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Friday, August 14, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (+Food Comp Results)

Okay, so we now know that Michele is planning on nom'ing Chima/Nat today, which means that the feeds are going to be NUTS after the Nomination Ceremony takes place thi afternoon!! lol :P Princess Chima will not be too happy and if her actions in the past are any kind of indicator of what her reaction will be today, well...let's just say that I'll have a busy day. lol ;-)

At 10am BBT, the HG's were woken up.
Jordan/Jeff crawled in Jordan's bed in the Pool Room, where Jordan told Jeff about her convo with Michele last night in the HOH room. She tells him that Nat/Chima are going up on the block today.

The Have Not's Comp should starting soon!

Currently on the live feeds...

Michele came out & said it's time for the Have/Have Not's Comp. Feeds will be down for 1-2 hours most likely.

2:20pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

As we wait, check out Ross Mathews interviewing Jessie:

(Video not playing? click here!)

Okay, the feeds came back at 2:20pm BBT.

Sounds like it was a normal Food Comp?? They're saying nobody has to sleep in the Have Not's room anymore. Also, the HG's got a grill.

3:00pm BBT:
Okay, Jeff still can't eat until tonight at 9pm (remember, he's on a 1 day penalty for having a sip of Gatorade.) It looks like just Kevin/Lydia are on slop for the week.

Jeff is gonna marinate a steak until he can eat tonight, then he's gonna grill it.

3:01pm BBT:


Kevin: "I didn't think we'd be able to eat half of'em!"
(It was a food-eating comp...I'm guessing nasty stuff by what Jordan just said.)
Jordan: "After that fish, everything tasted like fish!"

I appears the have nots is a little different this week:
Some people are on slop, some on cold showers.
Nobody has to sleep in the Have Nots room anymore
*Kevin Cold showers
*Lydia Cold SHowers

The HG's had to compete for every day of the week for food as a team. They won every day except one, plus they won 2 out of 3 luxury prizes one of them being a BBQ.

(Thank you, IvanMaxim!!! I missed the first 20 mins of the feeds coming back, was a little hard to understand what happened. lol :P)

The dinning room table is now smaller.

3:23pm BBT:
HOH Room

Russ is complaining about "them" and how he can't stand to even "f*ckin' be around them. Jeff is getting irritated, too."
Michele: "It's getting cranky in here."
Russell: "Thanks Michele, for letting me shower up here."
Michele: "Oh you're welcome."

Russ leaves.

A Look Around the House @ 3:25pm BBT:


Chima just walked into the kitchen.

HOH Room:
Michele (alone)

Everybody else is off-camera.

3:40pm BBT:
Nobody really saying anything to anybody. Very quiet all around.

3:55pm BBT:

While we wait for the HG's to talk about something..ANYTHING..worth mentioning (they're all eating dinner right now), go ahead and check this website out:

If you have 8 minutes to spare, I HIGHLY recommend watching the video at the top-left of the's Casey watching his own eviction w/ commentary. It's hilarious!!! :D Definitely worth the watch!!

4:00pm BBT:
Red Room

Kevin just told Lydia that he can see himself going up on the block w/ Natalie.
Lydia: "There are spineless as*holes in this house." (Jeff/Jord/Mich/Russ)
Kevin said he's preparing himself for being on the block today. Lydia tells him it's not a good feeling.
Kevin: "The POV is kinda pointless this week..unless you're on the block. If you're on the block, definitely fight for it."

4:06pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele just told Natalie that she's going on the block & that she would have put Jessie up but now that he's gone, she's going up. Michele tells Natalie that there comes a point where you have to start putting people on the block that you didn't want to another time in the game.

Natalie: "Just so you know, you're going back on your word to me & Chima, so..."
Michele: "I don't want to send you home."
Natalie: "If I win the veto, I'm taking myself off!"
Michele: "That's fine!"
Natalie is fumbling for words...she's shaken up. Every other word is "ummm" & her voice is very shaky.

Natalie is telling Michele that she wants to see Russell next to her, and then she'd "trust" Michele that she doesn't want Natalie.
Natalie: "If Russell went home, you wouldn't make a single enemy in this house."

She's been Russell-bashing for a good 5 minutes now, trying to get him on the block. Michele is just listening..not really saying anything, which is making Natalie more & more uncomfortable.)

Natalie is trying HARD to not get nom'ed today.
Michele: "I'm sorry I'm going against my word (to you & Chima) but I don't have much to pick from (for nom's)."
Natalie: "You have Kevin, Russell, Lydia..."
Michele shakes her head, as if to say 'sorry, it is what it is.'

Natalie is now basically threating Michele that her & Jessie won't give their vote to "people that backstabbed" her or Jess.

Natalie starts on Russell bashing again.
Natalie: "Don't forget the things [Russ] has said to you! There's a level where it's game, and then there's a level that a person attacks who *you* are! And America is seeing that!"

Michele: "There's been people (aka Chima) that have said much worse, and done much worse. There's alot that people do in this house, and nobody is coming out clean, so.."
Natalie: "I can't speak for Chima, but she's always felt really close to you. She's always talked nice about you, and how she can trust you, and how you're good with us girls to the end...and you are definitley gonna be stabbing her in the back."

*DING's Chima ringing the doorbell to the HOH Room.*
Natalie leaves, Chima takes a seat.

4:23pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele: "You are not gonna like my nominations."
Chima: "I'm not? So Natalie is going up?"
Michele: "I can't say my nominations yet.."
Chima: "Russell?"
Michele: "No, I need him in this house so I can stay in this house."
Chima: "And you believe him?? He hates women!"

Chima is doing some major Russell bashing.

Michele looks unphased.

Chima is doing all the talking, Michele is listening & looking like she doesn't care what Chima is saying.

Chima reminds Michele that they hung on during the endurance comp just as long as the guys.
Chima: "We don't need men in this game, Michele! We are strong women! It could me and YOU to the end!"

Chima is now saying tha Russell is gonna just like Evel Dick...nobody has the balls to get him out & he's gonna end up winning the game.

4:44pm BBT:
Chima's Russell bashing still going on.

Chima: "I was serious when I said I wanted a woman to win! But Russell is gonna come after you if you don't get him out now! The women always fall for the men telling them all this bullsh*t!"

They hug, Chima says "Congrats on HOH, sweetie!"
Chima: "If Russell is still here next week, then I'll be the one to take him out!" (laughs)

Chima leaves.

4:53pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Michele just told Russell that she wants him gone & she's laughing about it.

Jeff is ranting about Chima not doing dishes & not being considerate about when she does laundry.

Jordan asked Michele if she's giving a speech during Nominations today, and she said she doesn't know. Russ said she might as well, because they're gonna continue to act like children anyways, and at least she'll be able to get her words in first.

Stay tuned...

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