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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Evening in the BB House

Gooood evening, BB fans!! :D Thanks to everyone that joined me in the chat room during the show! Okay, ya'll ready to get down to business? I know I am! ;-)

I'm gonna see what happened while I was gone so I can get us all caught up to speed, then on with the evening post!

Earlier Happenings:

*At 3:25pm BBT, Kevin said it'd be funny if Kevin voted to keep Russ & blamed it on Michele, while Michele voted for Russ to stay & it being accidental that Russ stayed. Natalie didn't like that comment too much & she told Kevin "If I end up leaving, I'll stab you in your sleep right through your heart!"

*Kevin thinks that Natalie isn't 18. Natalie said people in the house thinks she's "18 & dumb".
Kevin: "That's why I don't think you're 18. You play the 18 card to make people think you're dumb".
Natalie: "But I am 18!"
Kevin: "But I don't think you are".
(Kevin then changed the subject.)

*At 3:43pm BBT, Kevin told Jordan that he's voting Russ out but he'll still listen to Russ to get information from him.

*Kevin asked Natalie if she would put him up if she won HOH and Natalie said "Honestly, yes!" At the same time, Michele/Nat told each other they'd put each other up but Natalie said Michele wouldn't be her target because there's "bigger fish to fry".

*Natalie planted the "Think of who you would want in the Final 2 with you" seed with Michele.

*At 5:24pm BBT, Natalie confirms to Kevin that she told him she'd put Kevin up next week to make Michele think Kevin is not so close to her (Natalie.) This is so that Michele would make a move to Kevin about saving Russell this week, and then they could all go tell Jeff & Jordan that Michele was trying to make a deal to save Russell, so that J/J would fight with Michele.

*Everybody is pretty much ignoring Russell.
*Jordan told Kev/Nat that she'd root for them to win HOH, and not Michele.
*Nat/Kev have been working on "Operation: Throw Michele Under the Bus" all day.

Currently on the live feeds...

8:02pm BBT:
Mostly everyone is outside. Jeff is grilling up some food, as Russell is lounging, Kev checking on his laundry, and Natalie/Michele are just kinda roaming around.

8:40pm BBT:
Everyone (except Jordan, she's in the dinning room.)

Everybody (except Jordan & Russ) are sitting around the hot tub.
Russ is by himself on the backyard couch.

Natalie wants everyone to play "Bullshit" (card game) tonight.

8:50pm BBT:
Talk is all about non-game stuff. Current topic, this weeks POV Comp.

9:42pm BBT:
Still nothing really going on.
Jordan/Michele are working out.
Kevin/Russ are on the BY couches.
Natalie is in the hot tub.
Everybody else is roaming.

**Alrighty, I'm gonna call it a night. As always, I will be back in the morning with the Overnighter!! Until then...G'dnight ya'll! :-D

Stay tuned...

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