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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, everybody!! :D I'm starting the evening post (instead of Afternoon: Part 2) because the feeds are currently on trivia & they won't be back until it's evening in the BB house.

Why are the feeds off? Well, it's because the HG's are getting a party, filled with alcohol, pizza, and even some music. What's the occasion? Big Brother is hosting a Congrats to the Final HG's and to marking them on the Jury! Also, it's to mark the half-way point in the game.

The downside? The feeds are gonna be off until around 8pm BBT (that's 11pm EST.)

Sidenote: At 4pm BBT, Russell talked to Jeff poolside about maybe making an alliance with Jessie. (Russell is trying to think of every angle to stay in the house...little does he know he's most likely not going anywhere.) Jeff said no & to think of something else, Russ said he doesn't have any other options. Jeff tells him to not give up hope. Russ said the only hope he has is if the mystery power is used in his favor.

Later on around 4:45pm BBT, Jessie went outside & talked to Jeff/Russell. He brings up the idea of banding together (Jess/Russ/Jeff) since Chima's been talking about wanting all girls in the house & take out the guys. Jeff tells Jessie that not all the girls in the house are on board for that, so it's not gonna happen.

At 6:00pm BBT, live feeds went to trivia & they should return at 8pm BBT. Blahhh. :P

Also, in case you haven't heard, tomorrows live show won't be's being taped. Sounds like the reasons for the switch is because of Chima's threats of 'going off' during the live show if the Coup d'etat is used. :*(

***Guys & Gals, there's an emergency that I have to tend to. I will be back before the eviction episode. Tomorrow morning, the HG's will be waking up early to get ready for the taped "live" show, and the feeds will most likely be off at 11:30am BB time until 6:00pm BB time. With the feeds being off for so long, I doubt we'll miss anything. As soon as I come back online, I'll make a new post.

(Don't worry, everyone is ok. There's just something that needs my immediate attention.)

I'll be right back with a couple of updates for ya...

Ok, just a few highlights...
* Russ & Michelle talking in the pool room. Russ trying to convince Michelle why it benefits her to keep him in the game. Jesse enters, and the fireworks begin!
Jesse interrupts Russell's game talk, Russell doesn't like that, and it hits the fan! The men get face to face, nose to nose and it looks like either one can will take a swing at the other at any second. Commercial. Back to feeds: Russell & Jesse are laughing???? They kinda broke the tension at some point, and began really talking about how each one turned on the other. More details later.

* Chima, Nat, Lydia, Kevin talking in the HOH room about various topics, one of them being faking the big "O"!!! LOL!!!
Chima: "Sometimes you gotta fake it just to get them off you."

* Jesse enters HOH, reporting about his incident with Russell.

* Russell alone in the pool room, depressed. (his words) He talks to America, saying his diet has been poor lately with pizza and candy, and he hasn't worked out.
Russell: "This is Russell at rock bottom."
He tells how he thinks Michelle (from production) is HOT!

* Jordan & Jeff cuddle. She tells him she likes him a little scruffy.

Ok, that's the highlights. I'll update on these and more tomorrow.
(can't wait, can't wait, CAN'T WAIT!!!! LOL!!!)

Stay tuned...

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