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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Overnighter

Goood morning/afternoon!!! :D I'm just now starting to finish up the overnighter, so keep checking back. Nothing much happened, but it's still gonna be a long enough post that has details, so it's gonna take me a little bit to get it done.

While you're waiting...
Alot of you asked what was said between Jessie/Russell yesterday in the Storage Room. So I used the Flashback feature on the feeds to get the convo. Alot of it I couldn't hear because either Jessie was whispering too low, they talked over each other, or they were messing with thier mics causing static sounds. But here's what I was able to pull from it...

Russell: "Your only ticket is if you lobby for the other side by saying listen, Russell has noone on his side right now, there's no point in taking him out. Noone wants him here. He's not gonna win next week. let's take this time to get out someone else. you see where I'm comin' from?"
Jessie: ...(mumbles, can't hear) ..I dunno, dude.
Russell: "You gotta be persuasive enough..If I'm out, it's pretty much...Jeff is gunnin for you, all the girls are gunnin for you, including Kevin. To win the money, you gotta keep me here, because I'm the bad guy.
Jessie: "I understand, I understand."
Russell: "Even if you have to f'king slander me, whatever! You gotta pull off a good acting job."
Jessie: "'m in no position to bargain with anybody! I don't even know what (Chima) is thinking."

Then, as I posted yesterday, Jessie talked to himself after Russell left & basically said there's no way he's pullin' for Russell to stay after he f*cked him over twice already.

Okay, now let me get the O.R. for ya! ;-)

Last night, Russell told Lydia (when they were outside talking) that he has an "epic speech" prepared for Thursday night, and that he's going to go off on everybody on Monday after the POV Ceremony. Basically, in his mind, he's going home. Why not stir up some shit.

9:40pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Jessie tells Jeff that Russell pulled him (Jess) into the Storage Room (he made it very clear that it was Russell that "pulled" him into the Storage Room because Jessie told Natalie earlier that he thought Jeff caught Russ/Jess coming out of the storage room.)

Jessie: "He said...'you need to make sure Jeff goes up because I feel like my odds against Jeff are alot better becuase I know I have you two (Nat/Jess). Russell is pinning us up against each other, when me & Natalie have your best interest in mind. We've never fought wiht you or Jordan."
Jeff: "I got it, man."

Jessie continues to tell Jeff that Russell is pinning Jordan/Jeff against Natalie/Jessie. (Later on, he tells Jordan the same thing up in the HOH room.)

10:15pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie/Jordan (Natalie/Chima are there as well.)

Jessie is telling Jordan that Russell is trying to get Jeff/Jordan against Natalie/Jessie. Jessie tells Jordan
that he thinks he's going home from "some wizard power".

Jordan: "Who do you think it is?" (the 'wizard')
Jessie: "I dunno, Jordan." (Obviously not telling her he thinks its Jeff.)
Jordan: "I think it's Michele or Kevin. I do."

10:30pm BBT:
Workout Room

Kevin got pissed at Lydia for talking to Russell outside & telling him that Kevin won't be using the veto. Kevin didn't want information getting back to Russell, and he doesn't understand why Lydia is always throwing Kevin under the bus.

Kevin: "I'm the only person in this game that is looking out for you! And you keep f*cking me over, Lydia!"
Lydia: "Then I just won't talk to anyone."
Kevin: "Then you go to the extreme, by saying you're not gonna talk to anyone. It's almost like you do the opposite of what you should be doing!"

Kevin yells at a few points during the convo, Lydia cries a couple of times, and they talk things out over the span of over an hour.

11:07pm BBT:
Main Bathroom

Russell tells Jessie that Kevin/Lydia are fighting because of him (Russ).
Jessie: "Why are they fighting??"
Russell: "Don't worry about it"
Jessie tells Russell that he's drunk and whatever he's telling him at that moment, to just tell him again tomorrow. (I just don't think Jessie really cared enough to talk to Russell.)

11:20am BBT:

J/J were talking about Russ being mean when he's drunk (which he was last night). Jeff said he can be mean, too, but he doesn't like to be so he'd rather just be alone during those times. This next part will melt the hearts of every Jeff fan out there! ;-)

Jeff: "Really, I could be around you alot and you would not get on my nerves. I'm like a moody person and you don't really bring that out in me."

Jordan: "Are you a moody person??"
Jeff: "I can be! That's why sometimes I just like to be alone, ya know? But then, like, when you come in (the room) I'm happier. You do more good...WAY WAY more good, than anything in here."

Jordan smiled...

...then said...

Jordan: "I accept it....what do you think about my camo pants & beer shirt?"
Jeff: "I LIKE IT! I bet you drive all the guys in your town wild with you wearing that. Because they'd be like 'Let's go huntin' and drink some beer! I love that girl!'" (lol)

Jeff then talks game. He said if "somehow" they can get Jessie out the house, then they could get Russell to their side, and it'd only really be Chima & Natalie against him (Jeff) in the house. He goes on to say that if Chima/Natalie get mad at 'Team Jeff', they'd just gun for Russell and get him out, but (Team Jeff) would be able to pick the other side of the house off, one by one. He tells Jordan that if it's Jeff/Jordan/Russell in the Final 3, to stab him in the back and get him out.

And this concludes your Overnighter! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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