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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Afternoon in the BB House

The HG's were woken up at 10:35am BBT, but the morning consisted of nothing worth noting. (Teeth brushing, breakfast eating, laying around, etc.) Okay, let's dive right on into the Afternoon Post! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

12:35pm BBT:
Michele/Jordan (Jordan is in the pool)

Michele is fishing for info, as well as trying to ensure Jordan that Russ wouldn't put up Jeff/Jordan next week if he's still here next week.

Jordan: "If he stays, he's gonna put me or Jeff up (next week)."
Michele: "I don't think he would, though."
Jordan tells her about how Russell was cheering only Michele on during yesterday's POV Comp.
Jordan: "Russell is definitley showin' his cards too early."

Jordan tells Michele that she's not sure what Jeff is gonna do (regarding using or not using the POV) and that he probably won't tell her until tomorrow. (Obviously, this is not true & I think Michele knows that as well.)

Michele takes the oppurtunity to make sure their Final 3 deal is still solid. She tells Jordan that herself or Jordan have to win HOH this week, otherwise Nat or Kevin will put one of them (Jeff/Jordo/Michele) on the block.

12:46pm BBT:

Natalie joins the girls outside.
Natalie: "Is everybody still sleeping?
Jordan: "Ya."

Natalie thinks the Have Not's room & the Pool Room will be closed off after Thursday, since there's only going to be 5 people and 1 will be in the HOH room.

Talk is random. From talking about being on slop, to complete silence for minutes at a time.

Natalie goes inside & lays down.
Michele/Jordan still in the pool. They're talking about the pov comp. Jordan said she told Michele that she wouldn't need her gloves & she ended up needing them to pull herself up a slanted hill using a rope.

Jordan goes inside. She told Michele she has to use the bathroom, but she really wants to just go up the HOH room to talk to Jeff real quick.

Jordan: "She asked me who we should get out this week, and I told her I dunno, the strongest player. She said "FYI, Russ said he's gonna go crazy if he's put on the block!"

Jeff: "I don't care."
Jordan is telling her full conversation with Michele.
Jordan: "I said listen, Jeff is gonna do what's best for Jeff."

Jeff is saying Russell is gone, and if Michele doesn't wanna play by "our rules" (Jeff/Jordan), then she's gone too.

Jeff is totally confident that Jordan/Jeff/Natalie/Kevin are gonna be in a Final 4 deal against Michele. (Little does he know that he's going on the block if Natalie/Kevin wins HOH & they're gonna try to get him out.) Jeff is going off about how Michele will be next to go.

Jeff: "And Russell saying he's gonna flip out & go crazy? Go ahead! I ain't scared of you, dude. I'll f*ckin' slap you."
Jordan: "Well, she shouldn't have made a final 2 deal with him."

Jeff: "She's just gonna run back to Russell and tell him everything you two talked about."
Jordan: "But I didn't say what you were doing (backdooring Russ), I said I didn't know. So you can't act any different."
Jeff: "I don't know why I'm getting so f*ckin' mad! You're making it sound like she was being sassy."
Jordan: "She was being sassy!" (**No she wasn't.??)

1:40pm BBT:
*Natalie/Kevin are laying down in the Red Room.
*Jordan/Michele/Jeff are in the pool.

*Russell just woke up & is poolside.

1:52pm BBT:
Random chit-chat between Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russ. (Feeds on "Be Right Back" due to them talking about music.)

**As of 2:05pm BBT, the fake Final 4 (Russ/Jeff/Jordan/Michele) are poolside/in the pool, & they're obviously not gonna talk game in front of each other. And Kevin/Natalie already talked game about 30 minutes ago (more of the same old 'we need to get Jeff out next week' stuff.) So I'm gonna take an hour break to go the park with my doggie & play fetch with her. :) Be back around 3pm BBT!


Nothing is still going on inside the BB house. Jordan & Jeff just had a 10 minute arguement over what's difference between a peach & a nectarine. Everybody else is outside & laying around. Laaaazyy dayyy. :P

Let's all take a 2 hour break before tonight's show at 8pm and then meet back here on the blog! :D The chat room will be open as always, so feel free to hop right in! I'll start a new post before the show starts. See ya then! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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