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Friday, August 28, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (+Mystery Door!!)

A 2:42pm BBT, the live feeds came back! The Mystery of the HOH Door is now solved! It was a luxury comp, that could have some consequences.

2:42pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Natalie said "So it was $10,000 to split between the house, Kev?"
Jordan: (to Jeff) "How much do you think you grabbed?"
Jeff: "$1,000?"
Jordan: "Noo.."
Kevin: "I thought the money looked fake at first!"
Jordan: "I grabbed like 5 or 6 $100's. The pool filter had, like.."
Kevin: "That was so much fun!! They said once you make the choice to go in that door...someone grabbed my arm and I screamed like a little bitch! Then they handcuffed me."

It was the mystery door! Kevin said he heard something behind the door.
Kevin: "There's a whole room behind that door!!"

Kevin said that BB gave him a "choice".

Jeff is saying that Natalie was being greedy during the luxury comp. He also said something about "opening Pandora's box".

Natalie is out of the Diary Room.
Jeff: "What up, SNAKE?!"

Natalie: "That was $10 G's in the backyard??? Didn't look like it.."

They think something is still up & that Natalie knows something.

Jeff: "Something is still up."
Kevin: "We unlocked Pandora's box. We all picked Greed. We're screwed. Once you open it..."

The house goes back on lockdown.

Jordan: "I think there's more! KEVIN KNOWS!!!"
Kevin remains silent (but it does look like he knows. lol)

Natalie: "Jeff unlocked it, he should get the rath. I think we're reading too much into it, I think we're good."

Kevin: "That was sooo much fun!"

2:01pm BBT:
Kevin said he was locked in the mystery room, which was set up with mirrors and was "gold".

Jordan: " you were locked in there???"
Kevin: "Yeah!"

Jeff asked Natalie why she lied and said the HOH room was locked, she said she didn't and that she "swears" she saw production locking it.

Jeff & Jordan KNOW that Kevin knows "something is up".

Jeff: "HE KNOWS!! Somethin's up!"

Jeff is still mad that Natalie told Jeff "The HOH room is locked, don't go up there." Natalie keeps saying she DIDN'T lie.

Kevin: "That was awesome! It was RAINING money!"
Kevin said BB gave him the choice between a prize for himself, a prize for the whole house (money), or negative stuff for the whole house.

BB: "Kevin, please go to the Diary Room."

Everyone: "AHHH!!!!!!!!!" (They still think something is up.)

The Backyard opens up and....nothing. lol

Kevin goes up to his HOH room and sees nothing new.

He goes back downstairs.

3:44pm BBT:
Kitchen Counter

Kevin is asking Michele a bunch of hypothetical questions. (If she were to win hoh and/or the veto, and if Kevin/Nat were on the block, who would she save.) Kevin then gets to the point: he wants to know where her head is at.

Kevin: "I'm just trying to figure out what everybody is thinking."
Michele: "I really don't have any options, because (Russell is gone now.)"
Kevin: "I'm kind of in a pickle. I don't know what to do. I just wanna see where everyone's head is at and use that to make a decision."

Michele is making it clear to Kevin that she has cut all ties with Jeff and Jordan.

Natalie invites herself into the conversation & pulls up a seat.

Natalie just told Michele she thinks she (Michele) should go up. A lot of tension between the both of them. Natalie is 1 step away from unleashing all of her built-up anger for Michele to Michele.

Michele: "If I go home, I go home! I gotta go home at some point, so.."

3:59pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan: I wanted to talk to you because, I think I'm going up on the block. You made that deal with Jeff, so he's not going up."

Kevin: "You're not my target. And this week, the HOH will most likely decide who's going home. Just know that, if it come down to me , you're not going home. And I DO treat you as two separate people (Jeff & Jordan). So if I promise him something, that's for him."

**In other words, don't think I'd backstab you just because I'm doing it to Jeff today by nominating him.

Jeff enters the room. Him & Jordan do some Michele bashing for a few minutes, making sure that she's the target & not them (J/J).

Jordan leaves.

Jeff asks Kevin where his head is at, and that he (Jeff) fulfilled his end of the deal (to keep Kevin safe last week), and now it's his turn to return the favor (to not nominate Jeff and/or evict him.)

Kevin: "'re not gonna like what I'm about to say, but I do promise you that you are safe."

Kevin tells Jeff (in so many words) that him & Michele are going up on the block, but Michele is the target. Kevin said that it 'all comes down to numbers' at this point. Kevin tells Jeff that the POV is everything this week, and that the only way of getting screwed, is if Michele wins the POV.

Jeff: "Why wouldn't you honor your part of the deal?"
Kevin: "Because then I'd have to (trust) that you wouldn't vote out Natalie. I'm sorry Jeff, but I have to break that part of our deal!"

Jeff is not happy. At all.

Kevin said there will be 4 people trying to get the veto FOR Jeff, to ensure that Michele goes home. Kevin tells Jeff that Michele is aligned with him (Jeff) and Jeff says that's not true.

Kevin: "But she keeps giving you guys pieces of information."
Jeff: "But I don't tell her shit! I know she's coming after me!"
Kevin: "I'm really sorry Jeff, but it came down to numbers, nothing personal."

Jeff: "How can I trust that I'm safe, when you're going back on your deal and putting me up??"
Kevin: "True."

Kevin is still trying to convince Jeff that he's safe.
Kevin: "If I put my ONLY friend in this house on the block, America would laugh at me Jeff! They would laugh at me! Because it'd be a stupid move for me to do."
Jeff: "Okay, I guess I'll just have to win that POV."
Kevin: "I do understand if you don't trust me anymore."
Jeff: "I trust you man, what else do I have? No hard feelings, bro."

Jeff leaves.
Kevin: (to himself) "That was scary. Oh my gawd. I had to do it, though! Sorry. That was the right decision, right? Now I'm 2nd guessing myself. Ughh. I need Natalie!"

*Kevin leaves the HOH room & gets Michele.

4:27pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin: "I'm sorry Natalie interupted our conversation. Please don't see us as a duo." (Nat/Kev)

Kevin tells her he's having a hard time trusting her, etc etc.

Meanwhile, outside...

4:30pm BBT:

Jeff is pissed. Jordan is worried.

Jeff: "You better fight hard to win the POV! You gotta win if I don't win."
Jordan: "I wish (Kev) would just put me up instead. I'm sick to my stomach. I have a feeling if Kevin wins the POV, he's gonna backdoor you."
Jeff: "If I don't win, I don't give a f*ck what they do at that point."
Jordan: "You're pissed, huh."
Jeff: "Yeah I'm f*ckin' pissed! I could have went to the Final 4."

Jeff is PISSED. He's telling Jordan he doesn't want to hear any more scenarios, he wants to hear Jordan say that she'll win the pov tomorrow (if he doesn't win it).

4:53pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin is going over all of his meetings with Natalie, almost word for word.

**I'm gonna take a break to cook & eat some dinner. Nominations should be taking place soon, and at which that point, the feeds will go off for about an hour. I'll start the evening post when I get back! :D

Stay tuned...

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