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Monday, August 24, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House (+Veto Ceremony)

At 12:12pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia! The Veto Ceremony is now underway!!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the Veto Ceremony results. (I don't think it'll be too hard to figure it out, depending on if Russell goes crazy or not. lol)

The POV was:


**Kevin was taken off the block. Russ is the Re-nom.

Russell is PISSED that Jeff made Russ swear on his family that he was part of the Final 4. Russ said he better hope he doesn't get in the Jury House because he's gonna "mop the floor with his face".

Now both Russ & Jeff are threatening physical violence against each other!


Jeff: "F*ck you, p*ssy! You're goin' home!"

Jordan is being Jeff's "lapdog" now. She's yelling at Russell.
Russ: "Wow, she's gonna fight your battles..that's cute!"

Russ/Jeff are verbally fighting. Jeff is cutting Russ down to size, saying he doesn't believe he's a fighter.

Jeff: "You're just pissed because I got you, before you could get me!"
Jordan keeps jumping in the convo/argument, Russ said he doesn't need a "sidekick".

(If you have the live feeds, turn'em on!)

Jeff is saying that Russ better "follow through" with his threat (of beating Jeff's ass) in the jury house. Reminds me a school yard fight, actually. lol They're calling each other names like dork, p*ssy, dou&hebag, etc.

Jeff: "You got got. You got got."
Russ: "SHUT UP! Just drop it! You want this to be done? Then drop it!"
Jeff: "F*ck you. We'll play this kid game all night!"
Jeff: "You will NEVER be better than me!"
Russell: "Keep going..keep going.."
Jeff: "You're'll NEVER be better than me..."
Russell: "Keep going!"
Jeff: "I'm not scared of you, they (the others) might be, but I'm not!"

Awkward silence.

Jeff goes inside.

Nat/Kev/Jordan/Jeff are in the kitchen, talking about Russ/Jeff's fight.

Jeff goes outside, sitting back on top the mini fridge, as Russ sits 7 feet away on the couch.

They talk about how Russ probably sucks at fighting.
Natalie: "Just look at his ears, that means he's getting beat alot!"

1:38pm BBT:
Jordan & her 2 new besties are still talking.

Kevin: "Russell saying that he's gonna beat Jeff's ass..why doesn't he just do it? Why does he have to wait until the jury house?"
Natalie: "He's full of shit! If that was me, I would just do it..I wouldn't talk about doing it, it would just be done."

1:53pm BBT:

Kevin: "We're golden! The only one that could have flopped was Jordan, and she's too pissed at Russell to flop."
Natalie: "We're golden! Operation LML was successful." *LML=Last Minute Lie
They both high five each other.

They start walking back to the Red Room.
Kevin: "We're the Lone Rangers. That's our new nickname."
Natalie: "Ya, we WERE the Natural Born Killers, but now we're the Lone Rangers. Good call Je..Kevin."

2:00pm BBT:
Red Room

They're talking about how Russell can't be *that* good at fighting, since it's not his day job. He fights & then goes back to accounting. They use Micheal Phelps as an example of how he doesn't have any other job...swimming is his job.

Talk turns to how this move was "game saving" for Nat/Kev and "game ending" for Jeff (for next week). They still plan to get Jeff out first chance they get.

Kevin: "Before, we had no chance. Now, we have a fighting chance!"
Natalie: "You're right, we do have a fighting chance now!"
Kevin: "I can't stop SMILING!"

All 4 feeds auto-switch to...

2:05pm BBT:

They're all playing pool basketball. (Not sure where Russ is, haven't seen him.)

2:10pm BBT:
BB Male Voice: (to Jeff/Jordan) "I need a couple quick diary room sessions from you guys. It'll be really quick."
Jeff: "Ok."
They get out of the pool & dry off.

2:19pm BBT:
Red Room

Russell bashing continues between the 3 HG's.
Jordan: "He said his goal was to be a millionare by age 30."
Natalie: "Not gonna happen."

2:21pm BBT:
Jeff comes out of the Diary Room and joins Jordan/Michele in the kitchen.

