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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Early Afternoon in the BB House

The HG's were woken up at 10:00am BBT, but that doesn't mean that they're up yet. lol ;-) As of 12:30pm BBT, only Jordan is up (she's in the pool.)

If you're bored waiting for the HG's to wake up, then take this time to watch Ross Mathews interview Evel Dick (Part 2). It's worth the watch!! (Note: This was filmed on Friday before the blowup between Russ/Jeff happened.)

Currently on the live feeds...

*Russ is up now. He's downstairs moving around the house.

12:45pm BBT:

Jordan woke Jeff up. Jeff said he doesn't feel well. Talk turns to fishing. (A bunch of non-game talk at the moment.)

*Kevin is awake on Cam 2.

1:02pm BBT:
*Jeff/Jordan still in HOH.
*Russ is outside doing laundry.
*Kevin is in the shower.

Back up in the HOH room...
Jordan: "Everytime I see (Russell's) pic on the memory wall, and that grin..UGHH!! I can't wait to see his picture go to black & white."
Jeff: "Mm hmm."

Jordan starts to talk about Final 2, Jeff tells her to "relax" and stop thinking about Final 2 right now, and that she's always thinking of Final 2 lately.

Jeff: "I feel like we've been in this HOH room forever."
Jordan: "That's because I won HOH last week."
Jeff: "I'm getting used to this bed...I need a dose of reality." (re: beds downstairs.)

Talk turns to if they'll have a luxury comp, specifically a clothes shopping spree inside the house.

Jordan: (yawning) "If I did win HOH (this week), I'd probably put up Kevin & Michele." (Jeff is silent.)

1:21pm BBT:
*Jordan is in the pool, talking to Natalie who is poolside.
*Kevin is in the shower.
*Jeff is still in the HOH.
*Michele is roaming around.

Jordan/Natalie are talking about what this weeks HOH Comp is. (I'm guessing it's Endurance this week because the last Endurance comp was July's time! ;-))

Talk turns to Michele. Jordan said she better not vote for Russ to stay. Nat said she's said that Russ is nom'ed & possibly getting evicted.

Natalie: "I'm 100% positive that Kevin will not vote for Russell to stay. He won't! And he's trying to work Kevin for his vote."

Jordan: "(Russ) just wants to be the one to take (Jeff) out. Ya know?"

Natalie then tried to make Michele a big target (as her/Kevin planned to do). She told Jordan to "watch out" for Michele because now she's pissed that Jeff is taking out Russ..her Final 2 partner.

1:52pm BBT:


Jordan was telling Jeff how she thinks Russell wants to stay so that he can take Jeff out.

Jeff gets pissed & starts dropping the F bomb all over the place.

In his rant, he was basically talking to Michele (in a very non-direct way) to not listen to Russell or believe anything he says.

2:09pm BBT:

Kev/Nat are poolside. Russ is in the pool. Non-game talk between them all. (Current talk is about Vegas.)

2:40pm BBT:
No talking going on. Laazzyyy day. ;-)

**Alrighty guys & dolls, I'm gonna take advantage of a quiet BB house and go out to dinner with my husband. (Hopefully I still have a husband??? lol :-P ) I'll be back before tonight's show at 9pm EST though. See ya back here in 2-3 hours! :D

Stay tuned...

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