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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Overnighter

Goood morning, everyone!! :D Today is the LIVE SHOW day, where either Russell or Natalie will be evicted. Following the eviction, the remaining houseguests (minus Jeff who is the current HOH) will then battle it out in an HOH Comp which is most likely an Endurance Comp!!! w00t w00t!! :D

Before I get to the Overnighter, I wanted to post a few pics of Jordan's chest-bump to Russell yesterday (since I didn't post it yesterday during the fight, it all happened so fast! lol)

Jordan speed walking up to Russell in the backyard.

...and the chest bump:

For the record, Russ was the one who started the fight yesterday. Jeff was smoking by the hot tub and Russell asked him "How long have you been a loser for?". Jeff didn't say anything for a few minutes & let Russ go on & on, then Jeff started to banter back with him.

Okay, let me get the Overnighter ready & I'll post it right here as I get it done.

**I'm gonna do a cliffnotes w/ pics version of the Overnighter (my coffee is not kicking in for some reason this morning. lol)

11:24pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele: "It'd be crazy for them (Kev/Nat) not to target Jeff next week." (because he's such a strong competitor.)
Jordan: "I'd be PISSED!"

11:59pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff told Jordan that she *has to win* this weeks HOH comp, and that if she sees signs of weakness from other players, to use that as strength to hold on because they'll fall soon after that.

Jordan: "Michelle said Natalie talked about getting the strongest player out next week. That would have to be you, Jeff."
Jeff: "Yeah, so then we have to get Kevin out next week. It will be 2 versus 2 in the HOH competition."

12:06am BBT
Jeff & Jordan's talk continues...
Jeff: "I hope Michele wins HoH so that she can't play the following week and we can drive a dagger through her back."

12:30am BBT:
Red Room

Natalie told Russ that they're putting up Jeff & Michele if they win, with Jeff as the target. Russ told Nat & Kev that Jeff threatening their families was against the rules, but Jeff got away with it.

Natalie & Kevin spent alot of time with Russell last night. Natalie told Kevin (when they were alone) that hopefully one of them will get Russell's jury vote if they end up in the Final 2.

**They're getting away with a lot of stuff this season!! I bet next year the BB rule book will be a few pages longer with things you cannot do & strict penalties.

12:41am BBT:
Red Room

Kevin & Natalie made fun of Jeff for believing that they (Nat/Kev) would actually put themselves up on the block instead of him.

1:16am BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan: "I'm afraid of Natalie & Kevin..they might backdoor you (Jeff). I hope Natalie or Kevin don't win (HOH)."

1:43am BBT:
Red Room

Nat said that she doesn't owe Jeff anything and has no problem putting him up if she wins HOH.

Natalie: "He nominated me twice. I don't owe him anything."
Kevin: "He should thank me! I voted out Jessie. I could have flopped."
Natalie: "If we win (HOH), then Friday his ass is on the block."
Kevin: "He has to go!"

1:46am BBT:
HOH Room
Jeff & Jordan made out last night. It was longer than their usual quick-lip-kiss, there was some definite lip smacking going on under the covers. ;-)

1:51am BBT:
Kevin/Natalie/Russell went through Micheles things trying to steal her gloves (for comps) since Michele said earlier that she was planning on using them for the HoH comp & Natalie can't find her own gloves.

The end result? They couldn't find them. Russ said that knowing how crazy Michele is, there's no telling where her gloves could be.

All the HG's were in bed by 2am BBT last night.

Okie dokie, that's it for the Overnighter! ;-) At 10am BBT, the HG's were woken up, so I'll start a morning post in a few minutes!

Stay tuned...

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