2:28pm BBT:
Russ is still on the BY couch, thinking.

Jeff is sitting on the mini fridge smoking again.

2:35pm BBT:
*Michele is tanning poolside.
*Jeff & Jordan are in the pool.
*Russell is still on the BY couch by himself.
*Nat/Kev are in the red room.

There's a praying mantis in the yard that Jeff saved from the pool. The BB camera man on that side of the wall gave us feed watchers some pretty cool closeup shots of it:

2:40pm BBT:
Natalie is now poolside laying the shade.

Natalie tells Kevin to check out the praying mantis. (A few nights ago, Kevin told a story about how he had a praying mantis in his car and he had to pull over & get his boyfriend to get off of work to come get the car.)

He approaches the praying mantis with caution...and a badminton racquet. lol :P

3:00pm BBT:
Everybody (minus Russell) are poolside, as Jordan/Jeff are in the pool.
They're sharing stories about Braden and how all of his stories can't possibly be true. But they think he was still funny.

Talk turns about people fighting in the house. From Kevin's chest bump to Ronnie, to Jordan getting mad at Russell today & yelling at him.

Jordan: "When I get mad, I scream! When he called me (Jeff's) lapdog, I was gonna tell him 'That's what BFF's do!'"

Everybody laughs.

3:18pm BBT:
Everybody still poolside, talking.
Nat asked Jeff why he put her up against Jessie, and he said that was the only way to ensure that Jessie would go. Natalie said no, he should have put up Jessie against Lydia. Jeff said "Oh well, it worked out."

Natalie/Jordan think tomorrow Russ will start being nice tomorrow. Natalie tells Jeff he should have got Russ out last week because he would have just went out the door that minute, instead of wanting a few days until eviction. Jeff thinks it'll "blow over" by Thursday & Russ will go out the door with class.

3:23pm BBT:
Natalie just warned Kevin that Russell might approach him to get his vote. Kevin said he'll tell him "Ya, you got my vote!" and then on Thursday say "Sorry, there was a hinky vote, but I tried!"

BB: "Natalie, please go to the Diary Room."

Jeff talks about food to Kevin.

3:32pm BBT:
Russell coaches Natalie on to play the win.

Russ: "Play it like how Jeff is playing the game. From here on out, don't talk bad about people. Don't find yourself in conversations like that either."
Natalie says she doesn't talk shit on people.Natalie then talks about how she can't Michele but is acting like she likes her.
Natalie: "I HATE that bitch!" (Michele)
Russ: "She has to become your new best friend (for you to win this game)!"

They hug each other.

Russ sees Michele heading inside.
Russell: (to Natalie) "Get outta here.."(warns of Michele coming)
Natalie: "I am, I'm going to the D.R."

Michele comes in.

Michele: "Now I'm set up as a target for next week. Great."
Russell: "Kevin's best shot is to have me in here, fighting WITH him! Right now, Jeff has the money. He has that bag of money! How does Kevin not see that it's best for me to stay? I'm rooting for you, Michele."

Natalie is out of the D.R. & goes to the backyard to tell 'the others' about her convo with Russ. Russell bashing all around starts up again. (Michele is in the D.R.)

Jeff & Jordan are telling Kevin that Russell is gonna go to him and try to get his vote.

Kevin: "You think? He hasn't talked to me during the whole game!"

Russ comes out & sits on the BY couch. Talk turns to non-game stuff.
Kevin/Natalie head into the kitchen.

Natalie tells Kevin that Russ "can't stand him" (Kev).

Kevin: "What did I ever do to him?"
Jeff/Jordan walk in the house 30 seconds later.
Jeff is still doing Russell bashing. Jordan said she's been wanting to get him out for a while now. Jeff heads up to the HOH room to take a shower. Jordan is already up there.

Kevin/Natalie are whisper-talking.

Natalie tells Kev about how Russ told her that they (Kev/Nat) would be stupid to not "think bigger" in the game & think outside the box.

(Continuing in a new Afternoon/Evening post!)

Stay tuned...

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