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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Overnighter

Goooood morning, everybody!! :D Okay, I'm in the mist of getting the Overnighter ready, so hang tight & I'll post the Overnighter right here!

11:45pm BBT:
Red Room

Jordan figures out that Kevin/Natalie could screw them over this week.

Jordan: "I have a feeling that Kevin is gonna put me & Michele up, and backdoor you.
Jeff: "Ya, I have that feeling too."
Jordan: "If I'm the block, and I win POV, I won't take myself down. I have a better chance against Michele than you."
Jeff: "I apprec(iate)."

11:47pm BBT:
HOH Room

Michele tells Kevin that between Kevin & Natalie, she always wanted Natalie out of the house first. Michele reminded Kevin that she was upfront with him when she was HOH and hopes that he'll do the same for her. Kevin tells Michele that he only has 3 options (Michele/Jordan/Jeff) and 2 of them are going up. Kevin tells Michele it all depends on the POV. Kevin tells Michele in so many words that she's going up and that his decision has nothing to do with her trying to get Chima out of the house. He tells her it's because she's good at winning things in the game. Michele tells Kevin to think about who to take to the Final 2 because "some others" are more "popular". (Jeff with America's vote). Kevin says he knows.

Michele threw Natalie under the bus by saying that she didn't even try at yesterday's HOH comp. She also threw Jeff/Jordan under the bus as well by saying that they're a pair & they got out Russell out which directly hurts her.

Kevin: "It concerns me that if there's water or insects (in a comp), I know she can't do it & won't do it."

Kevin then asked Michele, honestly, if she were HOH, who would she put up. She tells Kevin she'd put up the 2 strongest players: Jeff & Kevin.

12:20am BBT:
HOH Room

Kevin tells Natalie that Michele said if she were Kevin, she'd put up Jeff & Jordan. Natalie said that Jordan is "nobody" in the game (as far as winning things). Kevin said it would 'break up the pair'. Kevin again states to Natalie that Jeff & Michele are going up on the block. Who will get evicted all depends on the POV and they'll take it from there.

Kevin: "..because, the bitch is goin' up!" (Michele)

Natalie reminds Kevin that he has to go tell Jeff that he's going up & to put it in a way that doesn't piss him off. (Kevin & Nat promised him he wouldn't even go on the block this week if he got Russell out.) Kevin said he's gonna practice his speech to Jeff and keep it really short & tell Jeff to not worry, he's not the target this week. Natalie then tells Kevin she will vote any way he wants her to vote.

Kevin isn't sure if Jeff is better to get out because of him being a huge threat in the house, or Michele because of her being smart and could beat Natalie in a memory comp.

1:30am BBT:
Main Bathroom

Jordan & Michele ran into each other in the bathroom and whisper-talking almost immediatley between the two girls. Michele explained to Jordan that there is a way to get Natalie on the block, and have one of them (Michele/Jordan/Jeff) be the single vote to get her out.

If Michele/Jeff are on the block, Jordan wins POV, she takes Jeff off and Natalie would have to go up. So it'd be Natalie/Michele on the block, with Jeff/Jordan as the 2 people to vote.

Okie dokie, that's it for the Overnighter! Starting the Morning/Early Afternoon post in a few minutes! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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