get the Overnighter ready.

From 10-12am, the HG's (except Russell who was sleeping) all played a question game that BB gave them.

It was only after the game was done, that game talk started.

11:52pm BBT:
Workout Room
Michele/Jeff (Jordan is in the pool room talking w/ Russell.)

If you guys & gals were wondering where Michele stands in the game, she *claims* it's Team Jeff.

Michele: "I'm being heavily recuited by their side (Team Jessie) but I'm not joining."

Talk turns to the 'wizard power'.

Michele asked Jeff if he would use the wizard power to eliminate someone if he had it.
Jeff: "F*ck yeah, I would use it!"

Jordan joins them around 12am BBT.

11:55pm BBT:
Pool Room

Jordan went into the Pool Room upon Russell's request to talk.
Russell, who thinks he's going home, asked Jordan for her vote. She said she doesn't know because the other night when Russ was drunk, he said he would backstab anybody in the game to get the prize money.

Russell: "I was talking about when it go down to the Final 3, not right now. Right now, I wanna work with you & Jeff."

Russ goes on to say that Team Jessie is weak now without Ronnie & Russell on their side, and if they can get out Jessie sometime soon, it would make them even weaker. Russ tells Jeff to 'talk to Jeff'. Jordan says she will.

2:15am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jeff is preparing Jordan for his upcoming actions (of using the Coup d'etat to nominate Jessie & hopefully get Jessie out.) He explains to Jordan why it would benefit them (Jeff/Jord) if Russell stayed right now.

Jeff: "He'd be hell bent to get the others out, and they would want him out too."
Jordan: "I just don't think Russell would be loyal to us, that's all."
Jeff: "Well, then I'd stab'em in the back!"

Jeff then talks about what he's planning on doing Thursday, in a round-about way.

Jordan: "If there was a chance to save Russell, I think he'd probably end up winning."
Jeff: "Winning what?"
Jordan: "The game!!"
Jeff: "If we kept Russell, this..this is not gonna happen, because we can't, but if Russell stayed, and next week Jessie goes home, by some chance I won HOH next week, who do you think they're gonna want out of here? They're gonna want Russell outta here! So Jessie's already gone. And Russell is gonna want Chima out. They're gonna knock each other out. Chima filled (the girls') heads with this "I want all girls" shit..who the f*ck is she? What is she gonna win? She got lucky (this week)."

Jordan: "Russell told me that Natalie is giving him a sympathy vote."
Jeff: "Well if she does, then we have the votes (to keep Russ). When you talk to Russell, just be like yes you have our vote."
Jordan: "He was like 'talk to Jeff, just talk to Jeff.'"
Jeff: "First off, without Jessie..Natalie is nothing. Without Jessie, they have noooo f*cking power. They'll be...they'll shit!"

Jeff goes on to say that he doesn't "give a f*ck what Chima wants" (as far as the girl alliance that she's pushing for), and that he (Jeff) will get rid of Michele "down the line" but he needs her right now. He knows that Michele is playing both sides of the house & Jeff is just acting like he's on her side.

"She's always trying to get information from me. Who are you gonna put up? and I tell her 'I'll tell you when I get HOH.'".

**So it looks like Jeff will indeed use the 'wizard power' (Coup d'etat) tomorrow to put up Jessie & most likely Natalie as well, with Jessie being the target to get out.

Jordan: "If we could just knock out..knock out Jessie, we'd be good!"
Jeff: "If Jessie was gone, the house would be ours."

And last, but not least...

Jessie said that he's gonna call Russell out (during their HOH lockdown tomorrow) for asking him (Jess) to get Jeff put up this week. This is an attempt on Jessie's part to get Jeff to *not* use the 'wizard power', if he does have it. (Jeff will use it anyways, I'm sure.)

And that's it for the Overnighter! ;-) Now let's see if the HG's are up & what they're up to. I'm starting a morning post right now!!

Stay tuned...

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